02. The Mission
04. Surrender
05. Clean Sweep
06. Judgement Day
08. World Wide War
10. Out Of Reach
12. Days Of No Trust
13. Total Recall

02. The Mission

"Move along it takes too long, you're holding back the line!"
I tell you - we've been waiting here forever
"Go ahead, don't worry - yet - 'coz everything is fine"
A brand new world for us - it's now or never

We'll change the rules for those native fools
Hail intervention - we're under one flag
'coz we are on the mission and we'll never go back

Now we're on the mission - the average man
is down on his knees, so he won't understand
Above the suspicion and fear of the law
we do what we do what it takes to continue the war
The mission's right over your head
"It's not what you think" - as it's always been said
No visable victims - we're very discrete
There's no turning back 'til the day when the mission's complete

"Hurry up and check the map, there must be something left"
Nobody's getting rich by moving slower
"Torch their towns, forget the clowns accusing us in theft"
Remember how it works - we'e taking over!

It could be strange and will need some changes, so...
Hail intervention - we're under one flag
'coz we are on the mission and we'll never go back

04. Surrender

"Open up the window" - said the light - "See into another world"
Is it only a dream?
Voices sound familiar in the night...could this be reality?
Or is it all in my mind?

Why me? Could I just be "The One"? Or have I come undone?

Head in through the door and start to run straight into another life,
dear old friends beside me
Never had a dream that's so surreal - could this be the end for me?
Am I losing my mind?

Still...I just stay. Can't run away - there's a price to pay

Look into the sky thru the naked eye, in a flash of light - surrender
Losing everything, soldiers march and sing. Distant bells will ring - surrender
Let the children cry - Earth will breath a sigh in a blaze of light - surrender
They're taking everything.Demons dance and sing when the chimes will ring
The end is here

"Open up the window" - said the light - "Welcome to another world"
Dear old friends beside me
Voices so familiar every night - could this be reality?
Am I losing my mind?

05. Clean Sweep

Scrach the surface of your fear, take a look inside it
Books on fire everywhere. Our work? You got it right
We'd never missed a chance to destroy whatever comes our way
So, day by day - it goes on forever
Burning the age page after page - leaving the stage to you

No excuses, no regrets - wiping out the magic
Things we'd never understand're dying 'til the tragic,
final point of no return. You can see it coming in the dark
Behind your back step by step it's climbing
up to the top of your world...I'm waiting

06. Judgement Day

I don't need a reason - being who I am - I don't need a reason to try to understand
Why we even bother, in the noman's land, killing one another. For what? Some rocks and sand?

But I'll stop that flow - I won't let it go

Everybody's losing for a little gain. Everybody's choosing to walk away in pain
Wake me up, I'm dreaming - world's gone insane
I would give my life away, but who can stop the rain?

I swear I'll stop these bullets in the air, I swear I won't walk away
My share's to be a tougher man to scare, my share - right to the dawn of Judgement Day
I know - it's hard to move against the flow, I know - but I won't hide away
I'll go 'cross the desert, through the snow, I'll go into the light of Judgement Day

I know this day will come and count the score.

Waiting for tomorrow I'd close my eyes and pray: "Take my load of sorrow and all my fears away"
In a scary fashion nightmare reappears - I can feel it coming and waking up in tears

Don't tell me lies, 'coz everybody knows what's going on
We're almost proud that our race is bad right to the bone
Can't you see - we're looking again, high and low,
for the world to destroy - like our own?

08. World Wide War

We're here to simplify your life forever man, you just don't know
how good your life is gonna be
Take every aspect of your day - computerize the place you stay
Just leave the thinking up to me

Technology within the walls around you
You never knew how much you needed our protection

1 too many reasons 2 the changing seasons 3 the time has come to realize
3 so sad and lonely 2 you are the only 1 countdown to World Wide War

"We've come to take away your brain and put computers in it's place"
You'll never hear these words from me
Just smile and sign away your life and kiss your holographic wife
You never dreamed it'd be so good

Technology will wrap it's arms around you
Just let our main frame show you love and affection

"Oh no, you're never gonna change the way I live my life"
We'll insert a chip in the place where your heart used to be
"Oh no, you're never gonna take my heart, my soul"
Tell your soul - we control these things.

10. Out Of Reach

On the road of disillusions, in the land of broken dreams
From the city of confusions, scared to death I'm running - or so it seems
In the sun my heart is freezing, mind is boiling in the shade
And a mean mirage is teasing 'cross the endless desert, that's due to fade out
by now, but still around. Makes me wonder why we're here
on this unholy ground

I feel you're near, I hear your call, I see your shadow on the wall
I know you're here day after day, but everytime - one step away
Divided only in our mind, why can't we see another's side?
Out of my fear I'll build the bridge - you are so close but out of reach

I can't tell you where I'm going, I can't tell you where I've been
I just run without knowing what I did, you know what, just what I mean?
I gave up on understanding, I let go the foolish pride
Won't expect a happy ending - not this time, I know it - but it's alright
'coz me and you're the same - even 1000 years apart
I got someone to blame

We were looking at each other while the ones we'll never see,
only feel, have slowly passed you...and me.

12. Days Of No Trust

Dark and silent world just felt asleep. Moon is staring from the deep,
wise and quiet sky above my head. Stars are fading -
do they regret hopes and fears that they reflected back to us through all those years?

Time is standing still until the dawn. Living daylights will force it on the run
Game is over. No more peace of mind 'til the night'll come crawling, so I could find you
And then I could dive into the darkness full of memories - again

If I'm closing my eyes to remember the day when the wind of eternity took you away
Many colors of pain in my heart - I can see, it's all coming back to me
As the merciless sun melts the rest of the night, chasing vision of you through the ocean of light
slowly passing me by, turning wishes to dust - I'm living the days of no trust

13. Total Recall

We gave this pain to the world which we can't understand
Blood disappears like the raindrops when hitting the sand
Eye on the Bible and hand on the gun - wandering comes to an end
Fight in the name of your god and his son - wait for the final command:

Total Recall - we saw it all, we took it all protected by the law
Total Recall - we torched another life we'll never know
Total Recall - we shot it all we burned it all and now it's time to go

Wish for redemtion and peace's never crossing our mind
Blood on the bricks - that's all that we're leaving behind
Pictures of home disappearing in flames. Mission's complete
In the end there's nothing to lose, we're ready to go -
wait for the final command - "Total Recall".