Royal Hunt - Paper Blood lyrics


01. Break Your Chains

I´m rising sails to leave my father´s land - no longer waiting for the tide
It took a while to try and understand how do I want to live my life:
you live it or lie it - anyway you want.

I´ll cross the ocean to another side to see the world you´ve never seen
I´m walking straight into the glowing light feeling as twice the man I´ve ever been
You live it or lie it - no reason to deny it. Stop dreaming, start living...
All you have to do is break your chains.

Uncounted wonders no one´s seen before... I've watched them rise and disappear
It could've been you - just open up the door and take that first step
to overcome your fear.

02. Not My Kind

Somebody´s gain´s built on somebody´s loss. Friendship of ours was a beautifull ghost
Better run home - put up a hell of a race - get yourself a pretty, brand new face
You´re not my kind.

Tell me your dream and I´ll tell you your soul. Higher we climb? Even harder we fall
Son of a bitch keeps on hangin´ around - stay away or I´ll rip your heart out.
Hustling left and right - so this is your kind?

Time is running out, just let it go... Search your heart and you will find
seeds of hate and envy, left to grow. Can't you see - you´re not my kind?

Year after year, all those battles we´ve fought...
Hard to believe - but you´ve got yourself caught
Nowhere to hide, now you´re under attack - nice lil'load and it broke your back
Scream into the night - so this is your kind.

04. Never Give Up

It´s over now... I feel my sadness fades away
Wonder how we could survive and make it through another day?
I´d say chances are few - but they are out there,
start something new - right now and right here
Look, I´m telling you...

We´ll never give up, we´ll never give in
wherever this road´s gonna lead us
we´ll never give up, we´re playin´to win
and heading right up to the top
We´ll never give up, we´ll never retreat
whatever out there´s gonna hit us
we´ll never give up, we´ll land on our feet
we´ll make it come right in the end -
we´ll never give up.

Seconds fly as if they´re bullets. Could it be worth a try
to cut them loose and let some peace come down on me?
I see chances are few but they are out there, waiting for you to deside
to start something new -right now and right here -
to change your life tonight.

05. Seven Days

7 days to build this "perfect" world, so beautifully unfolded...fat baby on your lap.
7 signs before you´d lose your cool, obnoxious, pompous fool?
I'd say you´re full of crap.
So you´re still selling that Paradise skam?... while keeping a hell of a poker face.
Well, nothing´s really changing at all, so I´ll be damned, boy :
thank you for those 7 priceless days.

Please, don´t be a stranger, look inside my life.
Full of it? As you are...with a touch of pride
Cut me wide, wide open, rip me up inside...
What´s the matter? Busy? Blinded by the light?

Zooming in - the shores of Paradise...Those billboards´re - full of lies -
unchaining gates of hell.
Tears of joy on salesman´s pretty face... He´s screwing us with grace -
I hope I´ll live to tell
Hell or heaven - the same merry-go-round. Pieces of one puzzle - cut'n´paste.
Tell me, is this really the best way which you´ve found
while sitting on that holy ground, wearing that shiny, golden crown
for 7 unforgettable days?
7 deadly sins - those remarkable days...

07. Kiss Of Faith

Only dead have seen the end of war... Knowing that - I feel a bit better
when I do remember what´s happened before...oh well.
Moving on to the heart of a matter

Father always told me 'bout men and mice, bein´ not afraid to take chances
Well, he said enough 'coz by the time he got iced
I was on my way - circumstances led me out into the open...
Boy, reality bites.

Doesn´t matter what you do - another crook gets rich
Doesn´t mean a thing what´s your calling
Living by your heart - and whining "life is such a bitch"?
Anyway you go - you´re falling to the bottom of the food chain.
Let me show you the way...

When the moon comes up and the sun goes down
I can change the whole world. Feeling stronger
from the dead of night to the morning light
getting ready to challange my faith
When you´re feeling weak and your life seems tough,
you can´t wait for a break any longer...
Who can stone you cold, who can whip you down
if you´ll steal a lil'kiss from your faith

Do I live as I live or I do as I do? Don´t you forget who told you :
"When life has no value - death has it´s price"
... just something I saw in my father´s eyes.

08. Paper Blood

In our shop, as you can see, you´d be a man you wanna be
Unhappy with the way it goes? Just buy another life.
And our prices... who can beat? Here´s royal flesh and cannon meat
You name it - my associate is sharpening her knife...
Please take a peek inside, tell me how it feels like
when you´re spilling

Paper blood in the blaze of glory, on the holy ground
Paper blood - neverending story... paper blood
makes a world go round and round.

We´ve got it covered to the tee... Another wife? Just take a brief
look at this fine selection of those bitches from the East
We´re selling friends, we´re selling cars, a recent show with superstars,
a child, a war, a heart, a soul - it´s all to make you pleased...right!
Nothing is too strange (when we are in this price range)

You´re wasting paper blood in the blaze of glory, on the holy ground
Paper blood - neverending story... Paper blood can buy a tiny crown
for this sad and weary clown, so he can smile and take a look around
across his kingdom - fake as it could be (and what´s wrong with that?)
where tears of joy´re impossible to see (what do we need them for?)
where heartfelt laughter´s not what you will hear (and so what?)
Enough of that, 'coz it´s my biggest fear.

09. Season's Change

Images of winter gently move fallen, golden leaves.
Sun is hiding far behind the roof, knowing what it means
Days are getting shorter, I can see chilling tears of fall
running down for you and leaving me
out here in the cold

Since you left whatever I would do - nothing comes out right
I´m fighting through another lonely day, another sleepless night.
Dreaming 'bout wings to fly away, but as I was told
brokenhearted can´t, they´re cursed to stay
out here in the cold

This change of a season is over and done
Won´t look for a reason... just sad that you´re gone

Every single word you´ve ever said is ringing in my ears,
making me remember what I had. This burning trail of tears
leading me away, into the night... closer to my fall.
Season´s changing, turning off the light
out here in the cold

Disappearing very slow - this line of footsteps in the snow...
Spirit of my better day´s living on the edge
Be it so and let it be...'coz as far as I can see
There´s no way to escape this season´s change.