Ensiferum - Dragonheads lyrics


01. Dragonheads

Music by Markus Toivonen
Lyrics by Sami Hinkka
Sails up! We're leaving today
Distant lands are calling
Cowards stay at home; this is a quest of true men
Farewell, should we never see again

Weeping women waving at the pier
When the sky starts cry
But neither rain, nor wind can make us turn around
What's decided, has to be done

See how the forefathers greet, us with northern lights
Bravely towards unknown shores, through raging storms we fight
Faith in the gods, their strenght in our hearts, when lightning strikes
If we die, we'll meet again in Valhalla...
If we die the sun will shine again beyond mortal time

In a dream I saw two ravens in the sky
And a verdant land behind
When we set out feet there, we'll burn our fleet
'Cos the land is promised to us by gods

May Njord protect us on our way
May the moon light our path
Let our spirits be purified by the ocean's breeze
Let the wind, tell our legend which ever lasts

When we reach the open sea / Leaving our home behind
The Dragondheads are rising / Let the stars be our guides

02. Warrior's Quest

Music by Markus Toivonen
Lyrics by Jari Mäenpää
Strike with the powers of magic stone
Grab your legacy that you behold
If you can find your destiny
Then you may return back to your home
...Ride away with your mighty horse
Ride away through the land of storms...
Unknown are the ways of your journey ahead
But with strength and courage you can avoid your death

Throw you sword through the memories
Embracing your bleeding heart
Don't follow the shadows they ain't for real
Like the guiding stars

As he falls to eternity the truth is fading
Part of him died a long time ago but still there's death awaiting

Go now brave warrior don't look back
The stars will guide you through the night
But even the brightest light,
Won't reach into the darkest night...

03. Kalevala Melody

Music by Traditional

04. White Storm

Music by Markus Toivonen
Lyrics by Jari Mäenpää
On this magical dawn the colours of Autumn are reflected by a light
A light that has been captured for years in oblivion of time

Circles of time are raging now
And so his powers are slowly dying
Before the coldness rapes the land
His spirit is wandering into the night... to DIE!

...And he heard chimes ahead playing these enchanted notes,
That led him to a wooden cabin, where he could rest for the night...

Over the mountains
He had travelled
Across the oceans
Deep in the night
Now when it's time to
Say our last farewells
Show us your power
Show us your might / gift from the sky

His eyes can see it so clearly now
But his restless mind cannot sense it in the air


...And his powers gained in this mystcial place more than he ever possessed before
So now he could rule the realms of ice... ONCE AGAIN!

05. Into Hiding

Music by Esa Holopainen & Olli-Pekka Laine
Lyrics by Traditional
The islander slips into hiding
And takes to his heels
Out of dark Northland
The murky house of Sara
He whirled out of doors as snow
Arrives as smoke in the yard
To flee from bad deeds

There he had to become someone else
He must change his shape
As an eagle he swept up
Wanted to soar heavenward
The sun burnt his cheeks
The moon lit his brows

06. Finnish Medley: Karjalan Kunnailla / Myrskyluodon Maija / Metsämiehen Laulu

Music by Traditional / Lasse Mårtenson / Yrjö Kilpinen
Lyrics by Valter Juva / - / Aleksis Kivi
[Karjalan kunnailla]

Jo Karjalan kunnailla lehtii puu,
Jo Karjalan koivikko tuuhettuu.
Käki kukkuu siellä ja kevät on,
Vie sinne mun kaihoni pohjaton.

Mä tunnen vaaras ja vuoristovyös
Ja kaskien sauhut ja uinuvat yös
Ja synkkäin metsies aarniopuut
Ja siintävät salmes ja vuonojes suut.

Siell' usein matkani määrätöin
Läpi metsien kulki ja näreikköin.
Minä seisoin vaaroilla paljain päin,
Missä Karjalan kauniin eessäin näin.

[Myrskyluodon Maija]

[Metsämiehen laulu]

Terve, metsä, terve, vuori,
Terve, metsän ruhtinas!
Täss' on poikas uljas, nuori;
Esiin käy hän, voimaa täys',
Kuin tuima tunturin tuuli.

Metsän poika tahdon olla,
Sankar' jylhän kuusiston,
Tapiolan vainiolla
Karhun kanssa painii lyön,
Ja maailma unholaan jääköön.

Ihana on täällä rauha,
Urhea on taistelo:
Myrsky käy ja metsä pauhaa,
Tulta iskee pitkäinen
Ja kuusi ryskyen kaatuu.

Metsän poika tahdon olla,
Sankar' jylhän kuusiston,
Tapiolan vainiolla
Karhun kanssa painii lyön,
Ja maailma unholaan jääköön.