The Chasm - Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm lyrics


01. Entering A Superior Dimension

And so it came to a burning end
As the three funerals arrived, bringing the ultimatum of life
Serenity empowered by misery, guided by the moondawn
A ritual of confessions, the decrepit aurora
Embodiment from constellations
We, the orphans of perdition, struggling for abolition
Lost in the damage and collapse
Making us forever rebuild this mission
The revelation's manifesto, entering the superior dimension
The cosmology and the passing of time
...Guide me ...
Scorching miles and miles of inferior opposition
Terminate the feeble obstacles as we felt the last superstition
Nevermore, thus spoke the hateful raven
...No defeat, nor surrender...
And as the golden fire responds to my will
(You must) remember that nothing can change the past
Forever we are to roam in this curse
...And so the raven left my subconscious necromorphed as a darkened eagle
Declaring that the menace sleeps no more

03. Fiery Rebirth

Within my spirit, summit and abyss
To darkness I have submerged
Coming here to walk with the oldest wraths
The spiral narrows on this tideless shores
Warmed by unequaled showers of ice haze...
A supernal ecstasy, a substantial wilderness
To let my dreams be licked by dolorous euphoria
Because now is too late, to return to the womb-chamber
Peaceful dark that once I adorned
Mutating altar of blazing reconstruction and then creating my tomb
From this fiery rebirth and constructing my dream at this igneous rebirth
As my senses are exploding like the last of the sunsets
Death is a desire, life is just a brief passage
Within my spirit, summit and abyss, the spiral narrows on this tideless shores

07. The Promised Ravage

My own ashes have covered the road of a distant past
Buried in a forgotten path
No matter how many consequences have arrived, there is never looking back
Always forging onwards
Existence is short, every moment counts
The plagues and pestilence always grow but the wings of hatred carry me on
Soaring across the cemetery halls and into the pits of mourn
In battles for the vision, carry on with this mortal pace
And to ponder with mental incision to witness the end of this storming disgrace
The end may be near, but don't throw down the sword
Carry on with this mortal pace, archaic lore is power and isolation is the key
And as my fire consumes your so called darkness the distant ancestor recharges my soul
This is the promised ravage ...
(Burning deadly rage, endless Volcanic-Decimating-Etherealism)

08. The Mission / Arrival To Hopeless Shores (Calling The Paranormal Abysm)

And so when I reach the chimerical oceans
Timeless monoliths of hate
Infuriating my cryptic devotion
The code to open the final gate... where the funeral dream resides
Awaiting into the emerald abysm
Guided through visionary flames
Guided through visionary flames
By the calling of an astral fiend
Rest in fire, arriving far from home, but this is the place
Farseeing ...sun and moon corroding, this is the place, finish the mission
...The final time to liberate and to unveil the code to open the final gate