The Chasm - From The Lost Years lyrics


01. The Gravefields

True and frozen, my madness where do I go?
I feel so cold inside...
The land and sky embrace my voice,
Which sometimes is my only companion,
In the distance where the moonlight cries I see my time,
So short and so strange,
I left behind my illusions,
Only the music in my hands warms me,
I left behind my illusions in a dark mountain of Eternity,
These must be my lost kingdom,
I taste the mourning in the haze,
My lips feel the bitterness in these rivers
And my salted eyes answer to the blood-red sky.

1000 nights are my days, the spiritual casket is whispering my name,
And sadness turn to sadness, my hate is my will,
And love is my fear.

Long time ago,
My dreams,
They are gone,
I walk as I wonder,
Why the gates are closed to me?....

02. Secret Wings Of Temptation

When is time to forget,
When all is lost to repent and remember,
When my life was so infinite...
And the glowing spirit turned to a velvet rust,
In clear beauty I have dream,
In the dawn of the lonely suffering...
Secret Wings of Temptation.

Only menacing and funereal symbols and the keys to loved chimera,
Embrace this lonely walker and his evolution of cosmic solitude.

Four extasis of hope drowned in millions of blind eyes,
And still falls the rain, and still grows the pain...
My secret wings of temptation,
This is the perception of agony,
An embittered and perpetual sarcasm,
Against the fragility and briefness of life for the dusk of the new day....

03. I, The Pastfinder

I, entering a universe,
Dreams and ideas swirl about me like a storm of tragedies,
And suddenly steal away my imagination.

Holding my breath as I come closer to the shadows,
This voyage to the eternity to find the roots of this fall...
And shining below me (sprawled) a strange,
Desert land, where ruins of power and wisdom lie among the souls of the kings.

I wander into my void (and considered) what kind of mysterious people once flourished here,
Where the filth and beauty were one
And the pride and victory where everything
Nothing was further from my mind, until... something moved...
A clear, vanished eclipsed sun appeared in front of my scars

I, the past finder
I set my soul on fire, we will reborn through hate
I realize the eternal searching, until death do my part...

04. Deathcult For Eternity

The only satisfaction to reach
Is the coming of the dark veil
When the halls will be dusted and the horizons crack in shadows,
I want the taste of eternity
Wandering forever into the solitude meeting finally the cosmos within
And the final knowledge watching me;
Like the ever flowing waters this mania born with me
An incessant voice from inside,
Forever I'll ride on the planets outside...

More tears will be dropped but this time not for sadness,
But joy and fullness of spirit, here lies my rotting past, finally...
(But) madness and sanity in a tornado I can feel the pain and pleasure.

I realize where I am now the same old land of hypocrisy... Death cult for eternity
I want the taste of eternity,
I'll wait until the stardust covers me,
Sometimes dreams are stronger than reality,
A new bitter day is coming, so let the death cult begin...again...

05. Ascencion Of Majestic Ruins

Beyond the irony and deception of this weak and betrayer earth,
To those who cry and fear and offend the immortality of their throne stands tall...
Mighty vortex of wisdom in their dark eyes,
The power of decades of anger and strength,
They were the first and they will be the last...

Upon the horizon, in the heart of the only world,
The ruins are the roots of the future they see the ancient things with new eyes the bridge of light,
The world of the dead, the lord sun,
The legacy of the majesty and glory "Even the gold can melt and the jewels can be broken also the flowers wither but against the centuries we will stand..."
They were the first and they will be the last the ascension of majestic ruins...

06. Our Time Will Come...

Do you hear clearly the whispers of the moon
And remember the days of majesty and glory?
Our mighty destiny now is only dust,
For our dreams that now are lost,
This cry is the beginning of my war.

To look deep within in search of the beast,
If we meet our pride to fight again (with) the secrets of ancient feeling and metal,
To Kill those who dare to offend...

I'll wait alone in storms of darkness
As I sing hymns of victory and death
Embracing the extasis of pain and destruction,
Devouring the souls of all those fools...
Rage in mind, body, and soul.

(To set my spirit all free) from the dawn of time I've build, this path of force and pride...
Man must reach his highest, we create our own destiny, believe that hate is eternal and life is a short Lie....
Our time will Come.

07. Procreation Of The Inner Temple


08. An Arcanum Faded

From the empty temple I have come,
A procreation conjured in despair,
My punishment for this belief,
A fire that will burn, eternally...

No reflections of my mind,
Reality is freezing this maze,
Where the universe is waiting as the stars are sleeping,
I've chased a prediction from within,
Since those years started to hurt,
Once the tower was my dream, but now the aim is only death...

My blood will be my wine,
As I'll eat those feelings of pride,
I'll scream to the eternal skies until the funeral's eve is fading, away...

A new mystery now is born,
The codex of the bridge of hate,
Where the sun and the moon cry,
For their lost and innocent children...

09. Torn (By The Sunrise)

As I'm walking to the ocean of stars with the candle still burning inside,
The fire that is calling for revenge
As I'm walking to the final serenade
Oh I'm so tired of this sunlight which reminds me my prison of flesh
But the pleasure to feel this eternal hate,
This hate has been my only friend for years (and years to come),
I will wait for the truth (my truth) alone
Wandering in this weak land waiting for the coming of the rain of blood
To cover this traitor earth
As I'm walking to the ocean of stars with the candle still burning inside,
The fire that is calling for revenge,
As I'm walking to the final serenade,
The planets are so strong now,
They give me wisdom to reach my empire,
I will be lord of this land, I'm the retaliative sin...

10. My Tideless Seas

To be in deserts of emotions awaiting for years,
All in vain the dreamland is far from my throne,
A long way is my destiny,
My wisdom is my sword and my emptiness is all my fortune,
Lurking in the faceless eyes,
Romantic and wicked scent of hate;
My tideless seas, pure moments of sorrow in my ship,
Only weak lords I see, and I'm the only true emperor
And the eagles of black blood are leading my odyssey of chaos,
Headless souls are crying in despair, under my endless wrath,
Am I growing to the stars? am I entering into the eternal dawn?
So I will eternally ride into the shadows of these waters
Creating my dimensions and tears from my tideless seas.