Wine From Tears - Through The Eyes Of A Mad lyrics


01. Angels Also Die...(Intro)


02. Since I Fell...

Come, come closer
To myself...
Fallen, ex-angel
Going down
Since I fell...

Since I was an angel
Left so many years
Forgotten mind
At the edge of the light

Follow, please follow
Follow me...
Drowning... depression
As I am
Since I fell

03. The Sinner

Bury my face in your arms
'Cause tonight I'm sinner
And when she says that she is right
She doesn't know the meaning

Follow my names when you sleep
Search for another fool
Don't try to trick me again
That's all that I wanted to say

Search... for a church
It overloads my madness
Forgive... all your dreams
I'm going to take you with me
... you'll see

04. Funeral Time

It's raining cats and dogs
The cemetery is embraced by the fog
Night of dead babies, would you cross the line
Until the dawn, until the dawn

Rise of your black rose
It's funeral time
It is closing curse
No time to cry

When bitter moon turns red for beast
Ten sharpened nails against you fists
Your tomb is ready, you're hurted swan
It's funeral time, lay down, come on

Rise of your black rose
It's funeral time
It is closing curse
No time to cry

Close your eyes for the one last time
No mercy here, inside the line
Fallen angels sing infernal song
You will turn into a dead black swan

Like wicked serpent on the apple tree
Satan's womb will born you free
A poisoned virgin's suicide
It's funeral time, no time to hide

Rise of your black rose
It's funeral time
It is closing curse
No time to cry

Now you are buried by your dreadful sins
Raven whispers silent: "six six six"
Crimson tears keep falling on the ground
Every midnight is the funeral time

05. Night Of A Succubus

Moon has reflected into her eyes
In wavy hair, obscurity of night flies

And there, there, on the hill
She keeps alluring me
In her pathetic eyes
I see my pain... the truth and lies

I scratch by nails the windows, painted black
And watch her dark mess through the crack

She walks among the graves
Under the moon and rains
The fire cares her face
Dancing in twilight's grace... tonight

I damn myself, I damn my life
Tempted and blinded like a fool...
Beholder of amasing night witch

Her sight is breaking off a mist
Being thawn in gloomy light of twist
I am chained to a window crack
There is no salvation, and there's no way back

My fingers are bleeding and hurt
Behind the wall I hear the words
The key is unlocking my door
My executioner came, it is a confirm

Her reflections are everywhere
She seems to be true
I hear the bells of my death
But it has no value

Now,my death is amusing the crowd
But I don't, I don't here them loud
I'm free, I'm going to her
to the hill to meet her and to serve

06. Close To Katatonia

Beside myself the shadows creep like old memories
And cruel winds, they laugh at me, they are my enemies
I sit in the corner, feel guilt and wrecked, and wait for them, and they come back
My wickness sell my soul to them, to seven rounds that reign in hell

One... I only want to touch the sun
But I'm drown, and I can only feel disharm

I'm close to katatonia...
No light around, no voice of mercy
And my surround is mindless corpses
My body doesn't obbey me
Alone like a stone, so proud but free...

07. Bless Me Bleeding Angels

Lay with me...
And take my hand...
Black birds above my head
Wild blood escapes so diligently

Nightlines are broken down
Adiposity of sadness
It's never early to escape
Bless me bleeding angels

I refuse severe sun
This artful light I damn
Leave my blood to run
Bless me bleeding angels

Here... devilry reigns
From the beginning
But on heaven, as well
We don't have a place

08. The Secret Of The Woods

There is the secret of dry woods
The world of tales and different moods
Asylum for lost souls like mine
A place to meet the end of times

I try to scream, but all keep silence
And echoe ruchs between the trees
It breaks my mind with sounds of violence
Becomes the terror of my dreams

The hidden images stare
This feeling I can not share
The sky blackens above my head
And only the trees look upset

Strange shiver runs on my weak back
I hear the sounds of decay

Go back, to the life where you came from
I have to stay on my own
My palms will be touched with the soil
Because I can't rise any more

The woods, they will save
The stones of my grave
And spirits will sing
Their lullabies to me
The secret of the woods
And spiritual moods
In finding the rest
Of any new guest

09. Before The Gods

There was the times
When we lived so free
We had what we wanted to be
Before the gods...

Here comes the night
So deep inside
We used to love It
Before the gods

Before the gods
Before the gods, who reign this days
Before the wars
Before the wars, without pain
We had souls, inside our minds
Before the gods

Before the gods, a holy shit
Before the cages
Before the cages, that now we live
We dreamed to fly, we rise and die
Before the gods

We dreamed to fly
Now we're dead inside
My arms are tired
Your eyes are blind

We used to live
Live out our lives
None will bare
The laws of gods

Before the gods
Before the gods, who reign this days
Before the wars
Before the wars, without pain
We had ourselves, inside our minds
Before the gods

10. Feeding The Angel

The day began without your smile
You woke up lonely, in deniel
My name is always on your lips
And you're crying, you're crying

I can't forget last kiss of world
You kissed my arm, but it was cold
When I was bleeding on the wind
I was dying, I'm dying

I wish to hold my hand in your's
Our love will cross the universe
I'm cought by prison of the sky
And you're lonely 'cause I'm far

So let's pretend that I'm alive
Come down to you to bring my lLove
We'll be as close as used to be
And I'm waiting, I'm waiting...

Feeding the angel high
At the top of ancient mountain
I'd spread my wings if i could flyv
But my solitude I'm counting

You try to find me through nightfall
I hear your voice, I hear the call
Nobody is found in darkness
And you're closing your eyes

The frozen river is my blood
My heaven shows me only road
Come high to feed me one more time
And to embrace me...

11. My Tears

Once... my tears came across, before
My eyes... could send farewell to the sky

Accept the pain that you left to me
And let, just let me be me again

My desire!
All for nothing...
Escapes tonight
But still my lover

Haven't you heard about sunshine?
Haven't you seen these angel faces?
What have you done, my little dirty thing
This is my tears, and they, and they belong to you...

12. Meus Altius Pater Noster

Я вновь сошел
Вниз, к твоим скалам
Вновь я оставил листву
Гнить под осенним дождём

Свет,тихий голос
Сорванный чарами веры
Ибо остатки свободы
Вижу сквозь серые стены

Замок серых факелов
Ложь бесконечных ущелий
Руки в горных цепях
Лик в мёртвом сумраке лун

Боги озёрных щитов
Серых, как местное небо
Тихо настигнут меня
Тихо закроют засов

Тихо бродишь, меж надгробий
Отрекаясь от святой земли
Снег закроет твои очи
Он не научил тебя любви
Ты протянешь руки горя
Из озёр окрестных вод
И омоешь свет короны
И сотрёшь с лица ты кровь

Дева, когда вернувшись
В чёрные дали Гоморры
Вдруг обратилась камнем
Мне не сказав ни слова

Ты вновь падёшь на колени
Как в черный кристалл моей власти
Поникнешь главою у трона
Сомкнёшь золотые запястья