Lock Up - Hate Breeds Suffering lyrics


01. Feeding On The Opiate

Embracing self destruction
Going nowhere fast
Wastelands in the shadowzone
Broods of fear attack
The fuel that feeds my pain
Will make me hate again
Timebomb of frustration
Constant stranglehold
Circle downwards fast towards
A chaos that's perverse
The fuel that feeds my pain
Will make me hate again
Another try another lie
All these hollow shells
Another face, another fake
What's beyond this hell?
Seasons of the infinite
Feeding on the opiate.

02. Castrate The Wreckage

I found freedomlosing all hope was freedomself improve or self destruct
Right in your face but not visible
The tip of your tongue but you can't taste
Grotesque distortions - dark cyclones
Virtual abattoir sadists womb
A host to parasites every day and night
The need for something more out of life
Lost in oblivion dark and silent
A fear you cannot smell or taste
The endless trance, the muffled cries
I await my second birth
The secret webs of emotion
Spin the threads of self-rejection
The secret webs of emotion
Safety net for all our pain
Castrate the mental wreckage
Waste is a thief
No antidote for anger
Sow the seeds you reap.

03. Violent Reprisal

Violent reprisal
Righteous reign overthrown
Dawn of retribution
Charlatans gather in swarms
Oppressors - thrive off our burden
Drunk from the cleansing scourge
Rebel souls submerged in fear
The seventh sign the storm
A brutalized humanity
Preparing for the end
A blasphemy in broken feathers
The angel of mercy descends.

04. Detestation

Damned survival of the damned
Cultural genocide fractured psyche
Termite's nest of sprawling filth
White noise hordes of dissidence
Detestation - Detestation
Detestation - Detestation
The path of contamination
Is sabotage
Dragged by the chains
There's no escape.

05. Retrogression

Holding back - unconnected
Lapsing in a hole
Intermission - never ending
Castigate this void
Cage this retrogression
The gates of change
Disturbing self confessions
Powerless rage
Plummeting hate trivia
Pumping through my veins
Dispassionate envy
Sharpens the blade
Cage this retrogression
The gates of change
Declining optimism
Desire deranged.

06. Slaughtereous Ways

Benumb the masses
Detached from the world within
The serpent's shedding skin -Slaughterous ways
A reptile - devoid of soul
I am the serpents eyes
Suicidal species
We deserve the die
Slaughterous ways in splendour coiled
Buried deep in blood drenched soil
Mankind's desperation
Designs to slaughterous ways
The world of lies they showed me
Collapsing in my face.

07. Dead Seas Scroll Deception

Heading for corruption
No spirit or conscience
A bloodbath in waiting
On the threshold of peace
Sabotage the history
Soak the pain in apathy
Hide the toll of misery
Camouflage democracy
Heading for corruption they prostitute the suffering
And bury our impulse
To see through the shame
Shatter their dependency
Massacre maliciously
Infiltrate stupidity
Murder their prosperity
Spokesmen - the shallow eyes leer
Invoking - a structure of fear
Applauding - the hidden regime
Denouncing - logical schemes
Heading for corruption - the tears of disbelief
Sanity - smothered
Heading for corruption - the source and the catalyst
Insanity - swallowed
Dead sea scroll deception
Dead sea scroll deception.

08. Hate Breeds Suffering

Torn down factories
Backdrop for forgotten times
The changing seasons
Progression in a wake of stones
Tear the thorn from our side
Pull the nails from the wrists of decay
Crown the poorman on the street
Hate breeds suffering
The raging cold memories of the past collide the vision stands
The touch of flesh and bone
Stare in to the face of unrest
Blind within - hate breeds suffering
Stare into the pain of promise
Blind within - hate breeds suffering
This existence - is a conflict - withinour lives
Sad reflections - grasp the concept
Before we die
Hate breeds suffering
Hate breeds suffering.

09. Catharsis

In flesh so weak
Damnation - takes human form
Through mans perversions - unfold
Redemption - forged in flames
Deviant souls laid waste
Eradication - of all free thought desperation - finish us off
Catharsis- catharsis
Abide the ordeal - devoid of hope
Manifestation - dead end approach
Cursed waste - cold - hate - neglect
Serpents - martyrs - demons
Humanity torn, raped by the spawn of neglect

10. The Jesus Virus

Outbreak sparks
Sins disowned
Punished faith
Feuds decay
Desperate fall
Visions rise
The Jesus virus takes it's hold
Turmoil splits the soul
The Jesus virus.

11. Broken World

In unseen reams of genesis
The seeds of revelation
Sculptured carnage
Clears the path to global domination
One step closer - to being alive
We open our eyes - to a broken world
We are all God's madmen that's for sure
Salesmen of salvation
Living engines of destruction feed us to it's core
One step closer - to being alive
We open our eyes - to a broken world

12. Horns Of Venus

Sulfur demon
The horns of Venus
Rape the boy within the man
The horns of Venus - horns of Venus!
Deviate souls in rapture
The flesh that never rests
Behold the image of Venus
By carnal lust possessed
Sulfur demons - the horns of Venus
Rape the boy within the man
Sulfur demons - the horns of Venus
Rape the boy within the man
Inhaling winds of venom
Numb from living sin
Seducing shapes in violent ragegrandeur crowned in thorns

13. High Tide In A Sea Of Blood

Lies reflecting lies
Hybrid truths collapse
Fallacies and fiction
The germs of treachery
Evolving far to fast
The pieces that are lost
Return to haunt our past
And launch our nightmares
High tide in a sea of blood
We drown in high - tech bliss

High tide in a sea of blood
High tide... High tide!
Authors of disease
They run before they walk
Identity as one
Soulless jesters
An incest innovation
Deceiving populations
Our character dissolves
To forcify the strong
High tide in a sea of blood
We drown in high - tech bliss

High tide in a sea of blood
High tide... High tide!
Faithless are we godless
Do we posses any inner strength
Regress or progress
Is our instinct our pestilence?

14. Cascade Leviathan

Sulfur ritual, seeking shelter, bitter rhymes
Fathomless the hidden psalm sedates the mind
Daggers of stigmata lines of truth arise
Bestial hoops and stillborn wall are magnified
Cascade leviathan
Dragging time - dismembered youth
Cascade leviathan
Primed the sorry dreggs are drained
Orchestras of havoc humming violent themes
Nests in mirrors, satellites - corroding dreams
Sects of shivers - premature the scorpion sting
Senses shot beneath an abscess rhapsody
Desperation garners no gaunt reward
Abyss in waiting - contagion spreading
Tattered nemesis - torrential mooddeviant seeds - substitute for food.

15. Fake Somebody / Real Nobody

Narrowminded selfish fuck
I wont take another lie
Coldhearted fucking creep
Vicious circles are your life
Stabbed - in the back
Stabbed - in the back
Knuckles white bent on revenge
Fake somebody - real nobody
Fake somebody - real nobody
Behind your eye's a burning wish
For a life beyond all grief
Betraying everything and all
Clutching dreams in nightmares realm
Again and again
When answers are questions
Only lies remain.

16. The Sixth Extinction

Darkness is a knife
Grey skies hide
A refuge in sickness
Stealth, contempt
Pre-emptive rapture dawns
Post human cult is born
The sixth extinction
When the war is lost do you cash in your will to survive - the sixth extinction
Sentient machines
Mankind's offspring
Mortal fantasies - techno witchery
Testament to creation
Snuffed out in a single breath
Genetic reverse evolution
Immortality spawned in circuitry
Genetic reverse evolution
The prototype of things to come
The sixth extinction
The sixth extinction.