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Gates Of Ishtar - A Bloodred Path lyrics


01. Inanna (Intro)


02. Where The Winds Of Darkness Blows

Dark is the night of the dead, lifted away from the skies
Facing the truth of the emperor, death to those of the light
The people that you can't unleash
Condemned to worship the holy cross
Life is ending so fast, darkness has showed up its singn
Waiting for death, is all that remains

Slaving for the signs of god, with your fate you will pay
Every mark in the sky, showing you, you will die

As the sky turns black, you wonder why?
The reason of this, you cannot try
Creations of death, creations of life
Your kingdom has come, your kingdom is gone

Where the winds of darkness blows
Thats where I lost my soul
Where the winds of darkness blows

03. The Silence

Astral skies, burning with embrace
Fourth of the flames, lost with the winds
Storms from the north like a calling blaze

Whispering your name
Condemning your sins
Dance with the shadows
In a landscape of ice
Water and wind clutched by king frost

Silence, winter silence

So the storm from the north
Has losts its flames forever
The call from the mountain top
Can't bring you back again

04. Tears

As I tear the blindfold from my eyes
I can see that my fears were not born from a dream
From the touch of wings my tears turns red
And like a withering flower my life ends

I scream in pain, but my soul is burning to ashes
I dream again, But my eyes are sleeping forever

As the tears runs red down over my face
I remember the light of the dawn on my bed
But my eyes are forever dreaming in red
And my tears will not ever extinguish the flames

I scream again, but my soul is burning to ashes
I dream in pain, but my tears are falling forever

In my eyes burns the flames of the dreaming souls
And in my heart burns the candle, The blackest of fear
Why can't I watch the dawn once again?
To live in eternal dusk is my deepest fear

05. The Dreaming Glade

In a forest of pain
Arise the forest (train?)
Where we just gather
To lift up the pain
In the forest of lies, pain
Follow the sacrifice
What is all the pain? lies
Yeah the pain and lies
Know of the pain and the lies
Lose your soul. nothing to pay for lies
The dishonor is mine
We reek of death
Now we're in the ground
Before we died, this is your pain
Left of the powers, the roots of pain
Its all bullshit!
It's all my fault lies!
Yeah the burning lies
Now in the burning light
Lost your soul, nothing to pay for all the lies
The fault is mine
Why don't you try, nothing another hand

06. When Daylight's Gone

When daylight's gone, the beauty's still left
Preserved for eternity, by the love of the night

A sunset of embre, a rose in the sky
Kiss of the sungod, farewell to the world
The skies are ablaze, with the loss of the day
And will be again, til' the morning has come

Bring on the night, its beauty in black
Enchanted mistress, I'm held onto its grip
Days of darkness, soon to arrive
Blessed to the beauty of the sunkissed land

When daylight's gone....

Daybreak is here, setting fire to the world
Caressing the soil, giving life with its touch
Those of the daylight, awaken again
Singing their praises, to the safety of light

07. A Bloodred Path

While shaking the mists of slumber
I recall fragments of visions
The sights of a world in flames
A dying land, without religion

I've cleansed my mind and now tears are falling
I watch the light of dawn and hear the dark one calling

I saw the fallen angel, his throne of light and dark
I saw the faceless rulers and they all wore his mark

I've cleansed my mind
And now their tears are falling
I watched the light of dawn
And joined the dark crusade

Waiting at my gate of dreams
Wondering of what's to come
A bloodred path in the virgin snow

08. Into Seasons Of Frost

Awaiting the dawnless realms, but a light from the past is too bright
In clouds erased from the summer skies, another winter awaits for me
From the ancient winters of frost, the sunset calls my name
Leading me into seasons of front, as the cold freezes my tears

Greetings of fear, from darkened skies, creating fires of fear
Greeting us all from nothingness, keeping our fires burning

I am the ancient one, the dawn awaits for me
Leading me into seasons of frost, creation's calling for me
I awake in the darkest time, it calls me from my grave
Immortal ones await, the winter from the north

As silence reaps the shadows of frost, a path stands clear to me
Leading me - into eternal winters...

What in this place of ice, can warm my heart again?
Is this winter too cold for me? It's drowning me again
In a palce of starts, I am king again, I drown in this crystal lake
Oh, with a heart of ice

09. I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P. cover)

(W.A.S.P. cover)

You say you don't wanna run and hide
A face that no-one knows
And everyone ya meet, you're gonna show
You're nobody's slave, nobody's chains are holdin' you
You hold your fist up high,
And rule the zoo

Oh, you just got to be
Up high where the whole world's watchin me
Cos I, I got the guts to be somebody
To cry out

I wanna be somebody,
Be somebody soon
I wanna be somebody
Be somebody too

You say you don't wanna starve
Or take the table crumbs that fall
You don't wanna beg or plead at all
You don't want no nine to five
Your fingers to the bone
You don't want the rock piles' bloody stones

Oh, you just got to be
Up high where the whole world's watchin me
Cos I, I got the guts to be somebody
To cry out

I wanna be somebody,
Be somebody soon
I wanna be somebody
Be somebody too

I want shiny cars and dirty money
Lotsa rock and roll
I will live in fame and die in flames
I'm NEVER gettin' old

I wanna be somebody,
Be somebody soon
I wanna be somebody
Be somebody too

I'm gonna be somebody,
I'm gonna be somebody