Insaniae - Daemonivm 3rd Anniversary Celebration lyrics


03. Rain's Seduction

All over only shadows remain,
Everywhere I look there's a soul in pain.
Human-warm ashes run through my veins.

I can only wait, wait for the rain.

Cold rain, wash away my sin,
Set me free, let me be,
Take me down once again,
Take me where I belong.

Forever seems such a long time...
Tomorrow won't feel that wrong.

Please, carry me
In your sweet warm womb.
Have me as your child,
Feed me for a while...

Grab my pale weak hand
In this moment of despair,
Clear my eyes,
Show me what's fair.

(Tonight, we reunite once again,
And, maliciously, you hold me
In your arms.

Wipe my tears,
Pretend to take away my fears.)

"It's not gonna be better tomorrow,
Forever you shall drown
In your sorrow."

04. Patterns Of Emptiness

Curse, destruction,
Eternal wait in Void!
This Chaos deep inside my soul.

Is nothing all I see?
A promise of peace I'll never feel?
Imprisoned in oblivion,
My doom is to never be reborn!

I am lost in my mind!
All gone in a sigh!

Memories of a lost innocence,
Falling forever
In a pattern of emptiness.

Nothing's all I see,
A promise of peace I'll never feel.
Walking on infinity,
Drifting away from my sanity.