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Spitfire - First Attack lyrics


01. Street Fighter

Here they come across the street
Blood is boiling more than you need
They are thousands we are just few
Save your back that's all you can do

Live power the arms in your hands
Crush the enemies save all your friends
Hard steel shining around
Call your God 'where are you now'

Demons and Gods shakin' the earth
Kill for your life fight for your land
Use right your arms don't let them get ya
They'll drive you to Hell - let you burn

Now your hands are painted with blood
Deadly silence no sounds around
But they will come to find you again
Street Fighter you won't see the end

02. Lead Me On

You're the one to induce me to carry on
And when I'm doing some steps back you lead me on

Come on let's do it again
Let's take the chances
Come on let's do it again
Let's make the first steps

Lead me on

I'm always doin' everything you say
And if sometimes you hurt me it's Ok

I've got the patience
You've got to learn
I need you with me
Will you return?

Can't you see that I'm burnin' for ya
Can't you see that I'm dyin' every day
Can't you see that I'm lookin' for ya

To lead me on my way

Lead me on

03. Whispers

So many nights
When I need to hear your voice
So many nights
When I need you here by me
It's stronger than me
And I feel it deep inside
I'm fightin' the truth
Cause I hate the way I lose

There's a storm closin' in
And I have no place to run
There's no use to try
Cause I know that I'm locked out
Oh it's hard to feel that you are alone

Can you hear the whispers
Tellin' me that you're still in love
I don't wanna be this time alone

I know that it's hard
When you start alone again
Nothing to say
Even now It's not too late

It's stronger than us
And we feel deep inside
We're fightin' the truth
Cause we hate the way we lose

Oh it's hard to feel that you're alone
Yes it's hard to feel that you are alone

04. Lady Of The Night

It's the end of the night
And the night is coming fast
When the last rays of the sun
Leave a place for the dark
It's getting cold around

With the sounds of the night
And the echoes of the day
Now it's time like every night
For the lady of the night

She's walking down the street
Like a ghost in the fog
She's got a mystic power
An' she can get your soul

Listen she's walkin' around
Time to watch out
I've never seen her face
But someone said she's pretty
Like the night

05. Explosion

Explosion time to burn with me I think
I've taken you here
You feel that you just die when I''m
Slidin' into your fire
Explosion time you'll never regret it
Keeps you so excited
You think I'm wild enough to drive ya
Burnin' up your heels
No one else can feel it
Explosion time keeps us warm for ever
Turnin' like a wheel
No one else can feel it this cause
we are the winners

Some times you say our love is gonna
last for ever
Cause I'm the man that makes you feel
Explosion time never leave your mind
Get us away from reality and brings us

06. Walk Alone

Let me hold your hand
I'll drive ya to the place we first met
Let me touch your lips
It brings me back all the memories
Like the very first time
Remember you've asked me what's my name
Then I laughed
I think I told you girl I have no name
No I walk alone

I never felt so bad before
When you said that you have to go
And when you started to walk away
I wished your heart with me to stay

Just a minute
It's not fair to end now
It's just hte beginnin'
Don't leave it to die before it's born

Life sometimes plays funny games
With strange words you're killing yourself

Everyone can see
Everyone can feel it's wrong
Now I walk alone
When you walk alone

07. Evil Thoughts Around

Winds bring me the winter
Cover me with snow
All I need this time
Is to be alone

Free me from my feelings
I don't need them now
Send my thoughts away into the time

I don't need sweet talkin'
Take me out of here
I just need to be alone
Like a hunter in the night

Rats below biting my legs
Spread my blood around
Tryin' to bring me back again but I won't give it up

It's something that I want to
It's something very strong
Now at last I'll be alone
Like a hunter in the night

Evil thoughts around
Close your eyes
There's no need to run

I'm fightin' back won't give it up
I don't intend to lose
They reap my flesh and drink my blood
But I'm still fightin' on

08. Guilty Dreams

No use to run like a fool
When it's all over there's nothing to get
No one's around as you can see
This empty space, is made out of you

Now it's all over an' you run on the dust
There's something deed that makes you cry
An' as you're walikn' with your pride
Under your feet
There's no one here to see your tears

Now the horizon is empty
You are the last one, or maybe the first
Everything has a beginning
But now it's all over an' you walk at the end