Enthrope - Universe Mute lyrics


02. Ill Elements Concealed

Instinct driven diseased
Our failed creations
Breeding among the pure
Defiling our domain

As your human disguise
Wears out and fades
Separation takes place
An extinction awaits

The ill elements concealed
Will soon be revealed
We pardon you with demise
Purge our aura, burn the filth alive

Sui generis specie
Callous defunct souls
Cleansed into oblivion
The planet we'll purify

Sickness caused sickness
Non compos mentis fiends
Entrust yourselves to us
In the stake you'll be redeemed

03. Sunken Sun

It has felt like a thousand days and nights
Timelessness has blurred my senses
Chaotic beauty circeling above my head
A halo of enteties long since gone.

Silence and its heavy burden
Collapsing the gateways I try to reach.
And the wonder I have of my keep.
Where may this dying heart now sleep

Trapped within
Torn apart
Losing inner silence (falling down)
Linger through the sunken sun, as all else fails
Reaching out for sanity

An aeon pointing the way
Shown as a star above the shadowed dawn
Suddenly, the horizon is gone
I pass the shadows and move on...

A glimpse of a dawn
Foreboading of horrors coming forth
Ethereal were those vivid vistas
Marked by clandestines in darkness held

This is the time of the dead
Cracking the walls keeping me safe
Chaotic beauty circeling above my head
Rips me away

Trapped within
Tearing apart
Losing inner silence (falling down)
Linger through the sunken sun, as all else fails
Reaching out for sanity

04. Havoc

Oh the frozen earth
Torn asunder by aeons dark
Suffocating, smiling, dying!!
The swords of havoc have been risen

Fragments of puzzles
Bit by bit gathered a vivid form
Deep down dwelling forlorn
A master rising above the stars

Human form illumination
Keeping the gates wide open
For those universal souls
They are what I've become

The bringer of havoc
Darkness desecent
A masterpiece for the earth
Like a solarwind I sweep the world

And with the end of dawn
The betrayal of man
Becomes my part

The bringer of havoc!

05. Stars Of Nhagrad

Remnants of a dead soul
Imprisoned in mine
Synodic periods spent
Possessed inside

Screams of a ghoul
Siren calls to glide
Out of this faint woe
To the immoral side

Immersed in nothingness
There's no morning light
In this realm I have built
In universe mute and blind

Stars of Nhagrad
Shine blue forevermore
Stars of Nhagrad

Remains of purity
Torn apart and left behind
A new era will rise
At rebirth, in demise

Dispersed in emptiness
This unlit eternal night
In the realm I have built
A universe mute and blind

I am the ghost in your tales
I am the demon in your head
I am the virus of new world
A disease you can't amend
Crusified with rusty nails
Abused with words unsaid
In your reality, absent