Deadsoul Tribe - The Dead Word lyrics


01. Prelude: Time And Pressure

Music by Devon Graves

02. A Flight On An Angels Wing

Music & lyrics by Devon Graves
Come to me and leave your fear
Come with me and follow near
So Tired of the lies they laid upon you
Open your eyes, then you will see
Try to realize
Don't believe any more corporate advise
On your TV

Come with me my friend

Come with me and clear your mind
Come and leave your world behind you
Never too late to change your direction
Don't be afraid, you wont walk alone
I'm gonna take a flight on an angels wing
Far and away
She'll carry me, carry me home

Come to me when the sirens sing
With the cry of a world gone insane
This sadness and this fear
Was not meant to be here
But the feeling has come over me

Taker, desecrater
Shaker, sorrow maker
Nation decimation, democration, desolation coming...

03. To My Beloved

Music & lyrics by Devon Graves
When the rains of the Earth stood still
In the faith of the darkest will
Sorcerers of the ageless one
Cursed the world for the days to come
In the gaze of the Pharaoh

Through the midnight the desert wind
Cold as serpent skin
To the scorching Cairo days
High noon, the Sun ablaze
We dragged great stones through the Egypt sands
Built the walls with shackled hands
Lived and died by the priests demands
Sweet Mary
Sweet Mary

My heart is broken
Now my soul is dead
The word is spoken
Sweet Mary
Sweet Mary

One day I'm gonna break this cage
Unleash this human rage
Crush their bones underneath these stones
Sweet Mary
Sweet Mary

More than life could give

While seasons turned, I devised my plan
The perfect way we could make our stand
We'll mark this day with blood-red stains
They've got whips but we've got chains
And we've got the numbers, nearly ten-to-one
When their eyes are blind by the setting Sun
We'll rise up to engage them
Sweet Mary
Sweet Mary...

04. Don't You Ever Hurt?

Music & lyrics by Devon Graves
I hear the words you're telling me
I don't believe what you say
I fear the world you're selling me
It's not worth what we must pay

Don't you ever hurt?

The weight of my wishes is breaking me
But I would not put them down
I don't like the places they're taking me
But I would not turn around

I have no time for scenery
To watch the Sun going down
The hands of time seemingly
Turning faster around

Don't you ever hurt?

Don't you feel this frustration
Feel it burning inside
Don't you feel the temptation
To let this whole thing collide together

Take me back to the place we're from
Back to where you and I belong
Pray this madness has come and gone
Change is coming, we have not long

All of this cold machinery
One day won't be around
All our possessions
Our everything
Won't be keeping us bound

Don't you ever hurt?

05. Some Sane Advice

Music & lyrics by Devon Graves
Hey man where you going to?
Mind if I'm heading with you?
I'd say but it isn't clear
Only that it could be far from here
So walk with me

Hey man, while we're passing through
Mind if I confided in you?
Can't stand the grappling hands
Clawing away at everything they can
Holding on to a ludicrous plan
A day in the life of a modern man
And where do we go from here

Sane advise is all I'm hoping to find
Sane advise is all that I'm hoping to find

Hey man, in the civil life
Everybody's scared
And hanging on to broken promises
The whole damn thing is coming unwound
Isn't it disillusioning
Every day the same old thing
And only closer to the bitter end
Searching for something to never be found

Am I mistaken
On the path I have taken
Am I forsaken
Will the world re-awaken
Old man illusion
Pardon my intrusion
This mad confusion here
I don't understand
Can you make it clear

Hey man, is it over then
Think that I'm headed back again...

06. Let The Hammer Fall

Music & lyrics by Devon Graves
Wanted to feel something real
Can't find it in the city
As long as I stay, aint no way I'm gonna find it here
Want to conceal what I feel
Because it aint too pretty

Let the hammer fall down
Wont you let the hammer fall down

Some people say that the day is going to be tomorrow
Others contend that the end is never coming here
One thing I know is that no one will be safe from sorrow
When the hammer falls down, honey
When the hammer falls down

Always know that I will love you
Let the hammer fall down
Always know that I still love you
Let the hammer fall down

Part of the scheme in my dream is clouded in my vision
All that I say takes away another part of me
One thing for sure, that the cure for this sad condition

Let the hammer fall down
Honey, let the hammer fall down

One blade of grass through the cracks in the broken city
Kind of reminds me that Eden wants to come again
The mightiest tower standing, obliterated
When the hammer falls down, honey
When the hammer falls down...

07. Waiting In Line

Music & lyrics by Devon Graves
In search of something
I hope to find
Could be the one thing always on my mind
To find the key to
Unlock this chain
To break away but somehow I remain
With such a hunger
In such a pain
I'd like to cry but somehow I refrain
Your eyes are saying
You feel the same
You'd like to fly but
Somehow you're restrained

Waiting in line
Waiting in line
Wasting away my time
Waiting in line
Waiting in line
And I'm still on the outside now

Within my heart
And in my dreams
I have no use for all these shiny things
To seek our fortune
In all that gleams
We fill the world with walking dead machines

Waiting in line
waiting in line
Wasting away my time
Waiting in line
Waiting in line
Still on the outside

Thirsting, needing, hurting, pleading cries
And it's turning, reeling, burning me inside
Cursed to bleed in burden, greed and pride
When the voices speak the truth to spread the lie

Waiting to die
Waiting to die now

To break the spell
Cast on this Earth
Look to your heart and find what life is worth...

08. Someday

Music & lyrics by Devon Graves
I've been waiting for something to take me from this life
Waiting for something to dim this blinding light
Waiting for something that can make this wrong feel right
Hanging, hanging in hopeless endless plight

Aiming, firing but there's no one there to fight
Someday, someday
But nothing on this night...

09. My Dying Wish

Music & lyrics by Devon Graves
On the day I die
Don't pray for me

In the place I lye
Set me free

Take your crosses from my grave
All the tokens of your faith
Far from me

When the voices of the saints
Call to send me on my way
Don't you let them speak for me

Like the ocean turns to rain
I will come back to reclaim
My space of love
Where I will rise again

Take me to the place where I belong
Take me to the grace we've fallen from

On the day I die
Don't you let them pray for me...

10. A Fistful Of Bended Nails

Music & lyrics by Devon Graves
So far away
The wings of a butterfly
Pounding away
Stir the breeze into hurricanes
Into this day
Echoes of past lives resounding in me
They crash like the waves
Fleeing like ghosts from their mortal remains

The blood on our hands
All of these waves can't wash away

People of faith
Cry at the feet of a dying God
The tears of their face
I know they cry for themselves

Because if they cared
They'd stand with a fistful of bended nails

We're rejoicing
Spinning through this hallow void
We're rejoicing
Could it be we laugh a bit too loud

We're rejoicing
We're rejoicing...

11. The Long Ride Home

Music by Devon Graves and Adel Moustafa
Lyrics by Devon Graves
Haven't I gave it all for you?
Haven't I paid enough for what you say and what you do?

I've found the way
I've found the way
I'd love to take you to my world

Haven't I waited long for you?
Haven't I waited long for you?
Haven't I played my song,
Prayed so long for something new?

I know the way
I'm on the way
I'd love to take you to my world...