ReinXeed - Lionheart lyrics


02. Future Land

The day before the day I was born, the sun was shining up very strong.
The power within will hold out for long, all the little ones, all very small,
Fight with your heart with your mercy and soul,
Do not never stop if you wanna reach your goal,
All the worries and miseries are holding for you a chance to be free,

There is a place where everyone can hold their hands,
Just find the way to the Future Land

Horror and Darkness, all we feel is fear
Sorrow and Sadness, will not disapear
I won't get blind by the sun in my eyes, goodness survive and evil dies
An armor of steel and a sword in my hand,
I'm searching the way to the Future Land

The day after the day that i died, the moon was glowing into the night
As I was waiting for my last time to come,
The sound of eternity was growing strong
The sadness in my soul was no longer there, It had just left me, just disapear
The lightning in this world was fading out and now my world is travelling south

A story can't be told if you're changing the end
Don't take your life with shame, come with me to the Future Land

03. LionHeart

Once in time, all from the start, I longed for the LionHeart
Now your minds has shown itselves, and I know what you're looking for
The road to your fate is begining to fade, your destiny is not far away

[Chorus ]
I was after history, but now I am all from the start
The Gods of Valhalla where reaching out their hands for the LionHeart

When I look into your beautiful eyes I see the truth
Now your soul is burning up, and I know what you are searching for
By using your heart that is stronger than steel, many peoples lives you can heal

Chorus (x2)
I was after...

04. Final Destination

When you're on your own, facing the world alone you can never be sure
But I do know, that you and I, will soon be one

I was your knight, that was holding you tight forever
Now when the times are over, you know you can prevail

Final Destination, we have heard its call, and we wil never stop the fight
I hear you calling for me

People dream all night, all day, and all morning, but some won't come true
Yor the one I'm searching for, so where can you be

Open your eyes, there is a world outside, that's hiding
Even the strongest man is weak, you know you can prevail

[Chorus ]
Final Destination, we...