Messiah - Extreme Cold Weather lyrics


01. Extreme Cold Weather

With all my long hair, I don't need a hat to wear
Extreme cold weather is reigning outside,
the wind is blowing and the frost does bite.

I hope I won't freeze my toes off,
Cause then I will have to cough
An icycle's hanging from my bum,
And there lies my neighbours frozen mum.

The thermometer's below zero,
Don't try to be a hero
By running to scool
Now you're frozen dead you fool.

Extreme cold weather is freezing my blood,
I'd always have summer if I'd be god.
Now is april and you have thawed,
You won't step out again into the cold.

It's sunny, funny and really warm,
And my body feels like reborn.

02. Enjoy Yourself

Do you need beer to have fun
Don't you know that drugs do con?
Fellowship we need to unit us all,
no use to kick each others balls
Mosh a peaceful way,
violent brutal thrashers don't need to stay.
Enjoy yourself, non-violent moshing instead of fighting,
Enjoy yourself

We don't care if black or white
All together for a pacifistic fight
We fight for freedom and liberty,
but against destruction and brutality
Hatred racism and arms race,
Vivisection, fur coats are humanitys disgrace.

Enjoy yourself, non-violent moshing instead of fighting,
Enjoy yourself

03. Johannes Paul Der Letzte (Dedicated In Hope To Pope John Paul II)

[Dedicated In Hate To Pope John Paul II]

(Do you think) what the church does is right?
Their deeds are the way to the light?
But the church does profit of prejudice and war,
They claim they're good but they're rotten to the core.

Pope John sucks.

The church has good ideas, but most of it are lies,
Instead of giving it to the poor, pope John goes and flies
They speak of peace, but they really want hate,
Fuck off John Paul, go and masturbate.

04. Mother Theresa (Dedicated In Love To Mother Theresa)


05. Hyper Borea


06. Radezky March: We Hate To Be In The Army Now

Drowning our soul, mans' power turns to a childs' game,
We're all stupid, fucking cold, only womens love helps us through this gate.
We hate to be in the army now

Learning to destroy ourselves, please hear the wise man screaming why,
This story will never end, war covers us because we're to shy.
Sit down and let it be

We hate to be in the army now

Don't support those laws of military, never trust a soldier, he's a killer
Enjoy your wonderful time of liberty, never touch a gun, it's a liar.

We hate to be in the army now

07. Nero

Nero the hero, god of full corpses
Nero, centurio, lost in madness,
Walked in the shadows of broken minds,
saved his power in the name of lies,
enslaved girls, he's a destructor by his hand.
Burn down this town, burn down this Rome.
Nero, master of lied enrichements,
Nero, finder of bad sound harmonies,
Composed titles for wonderfully done things,
Found the answers, the things he sung
Were about the realities of his next strike.

Sadist of his own empire, will be his own messiah,
Loser of his own mind.

Aaaaahh my little Rome, enjoy my flames,
I sing and pray for you and your child,
Fall to ashes for my new empire,
It's my greatest lyric now.

Burn down this town, burn down this Rome.
Look at me, people of Rome,
It's the sweet resurrection, after the celebration
It's my lustful work, that all these christians are rotten now.