Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania lyrics


01. Heavy Metal Mania

Inside the power cage
I can feel the music of my age
It's paranoid...first degree
Tellin' me that I'm not free

I've got Heavy Metal music in my blood
And I'd like to give it to you if I could

As I lie in the shroud of darkness
The wings of light remove the veil
It's Heavy, Heavy, Heavy
Heavy Metal Mania all the way
Rock 'n roll...far too slow
So the adrenaline just doesn't flow
Where is the power, where is the glory?
Heavy Metal is my story

02. Only As Young As You Feel

I'm gonna make you scream and shout
Gonna make your hair stand on end
I'm gonna drive you out your brain
Gonna drive you round the bend

And you're only as young as you feel

I'm young and I'm having fun
And I'm playing in a Metal band
We're making you so happy now
We're making you so you just can't stand

I get an itch, I'll take a mile
We're the hottest band in this town
If we can make you smile...
Then I know it's all worthwhile

And you're only as young as you feel

Heavy Metal on the rampage, burning up the street
Make it loud, make it heavy, make it so I'm on my feet
I like bands like AC/DC, I like to headbash every night
I just can't control my feeling...I want Metal all night

I want you to understand this is just the way I am...
It's really healthy in it's way
(Though it wouldn't get me through an exam)

And you're only as young as you feel