The Chasm - Reaching The Veil Of Death lyrics


01. Root Of Damnation


02. Reaching The Veil Of Death

The hate, the power, to destroy all the weak (and false)
Reaching the veil of death
My ultimate quest, conquering the
Visions of sorrow
The weight of my despair...
Maim the souls
Of the ones with no strength

Cry, feel my utter rage
Pain, the strongest of pains
Lust, for vengeance, for revenge
At last my time is here

Taking all the
(mediocre) Souls by storm
Sadness and fear
Cover your pathetic will
My mind is so strong
Your loss my victory
Lying in your putrid misery
Tears cover
Your last memory...

Cry, feel my utter rage
Pain, the strongest of pains
Lust for vengeance, for revenge
At last, time is here

03. The Gravefields

True and frozen, my madness, where do i go?
I feel so cold inside...The land and sky embrace
My voice, which sometimes
is my only companion, in the distance
where the moonlight cries
I see my time, so short
And so strange, I left behind

My illusions, only the music
In my hands warms me, I left behind my illusions
In a dark mountain of eternity
These must be my lost kingdom, I taste
The mourning in the haze
My lips feel the bitterness
In this rivers and my salty eyes
Answer to the blood-red sky
One thousand nights are my Days, the spiritual
Casket is whispering my name
And sadness turns to sadness
My hate is my will
And love is my fear...

Long time ago, My dreams
They were gone, I was as
I wonder why the gates are
Closed to me?

04. This Spiritual Profanity

I'm falling apart, facing all
My inner sorrows...
This is my own temple,
dismal reign of the cult,
And once again the procession
guides my universe

This dominant symbol
This reflection of deadly winds
Why this immense void
Is crawling deep inside
My inner frost
This is my own temple
Dismal reign of the cult...

05. Embrace My Funeral