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Portal - Seepia lyrics


01. Glumurphonel

Dread keep - heirs masters voice
Wailing maudlin cacophony
Conjure a woken dire sequence

Wermhole to Reapusnova
Thee vision bestowed

Apparatus of the Swey
Usher of Outre
Siphoning the Ether
Ululant Piper

02. Vessel Of Balon

A brazen head. Engraved with sigils. Emblems
The essence of ancient planets sealed within
When the moon is old
Shall evoke the servitors
I bid you enter this vessel
Feast upon the essences you so desire
Cast forth from the hosts
That serve your master
Behold your signs look upon this image
For it awaits you in silence
I have fashioned thee with my art
Unveil the secrets hidden
In the world of man
And the realm of Elemental Spirits

03. Tempus Fugit

Coffin purporting Grandfather Clock
Adorning insane hieroglyphs
Extraneous hands gesture my entrance
Therin impossible angles of
Transdimensional interior

All truths of multiversal
Knowing - Revealed
Nothing unrealised

I consume dimensions
Passing through unearthly
Stupendous Neo-Vistars

Occult Splendour
Were revealed

The Foul express
Through angles
The Pure
Through curves

04. Sunken

Inconceivable evil,
Seeped down from the stars
He is sunken,
Drowned dead and deep
City of antiquity,
Darkly curtained halls
Wealth of Aeons behind them

Magical and obscure
Preparation science

Shall proceed from
The Ocean depths

And with the Aeon-old
Stench of the Sea...
Astound a reeling universe,
Man reduced to mere cattle,
Before the Earth
Is cleared off

05. Atmosblisters

Varicose looming stigmatics,
Tarnishing scapes in Seepia
Biding omen, voiding itinerants

Temporal pestilence reliquaries
Breaching earthen quaint finite
Vint-Age fatalism

Swey excerpts Outre bound
Traversal bled maloccupancy
Perpetuate thee

Omenknow effect
Phreqs to become
Bloating in conquest

06. Transcending A Mere Multiverse

The watery mind of alien expansion,
Neath yawning seas
In sinisterious exploration
Of multiversal conundrum
Puzzling constellations into unseen patterns
Forcing the stars right

Envision all futuristic angles dreamworking to
Dimensions of super-strata one psyches with the
Omnipresent awareness - of a billion psyches,
Dividing filling infinity becoming everywhere
And everywhen - manifesting superabundance
All impossibilities to the contrary

The predawn magical science is mathematic
Unlock the Gates of Cosmos

08. The Endmills

Propelling sour roots
Implanting neath
Parasitic antique mills
Decrepit inelegant ornaments
Habitual origin equivocal

Four crooked limbs
In creeking circuition
Instruments for the Swey
Antique gluttons exhaust
Deflate the living earth