In Lingua Mortua - Salon Des Refusés lyrics


01. Full Fathom Five

There's no future
No turning back
You've hadyour chance

No fuel left for the flame
I know your deepest fear

So why even bother when you're dommed to fail?

Who separates right from wrong?
Who has the upper hand and decides?

"You will exhale
You will never breathe again"

Will you still obey them now?
Will you let them put shackles on your hands?

02. Existence

It's not a question of "if" only "when" existence as we know it will end
The universe is expanding

All atoms will eventually be torn apart
All that is will become a void

Nothing less than endless nothingness
Every planet and star

All art and knowledge

There's no way out

03. Darkness

False two faced liar
Living your false life
You represent everything I despise
Inside my mind you died a long time ago

I hear the winds are calling
It showed me its sickening face
Depraved it gazed at me

Forever darkness
I'm ready for you
come caress my soul
Lead the way onwards to hell

I have stared into the abyss and it stared right back
Filled with such unfulfillable longing

All your actions are like poison to me
This was my reaction against it all

05. Like The Ocean

A reaction against all tendencies which we call the present
Our poems are like the ocean
The great ocean
Symbol of infinity
Without borders for our eyes and thoughts
Roaring! Echoing all over the world!
It's the greatest predator
It creates and destroys

Everything is suffering and complaining in this time's work
The nature unites with our pain
We're sick of the ever-expanding
Of industry
Of Science
We potter about in a feverish condiction and we take great pleasure in wounds
To go lower and lower
Only to understand the true state of the human cadaver

This is a mixture of the raw and the sublime
The existence is crushed and shows its true face

We could smell the truth in front of us
As long as we're not lost in each tiny detail

06. Into The Mincer

Panic driven adrenaline is rushing through your body
You're being grinded to bits and pieces
What a funny sensation
Your bones in the most unnatural position
Fighting to get free but the wheel keeps on turning
Pulling you further down
This is going only one way
Into a certain death

A mingling hue of flesh and bones
The limbs are torn and crushed in the grip of the mincer
Just one sorry mistake and this grim bitter destiny is all you get
It's all such a waste

07. Open The Doors Of Janus

Come into the flames and I will burn with you
Our heritage is slowly fading right before our eyes

Ash rising sky-high
Blocking the sun
You only got what was coming
You got what you deserved
Now you'll burn

Walk amongst the dead
For they are ripped by their roots
Ever growing piles
The sky is lit up red as blood

I'll leave you wasted
You'll be completely useless after we're done with you
No time for reasoning when the masses want more and more
Scorched land is all that's left

Open the doors of Janus and unleash hell
...let this be a lesson to remember

09. Skjelvende Av Angst

Et hav av vemod skylte over meg
Himmelen ble rød
Og jeg matt til døden
Flammende skyer som blod og sverd over den blåsvarte fjord
Skjelvende av angst; et uendelig skrik gjennom naturen

Alt rundt meg virket grått
Kaos og redsler
Som i et mareritt
Morgendagen lot seg vente på

En svart skygge hang over meg
Den klamret seg fast og nektet å gi slipp
Stadig fastere grep
Til alt virket så klart

All styrke forlot meg
Negativitet og dødsangst har erstattet alt håp for godt

10. A Force Of Nature

This is a threat to our very existence
Where truth is sacrificed for power
I'm sick of your talk
The way you're thinking
Your so-called truth

The weak gets weaker until they all "believe"
Prey upon their fear
Fill their heads all full of lies

This is a fight till death
Mark my words
Your time is through

Everywhere there are traces of your deeds
Up here we bid defiance to you and your kind

The end may be near but the war has just begun
So which side are you on?
Like a force of nature we'll bring you down

11. Cold Void Messiah

A flickering flame
Eagerly awaiting its executioner
The one who decides on who to put the blame
Our longtime savior
Our heartless deceiver
The one whose malignancy made his fame

Destroyer of worlds
Cold void messiah
Harvester of all meaningless lives
Drown us in your sulphur tears
King and overlord

We are going nowhere
We have to stay and taste defeat

His horrible kingdom now revealed to us
A shadow cast as far as the eye can reach
Cold void messiah
Exterminate both strong and weak
Hail misery