Suidakra - Signs For The Fallen lyrics


01. Revenant

I'm back again
With wounds still fresh
Though lacking blood

I'll walk, I'll reign this
World again

I'm back once more
With no fear but the scar
Of a craven arrow

Your years are mine...

A brotherly alliance involves countless things
Sometimes even the treason and the tragedy

Your eyes still mirror
The same thought of ignorance
That's why I'm here
And what I bring to you
Is just a bitter consequence

That was called for
By the voice of deceit
A slight wind calls
For a thunderstorm
Called from within

The hands of betrayal lead by a sightless eye
Causing a clash of spaces and times
Bow and arrow - a unit torn apart
Forcing asunder spirit, body and heart

No sharp eye sees through bone
Better break it up to know what is inside

Crack it up and stare inside
To detect, to understand
And feel what is behind it all
Causes that lie behind

In the end
With no fear but the scar
Of a broken arrow

These years were mine...

For I resolved a higher wish
The sweetest consequence

That one is to draw
And one has to bear
Like two sides
Of shadows and glows
Call for the twilight
Called from within

02. Crown The Lost

True belief in fiction
Dominate the weak
Free to choose the way of death
Fall on your knees and creep

Die with no remorse
Blind to different views
For all your reasons
To die for and to kill
Ain't strong enough
To be in a lifetime fulfilled

Paralysed and broken
Cries out of the dust
Out of new-born ruins
Shrouded under pain and tears

Crown the lost
Enthrone the dead
Run in circles
Through the curse of revenge
Do you see that matters change?

If there's a god - out there
A cause of chaos - and beauty
If we stand face to grace - naked and bare
Like a beast of pain and cruelty

If there's a higher state - anywhere
I am the ground...
What is a tree without roots
No more than a thought without any doubts

True belief in fiction
Dominate the weak
Free to choose the way of death
One last breath for the divinity

Die with no remorse
Blind to different views
If there's a way to seek
Fall on your knees and creep

03. Threnody


04. Trails Of Gore

On wings as black as madness' veil
A spark bursts
Into flames of wasting rage
Trembling voices spread the word

Strength and honour
Will guide me through
Darker days
And noble ways
Prevail to lead
Through darker hours
Of strength and honour

An error in the web of fate
A curse, a prayer bears the storm

Oh vengeance will be mine
Oh a memory in a thoughtless time

Limbs that turn in secret signs
Whip the night - and seek their prayer
And a voice of steel
Calling so bright and so cold
Peeling rotten souls - out of their flesh

Hate break loose!
Free my soul
Death is no more when
Peace is forged in bleeding fire

Breeding winter of the heart
Grim blood roars in feathered veins
Leaves me to fading reign of ashes
Crowned with soil and pain

A cry of war, beyond the grave
Trails of gore lead my way
For a crimson leaf we paid
In countless thorns
And a new age is born

05. The Ember Deid

Sae the mindin
In yer heid
Unrowes afore yer een
Frea hours o'sweet yestreen

Aye the ember deid
In monie a heid
Fare ye well
I'm pertin away

06. When Eternity Echoes

So all becomes one
In a reel of disharmony
The cause and the witness
At least a memory

To strive and fail
Are tools of destiny
Like a puppet on one string
Is doomed to stay or fall

Truly life is
A weaving of misery
Only drawn by single threads
Of fortune

07. Signs For The Fallen

Blessed be the blind
For their conscience won't collide
With cruelty of sanity
And the prophetic signs
In the book of life

For the threat of fortune
Is to lose it all

In the arms of Morpheus
Close your eyes - never awake
Stand in line for your chance
Do you see the signs for the fallen
It's a human bane
The highest tribute to advance

For the threat of fortune
Is to lose it all

A cannon thunder
Cracks the air
Widows weep for
The fallen ones
War and plunder
Become the legal force
Of an new age
To set a sign for freedom

War and failed words
Entwine in inhumanity
No blood stains my hand
But the land is covered
With broken trust
And impaled enemies

No hordes from hell
But lurking madness
The army of the damned
Under the sign of kindness

Here is your golden age with
With high aims and twisted words
Forming a new dimension
Beyond right and wrong

Blessed be the blind
For their conscience won't collide

08. Dismorphic

To heal the state of dimness
I cast the blame
To the burden of life
It's perpetuation - all the same

To unfold the splendour
And within the stain
To replicate myself
I succeed to fail

Lies and chains
Are a part of the machine
Perception changes
To fall apart from me

Like a hydra in a maze
Decisions are doomed to fail
Demented and depraved
I bite our own trail

Our tellural ground - infested
Even disease - lay wasted
No place for wonders - insatiate
Child of fire - kin of fate

Now swallow the light
Oblivion has the clearest conscience
Take all your fright
For serenity is a life sentence

09. Bound In Changes

No prophet of doom
For a world in decline
Separate my will from my deed

No legend of fate
For the flight of time
But a lost horizon beneath my feet

I am here but absent
A mask behind my face
Time passes by
Leaving faint and hollow days

At strife with my fate
I try to roll my stone
Up to a mount of higher gains

Where's the void
I'm spinning around
Fate itself amounts it all
To the same thing

Lost in the toils of life
Content and depraved
Another phantom rises
To fill the void with lies

I can hear the voices gather
A roundelay of decadence
Increase to battle cries

Lost in a void of lies
And darkness rises

In the end of all craving
There's no golden age
For misery and hope
Severs a thin line
That strives for the unknown
Truth and lie combines
To reveal the final cost

Rise to fall again
Bound in changes
The burden of life
Is to curse the ages unborn
Born to plough
A lonely furrow
There's no ground
I'm forced to be bound

Might and darkness
Mourning in silence
Careworn souls
Are falling through time

Blind and mindless
Longing for guidance
Careworn souls
Are caught in their mind

10. A Vision's Demise

Drown the last discord
To afford a sense of satisfaction
Dissecting the past
To avoid yourself
For a next injection
Of a faked life

My vision's demise

Confusing images
Of lust and frustration
A collapse of taste
And imagination

Where's the matter
Of being enslaved
Life was his prison
The moment his grave

My mind is caught but gone astray
In a white noise melody
Dazed by the reflecting stars
But chased by the changes which never come

Cry for the moon
Shed a tear
For what you've become

Lament and croon
Of all your fears
For all changes undone

Hollow words
Of a broken mind
Curse your kind
For a mental burn out

For me I am
The cause and witness
With reflecting eyes
A harlequin of sadness

Drown the last discord
To afford a sense of satisfaction
Dissecting the past
To avoid yourself
For a next injection
Of a faked life

For a last injection
Of my faked life