The Chasm - Deathcult For Eternity: The Triumph lyrics


01. Revenge Rises/Drowned In The Mournful Blood

I have found the grey pestilence,
Where my hate was born and through the veins of misery,
The battle is flowing within...

When my tragedy was forged in Blood,
The Pain and Anger rest and waited for the Centuries of Conquering to come as I Awaited in the Inner Temple.

Run to the immense horizon, 'cause I'll find the real
Betrayers, destroy every feeling of their weakness,
For my kingdom (I've) built in Blood.
Drowned in the mournful Blood,
The Pleasure to deform the time,
I'm bonded with pride and strength, 'cause I'm drowned in the mournful Blood.

02. No Mercy

I call the names I've buried in my mind, while in the sky the rain is
Boiling in anger, spirits of the decadence and sorrow,
I summon you, be the mediums of my disaster...

One empire has fallen from it's wicked grace,
We, lords of bitterness, of retaliation, must taste Revenge...

Take every possible form of
Low-life and lay and torment their weak essence,
Toal pandemonium, our great Conquering is here, I,
The past finder, the commander of pain; my secret weapon is covered in ecstasy,
I'm full of past scars that now are finally healing,
From centuries ago, we have warned you, your ignorance shall be your tomb,
Burn with me as you cry and scream, but I will play the
Final march with mind, body, and soul full of pride
Still waiting for my liberation....our final destiny....

03. I'm The Hateful Raven

Standing in the heads of the graves
As I count the universal dreamscapes,
I watch the silent journey of Souls
With joy an pity for their eternal quest.

A thousand years of misery ago,
I was created from moon dust.
My mother was the blood of my enemies, and the fire of the sun, my father.

An invisible chain forged in thorns, embrace and unite my crimson memory
To the crypts of Insanity and delirium, where I can't find the reality....

Dark motions, black eyes, and and mournful Lust, the wings of solitude.
I'm cursed to follow the dead, to see how they vanish to their destiny...

To feel and envy their final trip, 'cause I'm not allowed to see the final gate.

04. A Portal To Nowhere

With an enigma inside my fate,
The Infamous crystal eye of vengeance, guides me through this long period of depression,
Eternal twisted path, never ending pain...
Floating in wombless amnion, blind,
My liquid shroud tremble in agony,
'Cause I'm reaching the last ring of saturn, in the nucleus of this catatonic dream.

Let me fly into the planet's rain, I must find my intra-essence of wisdom,
Petrified in my flesh cage as time and dimensions pass like cold wind;
Walking in front of the mountains of Uranus,
I can see how the past tragedies judge my trip as I spit with bitter anger to their disgusting and pale shapes..
For all those Lost Years, I evoke eternal solitude an infinite search of empty answers is my future,
Left in shadows with a flickering candle, I'm entering into this portal to nowhere.

05. Chanelling The Bleeding Over The Dream's Remains

Floating in this strange mood,
I can feel the return, the coming, the desert, with the sun as my witness,
But blackened, in desolate ways we are wandering, Bleeding...

These geometric agony that I have stand for all this centuries,
Expecting the arrival of the old rider,
The master of mourn... scream over the dream's remains,
I must find the root of my damnation in every drop of the torrid seas of sin and in every night of Soulless winds,
Bathe in restless flames, crush and slaughter the false ones...

My prophecy of revenge and destruction
Is rising from my burning chest.

06. Possessed By Past Tragedies(Tragic Shadows)

25 years of void, I've been dead... awaiting,
Always with a two-faced sky above me,
Searching for forgotten realms of the sun and loosing the sense of what is an illusion,
I shall be the Immortal thunder, such sights, such truths I can't no longer stand.

My time has come to separate my fear from my flesh...
As the eternity opens in blood red aura,
I feel the nails of anxiety hammering my soul,
Behind me I can see my twisted reflections (my mortal shell), is withered and dissolved in superior torment.

I have come one with suffering
As a thousand carcasses are licking my blood-tears,
Filth of aged flesh is falling from the stars, this is my punishment, my joy...
Impaled in spikes of sorrow, I've vanished, then,
I awake into an obscure dungeon where I awake just to realize that my tragedy of pleasure was just a dream...

07. Apocalypse

When the forces of utter chaos, ruled the land of Barbarian majesty.
The lords of ancient cruelty were the architects of apocalyping empires,
A legion so foul and strong, their wicked souls, madness to the extreme,
But with a bright sense of will and pride.

Dressed in putrefaction and gore, kings of the universe of the deceased,
They were the main fiendish fear, they are the spirits that will reign again,
They swore to return to spread the suffering
And with anxiety my heart is pounding faster, as I wait,
'Cause I'm part of their immortal blood.... and together we shall bring our past alive.

08. In Superior Torment

Where I am, a land so disgusting, I just want to destroy the dogod;
For all the deception I have felt,
For all the years I have lost, I must reach the real millenium,
I can create my own destiny.
Why I must suffer with no sense? I'm the master of myself.

Kill, destroy, erase all the mediocrity,
Blood must be shed with no mercy,
Blaspheme and puke in every weak one...
(What god created, man can destroy)

09. The Triumph(Of My Loss...)

Together as one, with the cracked mirror
Reflecting only this unborn unknown,
I've never felt this emptiness
Like a cascade of teardrops in blade forms...
Decisions, to choose the Arcanum one.

I'm slowly fading into the dreams of the universe,
Do I really feel the tragedy? Where are those grey moments of pleasure,
I'm the dawn, I'm the night,
I can create and destroy, I will always be the lonely walker.

Together as one fortune and misery,
I'm a warrior full of hate and wisdom, full of pride and sadness.

Soon I'll cross the river of fire, soon I'll face the final battle
To revenge all those soulless lost years....