The Devil Wears Prada - Plagues lyrics


01. Goats On A Boat

Whateved happened to the integrity found within a family?
I return your glare and my bones are chilled
With some sort of sickening recipe of fear and anger

Day by day
(Time after time again)
You distort chronology
You foster of terror

Bury your diamonds
Destroy your rubies
We are searching for security in tragedy
Take a look around and notice the black drowning simplicity

We are the constant decay
Each note will disintegrate

Perched upon our towers
Motionless and miserable
Here's to a comfortable casket

How deceiving is the cemetery of motivation?
I wish to write a conclusion

02. Number Three, Never Forget

You've compromised your doctrines
You've surrendered yourself to fashion.
Come back to your faith;
Come back to grace.

He sang with us and loved others.
The death of obsession.
The blood relationship, creates such a rotten demise.
Oh Lord.
Such blackness portrays the love of a machine.
I did not want you to join this culture.

So how can you be so proud?
Pray to the heavens, with whatever it takes.
I wish to shine this light back upon you.

It's obvious that apocalyptic barriers (will give) no mercy to fashion.
You've compromised your doctrines.
You've surrendered yourself now.

03. Html Rulez d00d

And yet I've been cleansed with the water
A purity no mind can grasp
A purity so cool upon my fingertips

The vision that I've seen
This is the action that spawns from the end
For the longest time
I've been watching the world breathe again

What lies here are mountains
Composed of tombstones

Examine these, these beautiful faces, keep singing now
Examine these beautiful faces, keep singing now
Examine these beautiful faces of war

Will we push bedlam noise to the state of blissfulness
Display her beauty to the people

A purity no mind can grasp

04. Hey John, What's Your Name Again?

The concept of fashion is the one to blame
Painting the portrait of convictionless existence

Well it must be difficult being so gorgeous
Well it must be difficult claiming to be the kings and queens
But it's all of nothing

This shall pass megalomania

Congratulations on mutilation for a life

I'm going to hope for you
I'm going to pray for you
Amongst the wreckless and the black
Salvation lies within

I'm going to hope for you
I'm going to pray for you
Amongst the wreckless and the black
My time is yours my friend

We all find ourselves so horribly weak

Oh God, here's an offering

05. Don't Dink And Drance

I would like to burn this down
I would like to see it melt in yellow
And observe a cloud of blackness rise
Watch it rise as it is wrath himself

Crows will flee the scene as if to
remind me how long it's been
since I have seen a dove
Melt in yellow as I do

Exhaustion and mother of tribulation
Wound by wound
I torture myself
Wound by wound
I will persevere

Whiteness, present yourself
As I know you are the sky and anchor of my being

What we know turns to paper
What we know is like cigarettes

Formaldehyde fingers

06. You Can't Spell Crap Without The "C"

I wish to turn around and return (to her warmth and laughter)
But this calling is strong, and denial is impossible
No measure of weight can justify what now presses into my chest

To the road your freedom is awesome
But does it compare to the sweet embrace of my love
Our convictions are engraved by our words
Convictions engraved by her marvelous hands

My ears are upon the brink of detonation
And the mud amongst the passage
Of my throat is drying to permanence
Harvest the crop of memories

To what's true I offer thanks
I've found what's pure and I've found what's sweet
We are not barren

07. This Song Is Called

I am the speaker but what is responsability
This is beg of you
Build me brick upon brick
High tides, waves of hypocrisy
This is beg of you
Build me brick upon brick

I didn't think the clock struck more than twelve times
I decided to name her insomnia

Her teeth, like white seeds in a scarlet fruit
This I must tell you, old friend
Her teeth, like white seeds in a scarlet fruit
This I must tell you, old friend

Fear beauty
This is meager
This is feeble

She was only a fiction and my creation
My creation

08. Reptar, King Of The Ozone

Bring it to your lips and experience the sulfur infect everything that we've created.
Don't twist this around.
Don't attempt to justify what we know is wrong.
Tendons are torn and screams are released into a poisoned, mathematic atmosphere.

We're composing our funeral songs, note by note.

With this I declare that tomorrow is an illusion.

What if the clouds are fragments of mistakes,
fabricated by the factories of our foolishness?

We're composing our funeral songs, note by note.

Prove me wrong.

09. The Scorpion Deathlock

Distance decreases as if time is a dying cockroach.
Plagues enclose.
Sitting upon this wooden bench, I am helpless to billions of bullets.

In this moment I am helpless.

Why is it so difficult to see ourselves?

No poem I've wrote, Nor song I have sung, can halt the army of wrath.

Numbers Numbers Numbers Numbers.

In this moment I am helpless.

Serpents will transform into mice only to drown in the deepest red.
I've always expressed my thoughts in colors, but we remain blind.

Numbers Numbers Numbers Numbers

10. Nickels Is Money Too

Climbing into fire her hands are forceful
We're burying earth in earth
White hands, soft hands, carefully
This makes no sense

What's that sound I hear
I'm lost in a state of confusion
Oh ground, I despise you
But rejoice in your essence

Envy will cease my sky
Greed will cease my sky
Here's a farmer that hung himself on the expectation of plenty

At this time I feel there is no bottom to earth

Welcome to the museum of the dead
Endless gore becomes reality

Traditions dug the grave
The inferno has commenced