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Criminal - Victimized lyrics


01. Self Destruction

State of dependence, Chemical Womb
Artificial euphoria, is life in a tomb

Self destruction
Life collapsing
In Pain

Deterioration, flesh weakening
A vicious circle, sucking you in

I am your body hungry for more
I am your mind's dead interior
I am your blessing and your condemnation
I am your god, like a shot from a gun

02. Under My Skin

Stigmatized, unlike anyone of you
I'm a stranger, anyplace I go

Scarred for life, down to the core
Never regret, never repent
Hate makes me stronger
In my personal war
Poisoning my blood
Raging within
This fire is burning
Under my skin

If I bleed, my blood is for my own
No futile creed, shall pollute my soul

Flesh of the weak
Feeds that machine
Never accept, never submit
Hate makes me stronger...

Show no remorse, But If I ever do
I'll hate myself, more than I hate you

Scarred for life, an open sore
Never regret, never repent
Hate makes me stronger...

03. Worse

Different, Indifferent
No will to change
Destructive, negative
Life runs insane
Pessimist, nihilist
Live against life
Senseless, useless
Comedy of strife

Low life still alive
And low life still a life
But even worse

Heresy, blasphemy
Do I need god?
Misery, disease

He needs me not
Breathing, feeling
Chaos above
Morbid, sordid
Manic void

Torture, torment
Tearing me apart
Hatred, Rage
A rotten heart
Repressive, aggressive
Walls of human flesh
Terminal criminal
Artist of death

04. Downwards

Maddened eyes
Of souls that bleed
A frozen view
Of the decaying breed

Life has become
A sad joke
A game of fools
A drowning stone

On it goes
A mindless race
To nowhere
On it goes

The ground is burning
Heaven is red
The blood is flowing
The seas are dead

Bizarre landscape
By a maniac God
Chaos reigning
As time runs out

Self proclamed deity
Drowning in insanity
Descending spiral agony
Endless hole of misery

Dreams of immortality
Shattered by reality
Silence gonna fill the air
Louder than life itself

Sinking into
A certain doom
The cradle of life becomes
A bloody tomb

05. Pressure

Rising up
Tearing down
What you are

Never seen
All around

Every face
Every eye
Watching you

Grip of pain
Won't let go

All that you see
All that you hear
All that you feel
All that you fear


Self destroyed
Sickened mind

Burning up
Torn to shreds
From inside

Cannot stand
The distress


All that you see
All that you hear
All that you feel
All that you fear


06. New Disorder

Primitive nature of man
Hatred building within
Powerless slaves of the state
Sudden explosion of hate

Release from authority
Into savagery

Rage - Fear - hate
No world order
Rage - Fear - hate
New disorder

Years of repressed grief
Wars for race and belief
Blind leading the blind
Suffocating the land

Release from authority
Into savagery

07. Gusano

Crawling through depression
A shape without a form
A life locked senselessly
A brain that's dead and gone

Waiting on the bottom
The key to your release
The dose fits your dependency
Sliming through your teeth

It's up to you
He's talking
And tells you what to do

Ride the worm
Ride the worm

Double blurred vision
Distorted point of view
Shedding inhibitions
Tomorrow's back and blue

Driven by aggression
When the worms is by your side
Leading you to outlive
The things that you'll deny

Cause of your kind
The mirror of your mind

It's up to you
He's laughing
and leaves you when you're through

Ride the worm
Ride the worm

08. Crucified

Tied and nailed piece of flesh
Tormented new object
Incision, merciless
Scientific bloodshed

Christ pose looks grotesque
Martyrized, innocent
Novelty, dismemberment
Insensible and decadent

Crucified - pay for our vanity
Crucified - urge our insanity

Crucified - die for humanity


Deep cut into life
Scalpel, murder knife
Consciously reviled
Instrument of spite

No release, end delayed
Sadism the human way
Constant slow decay
Running red life slips away

Scapegoat bleeding thing
Provoked suffering
Senseless inhumane
Another life is spent in vain

Tied and nailed and ripped apart
Work is done, morbid art
Painful death, so absurd
Cries of pain were never heard

09. Psychopath

No time for innocence
A child raised in hate
Scarred by violence
A youth betrayed

Mind raped and twisted
Ghosts will never fade

Traumatic awakening
Growth is decay

Son of hate

Life is worth nothing
In tortured eyes
Empty surroundings
A word of lies

Wasted existence
Of one victimized

Life despised, Life denied
Live through homicide

Triggered aggression
Destroy to purify
Violent catharsis
Apocalypse inside

Driven by the vision
Of those who die

Life despised, life denied
Live through homicide

10. Still Born

I sit upon
An ornamented throne
In front of those
Who celebrate I'm gone
My eyes of glass
Witness the twisted mass
They dance in joy
I'm ignorance's toy

Pure child
Cold, white
And innocent
I give release
From life in pain
I am idol
I am their hope
I'm dead

Blessed with death

Stench of mortality
My body rots away
They boil my flesh
Prolonged decay
Extending this insanity

Blessed with death