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Dark Castle - Spirited Migration lyrics


01. Awake In Sleep

Across fields lie deep streams of mass
Awake inside of sleep to feel

02. Into the Past

In the past when the old way
Of being was no more
Survival was threatened
Exhausted by gravity

There was need to live ease
Present time when our way
Of being is no more
Survival is threatened
Exhausted by gravity now

There is a need to live with ease
Widespread flowering consciousness
If we remain unchanged
We create evolving fate

03. Spirited Migration


04. Growing Slow

Growing slowly snowing
Grain seeds blowing wind spells
We are fasting without thinking again
Snow slow

05. Weather The Storm


06. Flight Beyond

Birds fly skies sigh

07. Grasping The Awe

Words whether they are vocalized
Into sounds or remain unspoken as thoughts
Can cast an almost hypnotic spell on you
You easily lose yourself in them
And can become hypnotized into implicity
Believing, that when attach a word to something
You know what it is the fact is you don't know
You have only covered up the mystery with a label
Everything a bird a tree even a simple stone
And certainly a human being is ultimately unknowable
Becoming shallow lifeless deadened
To life unfolding around you within
Grasping the awe inside around you
When you stare a flower or a bird let it be
Without imposing a word or label to it
A sense of awe and wonder arises within
A sense of the miraculous returns to your life
That was lost long ago
The quicker you attach words to things people or situations
The more shallow and lifeless your reality becomes
And the more deadened you become to the miracle
Of life that continuously unfolds within and around you
All we can perceive and experience is the surface
Layer of reality less than the tip of the iceberg

Listen to silence

Words reduce reality to something the
Human mind can grasp which isn't very much

08. A Depth Returns

Old man leaves the tree
Leaves towards the sea
Moving with the wake
Waking to his dream
Light strikes the tide
Man and earth collide
Spirit of the sea
Awakens in the tree
No words a depth returns