Unsilence - Under A Torn Sky lyrics


01. The Last Day

Through this sepia haze
Nothing ever seems to change
Bringing back the memory of your last day
Never ending
This scene stays the same
Frozen within this frame
But she still returned, returned to haunt me
And fade again

Your voice surrounds me
Calling out to me
And I feel you near to me now
If I could have reached you I would somehow

I feel your shadow pass over my soul
Scenery never to have known
And dream in colour and furious sound
I will remember somehow

I see you fall again
Desperation fills me now
Even knowing that this, that this is the end
It has passed

See the empty space
And feel the silence
Surroundings make no sense
When all I'm feeling is

From so far away will I call
To be measured by divisions of the soul
To be living in between the highs and lows
Feel this fever passing over me before I have to go

02. The Burning Midnight

Hunted by night
We are waiting for the time
We will be born again
When our weathered frame has been cast away

This veil over my eyes
Was placed to keep me enchained
I see you clearly now
And I hear the sound of this desert rain

I'm crawling out of my skin
A vacuum to pull me in again
Sleep severs me from the weight
Awake in an open door
The place where the wreckage meets the shore
Set free by the waves

I'm falling from my Eden
My balance is torn away
My shadow still remains
My image is reflected
I know you, you are not who you were

How long my shadow becomes

03. Transfiguration

This pressure wave is holding you down
You never tried to really break out
You know it's safe to hide behind the illusion you create
That only saves to underline your pain
Remove your mask
Reveal your face
Or hide in chains

You tried to break from the motion of time
Her broken hands have broken your mind
Nobody sees, nobody knows, why the hours drift away
And only leave the memory of your hate
Remove your mask
Reveal your face
Or hide in chains

Open your centre of gravity
All of our defenses are torn away
All of our senses are born again today
I see the face of my enemy

Time slowly unveiling these changes
We become strangers to the order of our ways
We seek silence in visions of mercy
We are severed from the chains on our feet
None remain now stand in our way

Our ways pass through the day never to remain
The story replays in our eyes
Blue, wild, severed from the frame, a torn sky
Raining down upon the flames, then it dies

04. Barricade

I tried to run away from here
As those who came before me
I heard the ocean call beyond my horizon
Your visions follow moving rhythm
Moving rivers falling down

There's no one to hold me down
No one can reach me now
There's no one to hold me down
No one can reach me now

There's no one to hold me down
No one can reach me now
I tried to turn around
Tried to escape somehow

Now I return to here
As those who came before me
All of your images have grown so wild
Your visions remain forever
When all your images have gone away

Follow me beyond this border
Follow through this maze
Take away these walls
Take away these doors
Throw away this veil and throw on to the fire
Watch your illusion burning down

05. Echoes Awaken

Fortune is here again
She is singing her song without end
And it's taking us higher
Removing the weight from our weary eyes
Free from the burden of light

Making our dreams become sound
These voices are calling us underground
Now it's time to go far away
Leading our children in to the sea
Every day to the sea

We set sail on our lonely voyage
For the ends of the earth
Dreaming gardens of paradise
Never to return again

We believe we are masters of destiny
We are only the means to the end
Raising our voices in harmony
Calling you on to the sea
Every day to the sea

Leaving our story untold
It's strange that I knew I would have to go
Have to go on my own

06. Of What May Become

A dawning of desire
Untwist, remains of the past
What may become
In essence, will be carried through

Far greater to fall, more to loose
But what I have seen can never retreat

Years of decline
An inner echo strengthens
Yearning to change
The transient misguided nature of our ways

Never to return or remain
On misguided paths where I've been led

Where instinct blurred my true path
Diving headlong into the elusive

I'll find my way, with will we create

The guiding light is fading away
In fear I approach this frontier
Will my desires leave me with less than nothing
The hand that beckoned is forcing me back

07. The Hour Of Arrival

Child it's time
You must fly away and face your destiny
Leave your skin
You are changing in to something
You are born again
Never again to remember
Never again to return

See through their eyes
They are reaching out to lead you inside
Walk through that door
They are waiting to receive you
And they will lead you in to the wild

From the distance of your dream
You're safer there than you can be
You're so far away
They want you to see
Though the memory fades when you wake up
The feeling remains

Take your road by the reins
You're on your way
The way is chosen, the doors are open
The soul remains

In here it's waiting for you
In here and it's greater than you know

For a thousand winters
Waiting for this sign
Has brought me to this moment
Turning from these shadows
Just to see you again
And share what I have known
From the memory of a dream
Now it seems one last road is calling
Tide is closing in on me
Now I can see the way that I must go

In here it's waiting for you
In here and it's stranger than you know

08. Winds Of Enlightenment

Can't you see through it?
This placcade of lies
Bears its seal on the other side
Hammers down its weight
Judgment for a mind
That is guilty of a thousand crimes
Released alone
How can I believe your visions?
When I know what I know now
I cannot turn around
With my open eyes I see the way
You tried to hold me down

I see you now
I hear you now

Through the endless night
Far from the grace of light
Coming to me like an omen sign
From the book of days
I feel the seasons change
Now the wind that shakes this hollow world
Is blowing in my face

I see you now
I hear you now

I cannot see true belief
Our faith has died away
Our holy name laid down

Through seven veils we were born out of darkness
Baptism by burning light where we lay
And for me now, hand me down crimes of reason
Will fade away from this shadow play
Over the night

I cannot see true belief
Our faith has died away
Our holy name laid down

Laid in my wake your holy name has died away
Faith it ingrained, a higher way, has died today

Flames once assailed
The light and the dark were left behind yesterday
Rains have washed it all away
We'll start again two worlds away