The Fall Of Every Season - From Below lyrics


01. From Below

In the midst of these crying walls
Past and presence formed,
Yet memories were never kept alive
If they were to, they'd swallow every bit of hope
A day to see light arise

Watch paint spread under the tyrian sky
Feeding on ascending rays
Carried by emotion, a day to be
But inside was a thundering rage

A merciless storm under tranquillized control
Bearable silence until the unbearable awoke
Lived in this nightmare, this prideless coffin,
Buried below, but not below ground

Between the cracks, observed a hopeless destiny
The guardian, the lock, the detestec lack of possibility

Devouring effect
Called beyond this life, beyond this god
Screeches echoed in apathic surroundings
Only to reach who he didn't call

So in the midst of these crying walls
Past and presence formed,
Yet memories were never kept alive
If they were to, they'd swallow every bit of hope
A day to see light arise

02. Sisyphean

Searched without his eyes,
Behind the sun
Kept wandering hopelessly
From time he could never turn

Still this place had silence
His moment of warmth
This place, a mere mirror
With filters he wished could last

The mirror always walked away
Regained sight was to come
Day's sleep was the only relief,
But still he came treasureless home

03. The Triumphant Beast

Agony, a melody
On pain I feed
To see you in this state,
Victorious feast
I love you, still you are
Part of me
If I only avoid
Those pitiful eyes,
My voice in your cries

Mind was ruined
By the rape of conscience
Could no longer be the carrier
Of this growing tumour

One last pleasure
One last wound
Please forgive me
Never felt your father's love

Exhaled his breath of rage
The last of their kind
Chanting from the black outside,
As he pulled his death out from the closet

Steps of hope
Rough, red release
Vast, dark, encouraging trees
What remained was a finger's strength

Demon danced
Ghouls awaiting
Sinner meal
The finger pressed

04. Escape Of The Dove

Trapped amongst them
Accepted their treatment
Dove amongst crows
Lack of fulfillment

Born in that state,
Never to ponder
Still there was light
The dove learned to wonder

Is this all there is?

Broadened horizons
Ready for new ground
Possessed a strong flame now
He felt free, somehow

05. Her Withering Petals

A manifest of his crucified hope
Familiar sound, reflecting his own blood
Haunting, yet intriguing
No watcher, no lock, only the sweet voice

Daringly stepped out to see things clear
Gone before he could see the face
Left was urge to seek
Drops of autumn fell on trembling leaves,
Red from summer's departure,
weak from lack of light

The leaves were torn and so was he,
As he tried to follow her trace
A winterly wind embraced his throat
And tried its best to strangle
What kept him going was what had left him
It was what he couldn't keep

Kept hunting ancient traces,
following flickering lights
This ghost was sculpted by his
desire to say goodbye

Clouds left the hollow sky,
As it swallowed all its sorrow
Nearly breathless,
He grasped the nearest branch
The voice reappeared,
And now he felt sure that it was her,
So he did his best
To force his feet along

A scarlet dress in the wind
Shadows on stumps of once mighty trees
Spread rumours of her presence
Looked into her eyes and took her hand

This imagined warm touch was his relief
Kneeling at her feet, ready for his sleep
Had no longer wish to arise
Put her arm around him, no more cries
Slept there until the fierce cold awoke
To erase all traces of life