Consciousness Removal Project - Consciousness Removal Project lyrics


01. Tear

A tear out of the blue on your face
I can't say aloud how it hurts
Words could not heal anyway
Nothing could make it undone

Now all the demons from the past are back again
Once again

I swear it was the last time it all went wrong
I must promise to never let you shed a tear

02. From Wound To Scar

Bleeding dry
Need a hand now to save this life
About to cry
Need a bandage to stop this death

Even if with time wounds would heal
The scars will always stay as an epitaph of pain

03. Nerves

I thought I'd seen all the torment done
The control lost, the confusion's shards
I could retain my felicity and not look back
But I'm not safe

Impregnated with insecurity
Nothing could be less surprising

Could you show me how to find the light
That's missing from my life
My nerves keep on breaking
Would you give me hope before it all
Comes crashing through the floor
My nerves keep on breaking

Counting the days
Since devastation died
I keep repeating:
Nothing's safe

04. Inhale

It's never...
It's never this way
It's never...
It's never like this

05. Exhale

Breathe like it's your last time here
Make your lungs stretch out
Let the wind blow through your throat
Feel the freshness of the air
Hold it in as long as you can

It's never...
It's never this way
It's never...
It's never like this

Breathe, now it's your last time here
Taste the oxygen
Put your life on this one inhale
Swear by your diapragh
Don't give in to the exhale

Breathe, it's never this way
Breathe, it's never like this


06. Unconscious

Falling deep
Into the sweet and neverending unconsciousness
Falling deep
Sound asleep
Embracing unconsciousness

I could stay here
A lightyear away from it all
On my own
Falling deeper and deeper

I could lay here a lifetime
With no chance to return
Falling deeper and deeper