Melvins - Dale Crover lyrics


02. Dead Wipe

Dead wipe dirt across your skin
Don't hex me with that scare
Blame me for the mess that you're in
You're one with the open head

Acrid sound
Jackin' me around.

Didn't ever want to come in this place
With a ragdoll squeeze on me
Dead wipe burdens on my face
Some kid I'll never see

Simple now
Bloated now

03. Respite

You almost scared me today
You almost scared me
It's a real stain on my sleeve
It's a real drag
Don't try to sound negative
I don't need to try
Fashion something that I always want
Tell me it's another day
I never wanted to
I never wanted you

04. Hurter

Looking in over me
I lose my appetite
Never can float free...