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Sahg - III lyrics


02. Baptism Of Fire

Dive head first into the blaze
Blistered and scorched by the flame
Breathe through the pyre and awe
Like it's the last breath you'll draw
Now is your moment of fate
Pass the trial or damnation will follow

This is the time and place
To cross the line
Suffer for your mistakes
Fate will decide
Here's your baptism of fire

The flame burned a hole in your mind
Cast your soul into the wild
It manifested your sins
Soon purgatory begins
You will belong from this time
By the flame with your sickness and sorrow


Conscience burning
Guilt's returning
Blame grows higher
Down on your knees
Chase this remorse away

Find no release nor escape
No more fire exits to take
So breathe through the pyre and awe
'Cos this is the last breath you'll draw
Now you belong for all time
To the flame with no hopes of tomorrow


03. Mortify

Taken by his force
Savage bringer of remorse
Fighting back will only make it stronger
Hear temptation's call
Howling from the underworld
Realize you can't resist much longer

Step inside, tortured one
No escape, your chains are on
Disgrace and mortify
The servant you've become

Always crave for more
Hear temptation's at your door
Turns you to a slave for your desire


Pleasure turns to pain
Lose your mind and go insane
Captured in this spell of lust forever


04. Hollow Mountain

Wander into darker times
Under is where our fortune lies
Turn and be gone
Change the road you're on
This one will bring you down

Climb the hollow mountain
And soon you'll trample through
A bottomless hole with a shell of gold
You still believe it's true
It's true

Hear them cry for help
Save us from ourselves

05. Mother's Revenge

Stormclouds threaten from the sky
Flood is coming
Turn the the tide
Rolling thunder, lightning strikes
Earth is shaking
Ocean starts to rise

Mother's watching
Upon her children's vice
An age of devastation she's survived
Anger wakens
Her patience has run out
Children of the devolution
Watch her vengeance come about

She will let the stormwinds out
Swipe all this waste off the earth
Flames will set this world alight
She will hunt the children screaming
In the end they will be drowning
In the tears she cries

Taint the water
Defile the air she breathes
Fill her veins with poison and disease
Run for shelter
She'll set your homes aflame
Progeny of desecration
Only have yourselves to blame


06. Downward Spiral

Land of the blackened sun
End of the line
Reach point of no return
No place to hide
The chase is on
Nowhere left to run

Before the break of morning
Follow the sign
And let coincidence decide
The way you've come
You're the only one

Creeping, crawling
Break through falling ground
It's reaching for you now

Ride the downward spiral down
Head for the underground
Can't escape this remorseless ride
Don't believe in miracles
Into the void you'll fall
The last descent is on
Downfall's begun

Creeping, crawling
Break through falling ground
It's reaching for you now


07. Shadow Monument

All this fear that you hide
In the darkest corners of your mind
Shadows reach, you're running blind
Searching for an exit you can't find

A shadow monument was raised upon this ground
Within its shadow you're forever bound

Wicked deeds, twisted mind
Your imagination's running wild
The greatest fear haunts the night
Run towards the crack of morning
Rescued by the force of light

A shadow monument was raised upon this ground
Under its fundament your fears are six feet down
Your trouble's gone away and never can be found
Within this shadow you forever will be bound

Where comes this horror from?
Imagination can do wrong
Did it descend through time
Remaining from another life?
It's in your mind


08. Burden

Seems you've crossed the seventh border
Strive with the load on your back
Endless weight upon your shoulder
Stray from the chosen track

Fall off the edge in the blink of an eye
Tossed and thrown down the stony side
Trapped under stone and the weight on your mind
Walk with your burden
Toe the line

Time you lost your fierce debaucher
Tire aches in muscle and bone
Find someone to share the torture
Can't stand to bear this alone


Lost on the way
To where conscience will turn to stone


09. Denier

Point out the liar
Blood of your cross on his hands
Fuel to the fire
Too rigid to understand

Don't need your evidence
Wretched lies, vile offense
Word of the Trinity
Still will be plain for all to see

Blame of the denier
Blame of the denier

Careless to reason
Nails of conviction run deep
Lifetime of treason
Never accept your defeat

Traitors with bad intent
Infidels the Devil sent
For your profanity
You will be burned eternally

Blame of the denier
Blame of the denier

Don't need your evidence
Twisted lies, vile offense
For this profanity
You will be burned eternally

Blame of the denier
Blame of the denier
Justice will rise
Heaven decides
The limit between what's wrong and right
Blame of the denier

10. Spiritual Void

Come along, come face the darkness
Shiver from the cold you breathe
Ramble through the fog regardless
Look for what the eye can't see

Gone before the morning rises
Song of bliss is all you hear
Sink into your toxic solace
Go before the smoke has cleared

Escape the spell you're under
Close the doors before you leave
The truth will break and sunder
Cross the verge of vanity

From your book of dark enchantment
Images before you heave
Stare into the dead and silent
Once you see it you'll believe

Rising out from the dead of the night
Comes the sinister creature that pulls you out
From your spiritual void
All your doubts are destroyed
It's the ghost that you never could avoid