Black Label Society - Order Of The Black lyrics


01. Crazy Horse

Lightning from above
Followed by hail
Death from above
In the wake of his trail
A vision sent this child
Becomes a man
Blood of the past has chose his plan

I am
Crazy Horse
I am

The sacrifice of others
That walk within
The battlefields of death
Embracing him
The courage from beyond
Surrounds one's soul
Walking side by side
Through graves unknown

A vision sent
For the heavens to see
This is a good day to die
Now follow me

02. Overlord

The undying embrace of chaos and war
As the oppressed lie writing down on the floor
This Babylon of fear that you shall know
To rule and suppress, destroy and overthrow

Kings of this world
Servants shall serve
Slaves never free
Kings of this world
All that's to be
All that you hear and all that you see

I am your overlord
Everything above and below
I am your overlord
The exodus of your will and
All that you'll ever know

This brotherhood
Of snakes shall rule and control
The corruption
Of man, his fate and his soul

This flame of black which burns so bright
For the slaves shall never see
The apocalyptic end of the past
The new world shall forever be

The great conspiracy
The betrayal of God
The fires of revolution
Aimed at the heavens above

03. Parade Of The Dead

Exterminate the laws of all
The sacred past
Begins to fall
The undying gods of death
The disease it must be fed

Parade of the dead

The asylum marches on
The madmen kill
What's left is gone

Revenge and retaliation
The shadow of man's war
Has been cast

The masses and the grave
A fate that can't be saved

04. Darkest Days

Divided soul of a troubled man
The final fight
The final need to understand
These tangled roots ripped from the ground
Abandonment and worry
Forever to be found

Rain, rain, rain
Take this hand of sorrow
Take away my darkest days
Rain, rain, rain
Take away my darkest days
Return me for I feel I'm here to stay

For just one moment of peace I long to know
I can see the storm clouds calling me back home
The blood of the hurricane where the water is never still
Life is a loaded gun
Love is a bullet that sometimes kills

05. Black Sunday

Destroyer of my visions
Come and enter me
Reside over my vengeance
Redemption set me free

God in my hands
Staring down on me
No use for mercy with a
Fistful of hate
The light that once shined
Has long given way
Embracing my end
Becoming Black Sunday

Fill me with your strength now
Limitless unknown
Destroyer of my visions
Return me to my home

No need for remorse
No need to forgive
For all that remains
A day that shall forever live

06. Southern Dissolution

The quicksand is rising
I'll drown once more then do it again
Tired of fighting my war is
Here how long has it been

Right on time
Right on time
All is good, all is fine
I hear you call

Southern dissolution
Come and take it away
First I trip
Then I fall

Sinking come save me
No need to pick myself off the ground
Falling to pieces
My misery is where I'll be found

Sympathy is where I
Call my home
Spiraling stairwell
Where I choose to room

07. Time Waits For No One

As the sun sinks
Life closes tired eyes
As hello turns its back and
It greets goodbye

Never wanted to believe
Or have to understand
Time waits for no one
Child, woman or a man

The burdens that gather
The crosses that bare
What's given and taken like the
Ocean to the sand

No final curtain calls
No more storms that rearrange
To hold you in my arms and to
Know that nothings ever gonna change
To bend the hands of time
So there we stand and through it all
I love you now and beyond forever
Never wanna believe or have to understand
Time waits for no one
Child, woman or a man

08. Godspeed Hell Bound

Decisions that kill
And bullets that fly
Lords of inferno
That litter the sky

Schizophrenic poems of death
Machine ever after that never rests

As the world burns
Beneath the ground

The gears that grind
Shall never be still
The grudge that burns
Obsessed 'til it kills

Shattered cries of the
Prayers never heard
War of the gods that
Drown out the words

Crashing burning all shall fade
Dead and dying here to stay

Against his maker
No regard for his fall
The winds of the west
Bow down to his call

Famine and murder
Beside from within
The vultures gather
Devouring sun

09. War Of Heaven

The throes of extermination
Holocaust of creation
The ruthless hate from within
Illusions that free one from sin

Wheels of insanity spin

The war of heaven
Forever calling
Dying on the wings of the fallen

Terror and persecution
The finality of one's solution
The falsehood of opposition
Becoming one's god and religion

10. Shallow Grave

The fall within this hole
My eyes are blind yet I see
Lifeless and dark
No need to feel or be
Mourned the passing of myself
I saw today
All that I once held
I watch it fall away

Nothing left to say
The broken pieces that fill
This shallow grave

Buried and left alone
I find myself empty and withdrawn
Mourned the passing of myself
I saw today all that I once held
I watch it fall away

The walls cave and the end begins
As it all comes crashing down
I hear a voice I know too well
It comes to me and pulls me down
It pulls me down

11. Chupacabra


12. Riders Of The Damned

There is no absolution
Never lose what was never there
No regard for the future
As for the past I never cared

For the damned shall roll
Out of control
Out of control
Walking tall we stand
Long may you run
Riders of the damned

Salvation had been wrecked
Dissolution has been found
Punishment and judgement
Lay rotting beneath the ground

13. January

The cold that burns
The tides that drift away
No more talks about tomorrow
The past is gone and all that was today
I can't forget the cold that fell that January day

Seasons change
For the rain has washed away
All the smiles and the tears
What's in between and all one's hopes and fears
I feel that January's cold shall never disappear

Empty sky the bitterness unfolds
Its hard to hold a memory when there's nothing left to hold
Rain rain rain
The desert kills what's left inside
its hard to live when all you wanna do is die

The book is done
No more pages left to turn
No more letters left to write
Nothings left for whom it may concern
January's cold shall forever live on