Wino - Punctuated Equilibrium lyrics


01. Release Me

Release me baby from this world of pain
Beseech thee lady hold me in your arms again
I dreamed last night makin love in the sky
On a grey storm cloud in a hurricane eye, so high!

Thank you baby, for trying hard to understand
Frankly lady, I'm a scarred and tortured man
Can't waste time to sing the blues, that won't do, that won't do
Holding you is gonna make my day, that's ok take me away.

Teach me baby teach me how to really care
You reach me lady I know there's life out there somewhere
All my life been told what to do, to play the game now or I will lose
I say it now and I said it then, do what I choose or I might as well be dead.

02. Punctuated Equilibrium

This dog don't fetch so don't try, ain't gonna toe society's line
It's a stretch to think that I'm gonna buy into their lies
I ain't talkin but you can bet, the more I learn the more pissed off I get
Holdin it in nothing shows, without warning I explode.

Punctuated Equilibrium, punctuated.

04. Smilin Road

Sunrise gold and red,
Balmy breeze blows thru my head
Sets my senses keen,
Everything and in between
Twilights purple glow,
Summer nights gonna soothe my soul
So pretty on the plains
Setti'n sun thru a gentle rain
This place I adore,
Bring the lovin right to your door,
Ride strong
Have hope,
Burni'n rubber and smoki'n rope!
Shini'ng road is smiling wide,
Winding path of mystery
The rising sun will be my guide,
Adventure is my destiny
That sparkle in your eyes,
Speaks truth without the lies
Gone long but now its here,
Bring the focus crystal clear
Red hot, sweat and blood,
Golden wheels turn through the mud
Drive hard through the dream
Running on luck and gasoline
Don't need a reason why
It's a feeling do or die
Way of life now you see,
Gotta make your destiny
Midnights silver groove
Through the crystal night we move
Warm winds at our backs,
Golden tear drops in our tracks
Her breath it fills our sails
From the stars is where we hail
Desert high way calms the mind,
Soaring hawk in a clear blue sky
High noon on the dusty trail
Gypsy heart is the holy grail
Too restless to grow old
Eternal child on the smiling road!

05. Eyes Of The Flesh

Wellspring of morality to slake the thirst of our desire
Existing planes duality create and nurse consuming fire
Razor talons grip the heart soul it bleeds into the brine
Pleasures shallow trip to part fleeing from the dove divine
Headlong dive into the chasm poisoned by these mortal games
Rituals of the human code structured to ignite the flame
Treasured jewel of human self decaying walls
And boundaries measured
Hues of discipline straying stalled and floundering
Lashed to broken creaking mast down into the churning swales
The struggle shows the runes were cast
The symbols of man prevail moral hazards
To embrace become the standard code today
Floundering vessel too will pass until the spirit claims its day

07. Secret Realm Devotion

The patterns on the wall send messages to me
A pieces unto the whole through blindness I can see
My heart's like a bird in a cage, darkness obscures the display
Emotion caused reason to bend, devotions obsession transcends
Not a minute that goes by, without a presence in my brain
No limit just the sky, it's beautiful and it's strange
Secret realm inside heart beat turns the key
Deepest love inside unlocks the mystery
When I'm down inside a tear, wondering why I'm in this place
Your comfort is so dear, when the moon is full I see your face
Secret realm divine, ritual ecstasy,
Leave this world behind, becomes reality
You're locked into my heart, I'm with you night and day
From the altar of your star, to the gleaming crown
Of the moonlight rays

09. Gods, Frauds, Neo-Cons And Demagogues

At Nicea they proclaimed the lie, sent millions on the road to die
The myth has served them well, the story of a fiery hell
If there really was that place, in the flames I'd see your face
Icy hearts and greedy minds, seal your fate at judgement time

10. Silver Lining

And as I ride through life I'm gonna keep on trying
To bring the love and keep the hopes and dreams alive
On every dark cloud there is a silver lining
The gleaming fortress of spirit, it will shine!