Vomit The Soul - Apostles Of Inexpression lyrics


01. Prototypes Of Values' Incarnation

Feeling guilty compared to prototypes,
Completely embodying the standards of correctness,
Painting true and false on performed schemes,
Annihilating the free existence,
Eating away the essence,
And to homologating the free will to a common matrix.

02. Self Perception Veil

A veil present in front of the eye perturbs the sight,
As objects appear as they always did,
But never as they really are.
The perception come from individual's processes subjective,
More than often falsified,
Far away from the true essence.
An enshrouded vision,
Which is called reality.

03. Extirpated From Absurdity

Into A condition not governed by any rules,
Not A primordial equilibrium, Just an absurd reality.
Where everything seems to be incorrect and unthinkable,
What the ears can detect is a moan,
A request to set free.
The true essence has to be extirpated from this absurdity.

04. Overcrowd

Multitude of thoughts fluctuating through the mind,
Multitude of electrons floating around the nucleus,
The passing of senseless individuals consuming their existence
Into nothingness and oblivion,
Feeling godly great into an universe of emptiness.

05. Apostles Of Inexpression

Apostles of Christ or Apostles of lies,
With the sense blindfolded, No possibility of verbal expression,
Only the eyes can get the feelings across the others.
Facial expression show contorted in expressions of pain.
A permanent status after an obstacle course.

06. Unrecognized Elements Presence

Chemical elements as entities.
Identification failed this time,
Centuries of experiences cannot clarify these unrecognized elements' origin. Able to turn equilibrium into deviance and instability.
To vitiate the calm of primal innate values,
Leaving humanity astonished in front of the cruelty and negativity
Of their own deeds.

07. Decay Of An Inviolable Dogma

Axioms dictated by the fear of the unknown,
The complexity of human soul determines rules and limits
Put upon material things and behaviours.
The superiority of the mind.
Able to sightly erode the integrity of these deep-seated innate bigotry.
Waiting for the shift of a new order of mentaility...

08. Inconsistent Delta

Situations that seems to be poles apare,
Conditions of apparent diversity:
Truth and falsity,
Absolute and Relative,
Innocence and Guilt.
Taking all the exterior influences off,
The lucid discovery that the difference between apparent
Diversities is often next to nothing.