Eclipse Hunter - Lost Symphony lyrics


01. Freedom

Music & lyrics by Andre Osokin
Enough I had across all the years
Of living in lonely darkness
It's time to bring back my liberty
I can't live in sorrow and madness

Never again

I'll fight for my freedom - to break the chains
I'll gain my own freedom - 'coz life is still in my veins

It seems to me that it's been a long
A long time since I breathed the air
You taught me what is right and what's wrong
And how to live without despair

I'm no longer blind

I'll have my own freedom - and open my eyes
I'll cry for my freedom - there'll be no more disguise

But when salvation came to my life
I felt as free as never before
Now I can see who's in the back with the knife
So he'll be gone to nevermore

I fought for my freedom - and broke the chains
I gained my own freedom - 'coz life is still in my veins
I have my own freedom - you've opened my eyes
And gave me my freedom - no more disguise!