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I Shalt Become - Poison lyrics


01. Like A Lamb To The Slaughter...

The maudlin plea of the penitent
And the crystal skull persuasion
A warning of proverbs and hyperbole

Oh, sing the song of attrition!

Tripping through the light fantastic
The world twisting time
Bankrupted by a poisoned chalice.

There are days and there are days...

02. Black Swan Events

Before the distant laughter rings hollow in the head
A bullet sunk into the flesh

And the sixth foot is the easiest.

So repent, you sinner!
The stillborn will bear our sorrow.

03. Harlow's Vertical Chamber Apparatus

Once bitten, twice dies
A lesson in casting out
Splinters in the mind

I'm breathing in the asbestos
And dreaming in a coffin

It must be me...

04. No Quarter At The Somme

Dig a shallow grave
And the dirt remains under the nails

Run for the hills
Because the sky is falling
The hazy blur of a new vigil.

Starfish Prime
So in for a penny, in for a pounding.

05. Ghosts

Still you, ghost, are bothered by instinct
And whispers and falling icons

The failed attempts at a distant second
Oft ignored

A beating that took its toll...

A pound of flesh consumed.

06. Leaving Watership Down

A prophet saw the fields run red
In belief of nightmares and happenstance

Crawling from the later
The rats come in swarms...

Pestilence, seduction, plague and death.

07. The Swarming Of The Locusts

The dissected presented
On a cold, steel table
A Kübler-Ross model?

Aesthetic lover
Already decayed.

The devil's workshop makes us a stranger.

08. Doubt

A State Plan 14.25 in the head
But drawn to the hero or the heroin?

Or a little colder stare...

09. The Finest Cut Of The Scalpel

The finest cut of the scalpel serves its purpose.

The aftertaste of the hemlock matters little.

The slowest twist of the knife opens the wound.

10. Absolve Me

Suffering fools
Coitus more ferarum

The guilty with no guilt
The innocent with no life

Suffering the stigmata

Where are the leeches?

Where is my burden?