Memento Mori - Rhymes Of Lunacy lyrics


01. The Rhyme

Music by Mike Wead

02. The Seeds Of Hatred

Music & lyrics by Mike Wead
I fear the shadows upon the wall
Reaching for me, they touch my soul
I hear their voices whisper in the wind
Opressing my mind, make me lose control

Black blood runs through my heart
The stream of hatred, the never-ending tide
The seeds of hatred, grows so deep inside

Falling apart, this can't be true
Still there is time, I'm telling you
Falling apart, embraced by hate
Go while you can, it's not too late

Their voices are calling out my name
Strong is the urge to much to tame
Inviting me to share my mind
Leave all my senses way behind

I hear their singing their symphony
A blasphemous concerto out of key
I will join their choir, I will sing the lead
Though my soul is dying and my heart will bleed

Black blood runs through my heart
The stream of hatred, The never-ending tide
The seeds of hatred, grows so deep inside.

03. Morbid Fear

Music by Mike Wead, Nikkey Arganto
Lyrics by Mike Wead
In your dreams the slices of death
The shadows will constantly grow
Deeper you fall into the pit
Here madness will constantly flow
Twisting your mind a vision obscure
The abyss will silently call
Narrows the path to a world within
Where madness will silently crawl

Enter the unknown, sleep my child
Sail the seas of neverland
Deep within your soul, wayward child
Morbid fears are close at hand

Close your eyes the moment is here
It is time to face what you fear
Something weird evil's its essence
Unseen force but strong is its presence

Drowning in fear of things to come
Time is short the threshold is near
Insanity reigns it conquered at last
lost reality, the outcome is clear

04. The Caravan Of Souls

Music by Mike Wead,
Lyrics by Mike Wead, Snowy Shaw
I stand alone on this cold, stormy shore line.
No one can tell all the secrets it keeps
Up from the sea they will, rise silent stride.
Trying to find nothing but peace.

Marching on the
Caravan of souls

A souls caravan seems to walk upon the water
Shapeless and vague beyond descriptions reach
A breathtaking view, what is this that I feel?
Joy and relief, I'm egar to join

I'm not alone on this cold crowded shoreline
A line without end far from mortal minds
I can't believe my eyes as I turn around
Leaving behind no footpaths in the sand

05. Lost Horizons

Music by Mike Wead
Lyrics by Michael Schenker, Gary Barden
Michael Schenker Group cover, not in booklet.

06. When Nothing Remain

Music by Mike Wead, Nikkey Arganto
Lyrics by Mike Wead
Do you believe that all is lost
When we close our eyes to die?
The thoughts we thought the words we spoke
Is there a reason why?

When all is done
Our moment in time is gone
When all is none
When nothing remain

Do you believe our souls survive
To live on fluffy clouds above?
Or do you fear, when our time is up
Something evil awaits below?

I believe that all is lost
When we close our eyes and die
The songs we sang, the deeds we done
There is no reason why!

07. Forbidden Dreams

Music by Mike Wead

08. Little Anne's Not An Angel

Music by Mike Wead, Nikkey Arganto
Lyrics by Mike Wead
Little Anne was not an angel
She was not even close
Spread her legs for any stranger
Little Anne did not care for much
Little Anne was not a nice girl
Did it all for a thrill
Just pay and she'll go all the way
Little Anne had no fashion trade

Deep in her mind a vision of fortune
But sin after sin won't bring her to heaven
She closes her eyes and think of tomorrow
The lie she despise, the time she just borrow

Little Anne is not an angel
She is lost, forever gone
Took the path of least ressistance
Little Anne was not to clever
Little anne is not among us
She went to meet her saviour
No heavenly feast awaits her
Little Anne had no behaviour

Will she ever cast away her chrims to be free

Little Anne is not freezing
How the season is turning colder
No more will she freeze again,
Little Anne won''t get any older.
Little Anne is not in heaven,
she will never be blessed.
Slit her wrists
Left it all behind.
Little Anne could not carry on.

09. Fear of God

Music by Mike Wead, Nikkey Arganto
Lyrics by Mike Wead
Crack of dawn the air is thin and cold
The clouds conseals the sun
Fear of god, the angels sing no more
our dying worlds lament

Finaly they have to meet the one they left to die
Fale the truth

Unholy tears won't save their breed
Forever damned let the sinners bleed

Fall from grace, the evil in your hearts
Have made your faith so weak
Infidels, a judgement from above
Shall send you straight to hell

As their shadows vanished from the ground
They knew the truth

Unholy tears won't save your breed
Forever damned say your prayers
And bleed

10. The Riddle

Music by Marty Marteen

11. The Monolith

Music by Mike Wead, Nikkey Arganto
Lyrics by Snowy Shaw
They sat beneath a moonlit sky of northern light
A vinter moth appeared and vanished
Wrapped in their wolfskin furs to sheild 'em from
Both chill and the ones whose brothers lost their will to let

What were earth made those four young men
Trogllingon ward through the blizzard wind

Atop that stormswept moor where man and myth
Would meet, awoke their hearts of inherited hatred
Who so ever wrote those words of old it's meaning
Would soon unfold, trapped in that winter world awaited

What were their questions, what were they waiting for?
The Mothemen myth of the monolith!

Domestic days of doom, fortold in tales
As hammered marks on runes, from father to son
Forefathers ware entombed, at the gallows glade
Enchanted by the moon and the thousand question marks
The monolith made

Eternal moments, endless houre, time-less wake
It's great ordeak were seldom spoken
Remained in sole possession, faithful beyond death
Therefore the oath was never broken

At the first sight, a fatal discovery
The myth and it's meaning would now unfold

From father to son