Reverend Bizarre - In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend lyrics


01. Burn In Hell!

Music & lyrics by Albert Witchfinder
You're a man with thousand faces,
every day another mask.
You creep within dark places,
implementing a dreadful task.
You act like a man of mission,
but in whom do you believe?
Don't you talk to me about Jesus,
'cause every word is blasphemy.

Absorbed in your own mind,
this is how you wish to be.
Thinking you are one of kind,
an apostle of all misery.
You speak with mystic language
utterly with no meaning.
Those who follow you,
I guess they must be dreaming.

Let them crawl at your feet.
You're a king on your Throne of Greed.

Just turn your back
to the One who wept.
Don't even think about
the promises unkept.

I hope you'll burn in Hell,
because you're an evil man.
Your heart belongs to the Devil.
When will you understand?

You bastard!

02. In The Rectory

Music & lyrics by Albert Witchfinder
Through the Circle of Dawn,
I shall lead my race
from which I was born
at the hallowed place.
Keepers of the Black Steel,
hiders of the Flame,
our time has come
to accomplish the claim.
Oh yeah!

Climbing on the Mountain,
reaching for the sun,
searching for the Temple
where it all began.
Beholding at the cosmos,
the moon is so far.
You're about to meet
Reverend Bizarre.
Oh Lord, have mercy!

All right now!

We ride like a patrol of angels within a gloomy black sky.
As the course of our path changes, there is the fire where the butterflies die.
Dirty runes glorify gray stones, relics from the ancient times.
Earthly worms reaping my bones, raping flesh - hiding these crimes.

Can I hear the singing of my lover, or have I lost my sight?
From this sleep am I able to recover, or is it mine, the never-ending night?

Dance begins, won't you join me.
Middle of the garden where dreams grow,
nightly forests worship your beauty.
Deep inside, winds won't blow.

This is a journey to a better world
by the leaves of these flowers.
Sealed gates protecting this garden.
Keep on dancing for thousand hours, yeah.

I love you!

03. The Hour Of Death

Music & lyrics by Peter Vicar
"I think I must be doomed. I don't feel at all well."

My God, have mercy upon me in this Hour of Death.
I pray for thee to take my life instead of the one I so dearly love.
Her face is pale like the ivory of the distant realms,
and as I hold her hand in mine. I clearly feel it's turning marble or snow.

Remembering the days of joy, not so long ago.
Those memories just increase grief as I watch the withering of beauty.
How can it be that tomorrow she's not here and I remain?
There has to be some kind of way we can be together again...together again.

As she fades away,
like statue made of clay.

All I wish is to be in grave with her,
slowly transforming back into dirt.
Deep under the sacred ground.
No one will be able to part us now.

04. Sodoma Sunrise

Music & lyrics by Peter Vicar
The city of sin is lying in the evening glow.
Son of God coming through the gates, only one will know.
A man named Lot gives him shelter from the crowd outside.
They used to rape everyone passing by and do it with pride.

Under the sun this city was ill, there was nothing to tell.
God Himself was summoning all the fires of Hell.
So Lot and his family left for good to the halls of Zoar,
and the city of sin was prepared to meet the fire and roar.

Sunrise in Sodoma, people wake with the fear in their eyes.
There's no time to run because the Lord is casting fire in the sky.
When you make sin, hope you realize all the sinners gotta die.
Sunrise in Sodoma, all the people see the Truth and Final light.

Living in a cave won't be so bad if you think about past.
Remember the decayed, and the burial fires, which burned so fast.
And if your two daughters wanna fuck their father night and day,
it's better to ride than let your house just fade away.

05. Doomsower

Music & lyrics by Albert Witchfinder
Walking through this wasteland,
carrying wicked thoughts within my mind.
Wondering what will be,
is there any future for mankind?
War is raging somewhere.
Every second someone will die.
Evil spirits in towers
magnifying holes in the sky.

I can hear them crying,
starving people who have no face.
There's no time to help them,
for I'm coming to the end of my days.

I am falling,
but it feels good, yeah!
All right!

There's no time to cry when it's all over!
Respect the clear vision of mighty Doomsower!

People full of hatred
leading everyone's life to Hell.
How long has it been so?
From the dawn of man I can tell!
Angels and demons
are fighting for our souls, can't you see?
The answer is in your hand.
Just choose the way you wanna be.

And live free
by the side of your god!

06. Cirith Ungol

Music by Albert Witchfinder
Lyrics by Albert Witchfinder & Peter Vicar
A long way from our home,
destined there to roam
where the sun won't shine.

Under the silver moon,
wandering through woods,
where life still exists.

Prisoner of Ring,
evil from within,
guiding our way.

Like a crawling worm,
a slave of Evil Supreme.
Again he must obey.

Entering a new world
of the skeletal trees.
The valley of the withering flowers.

Once a Tower of Moon,
now in a darkened room,
the one with poison breath.

The king of the City of Death,
carrying his crown of steel
through thousand years of war.

Where the shadows lie,
all the beauty must die.
How long we have to suffer?

The army under the Ring,
they raised their banners for him,
a fiery god in sorrow.

Haunting blood-red eye,
ruling the distant sky.
The symbol of our Doom.

At the end of the stairs
the Wicked Mother is waiting.
There's no way to turn back.
We must face what we fear...
stare in the eyes of the Terror!

Into the sunrise it will end.
Under the starlight we will sleep, eternally.
Hearing the whispers from the sea,
and now when the new day takes the pain, we are free.
There's no more to tell.

"Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul."