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Krallice - Dimensional Bleedthrough lyrics


01. Dimensional Bleedthrough

Creator mind lending healing
To beings that ceaselessly assist
The evolution of the spirit
Hate courses through the weakest
Minds all believe their questioning purpose
Forcing the world out
Allowing dimensional bleedthrough
Thoughts being encased in life alone
Thoughts can exist free of life
Beings belong in denial
Evolution depends on denial
Voices of spiritual reason
All beg for the next step
Life thought spirit as one
No longer
Vain in holy voids
Being cast out in brightness
Fathered by brightness

02. Autocthon

Hands and knees grasping earth
The shining rust
Eggshell eyes brimming madness
Drink deep

The tumult fades
The silence dreams of nothing

The tree is as old as age
Branches grow, arcane fractals
Whispering to you of gentle vacuum
And release

Rest your weary brow in laughing sighing boughs
Soothe your fevers in the pulsing bark and rot
And dream of nothing

Drown your sorrows in murmurings
That fissure from gnarled growths and red earth
"The taker-away of pain...
...and the giver-back of beauty!"

Cast your eyes into your eyes
As veins and roots become one
As worlds spill from inchoate thoughts
As you fade

03. Aridity

Enriched in wind with temperature guidance
Sands surrounded in dry cold
With lichened stone and unwanted growth
Nearer to water than before
Time enforces the differences
Forgotten pathways back
Evolving land power
The time leading has gone on
Out of sheer weight pressure
With physical properties
Unexplainable in human tongue
All reprimanding
By the forces of power will be
The only possible
Outcome of probable thought
The meaning of everything meant gets obscured
By willingness to focus on survival.

04. The Mountain

The soul tries out a thousand cures, in vain;
Since I was taken from my early road,
Vainly it worries how it can return
The sea and the mountains, and the fire and the sword,
All these together, I live in their midst.
The mountain, he'll not leave me, who has seized
My intellect, and taken away my reason.