Otargos - Codex 666 - Infernal Legions Strike lyrics


01. Infernal Legions Strike

...et de l'enfer l'oeil s'ouvrira sous de sang un ciel
De flammes de souffre et de glace.
Plongé dans les dimensions de l'antimatière
Satan institut l'assaut des terres.

De la mort les anges tournoient dans le ciel
Du royaume du chaos des ténèbres.
Des légions se lèvent
Dans les flammes des miasmes et du sang.

De ces ailes l'enfant-démon s'élèvera
De l'abîme des ténèbres, du temps
Traversant les cieux, de l'enfer les flammes
Il pliera le cosmos pour chercher son père.
Et de l'enfer l'il s'ouvriva sous le sang un ciel
De flammes de soufre et de glace.
De l'ombre de ses ailes
Il plongera les mondes dans les ténèbres,
Le Seigneur de l'Enfer.

Firestorm raises blasting the sky
Demon-storm, infernal legions strike
Black hordes
Beasts with flaming iron wings

Demons lord set your warlocks flight
Demonic dragons of pure evil blood
Lead your spawn to the earthly grounds
And break the portals of Jehovah's lands

Armoured angels of doom
awake from your sleep,
From eternity
Metal complex knights, conquerors,
Warmachines, giant destroyers, titans of iron.

"... Satan Master descend with thunder the sky,
unleash your destructing powerblast,
let hell's lasers emerge
from your mouth and eyes...
and pierce infinity enflaming space ...!!!"

02. Sulfuring Armaggedon Fog

The signs of the hordes appear in sky
Ablazing paths under the steps of evil legions
War perversions, infernal gods,
The gates are opened wide
Satan lord, by your wings covered with blood
Set fire to the stars
Unlight the heavens by daemonic rays
Birds of god fall under thy flames

Kings of hell remove the faces of angels whores
One by one,
Reap the sky to the ground from above,
Warlock's son
Sulphur storm...

"Demon goat command the battle to the ground
inferal divinity
emperor of the nightrealm
end the darkness to the sphere"

...deny the words of god
damnation spawns thread on the crucifix
desecrate the Nazarene's lair
rape the corpse of Christ

03. Invoked To Destroy

Thunder sulphur rain, lightning strikes
Evil dark sky, dead cosmos light
No dawn, no dawn ...no more dawn !!

Crystallized frozen sand of time
Disangelizing bestial storms
The age of darkness has arrived

"Scorched planet nuclear impact
storms of fire blast from the stars
black forces of infernal strike
gods of war, all conquering ones"

Infested sky, demons are storming the holy place
Exploding grounds, devastating war


Thunder roar, flames of the underworld
Darkness devours the sphere
Apocalptic clash,
As the eternity unfolds over dimensions

And serpents of regions of Satan rise
behold, the black hordes assault the sky !!!

04. Code 666

Disconnecting dimensions
Altering state of multiverse
Melting cosmic gateways
Pointing beyond the all-infinite
Distorted inter-dimensional continuum waves
Growing vortex eye, takes form nightmare beyond
Battle horns echoe trough the void,
Constellations ablaze
Host of chaos awakes, battlebeast storm is rising
One lair, one domain,
No bound for the terror to reign
Under the all seeing eye of hell,
Darkness shall enslave us all

"...Les gorges de l'Enfer s'ouvrant,
le cosmos s'embrase illuminé à l'infini
par le feu vomi des entrailles infernales
matérialisant de l'Enfer les dieux,
les légions, les machines de flammes et d'acier
seigneurs de guerre, conquérants, destructeurs
dieux des dieux, du chaos, des ténèbres
déversez l'Enfer..."
deformed horizon, the oceans break apart
under the hammering of the devilish atomic blasting wave
devastating weapons, bullet whirls,
shell shocks, missile storms,
choking smoke, black nuclear strike

Commander-lords of total war
Bestial divine era
" ...black nebular lightnings emerge,
clashing the stars to the core,
Titans of Evil are landing...,
meteors-like shockwave..."