Witheria - Infernal Maze lyrics


01. The Disillusion

Struggle without a cause
Suffer for a reason unknown
Do your time. It's do or die
No voice. Just one vote to give
It takes a mind unique
to find shelter in the dark
In deep water the final rest
where coldness is no more
Just let go the world of hurt
and reach out for the dark

Alone upon the shore
The water cold and deep
Not so lifely shallow
With love it can swallow

Welfare society
False security
Illusion of privacy
Chaotic destiny
The continuum to exit
The parasite to escape from
The sun to extinguish
The stairway leads down into the dark

And I ran through the fields
trying to forget
the disillusion of hope
and the vanishing glimpse of life

02. Hypnotic Massacre

White apron with red stains decorated his front
Butcher knife close at hand he looked upon them all
He smiled at them inviting them to come in his house
Slaughtering them all just like pigs and cows

Hypnotic massacre
Random killing rampage
Hypnotic massacre
Subconscious Violence
Hypnotic massacre
Dream-like state of rage
Hypnotic massacre
Insane killing machine

Stabbed, Sliced, Disemboveled
Hanged, Drowned, Decapitated
Strangled, Hacked, Dismembered
Butchered, Boiled, Mutilated
Impaled, Burned, Executed
Poisoned, Gassed, Carbonized
Shot, Blown up, Skinned alive
Streched, Eaten, Crucified

A glazed look in his eyes, as blood decorates the wall
To the floor missing random limbs, one by one they will fall
Adrenaline rushing through his veins, Blood will spill
The repeating voice in his head commands to kill

03. Thrash The Place

Much too long have I suffered for this pain
No matter what I do this feeling will remain
I am locked in this fucking mental cage
I cannot find my way out, cannot live in this place
Now it's time to express myself
by the way you've never seen before
I've said this many times before
But this time I mean it for sure, I'm gonna thrash the place down!

Axes, chainsaws, hammers, buzsaws
These are the tools for me to destroy
Now get ready for the entertainment of death
Where I crab my chainsaw you will die in your bed!

Seek! Destroy! Thrash! The place!

Twisted mind, twisted game
Parasite in my brain
Oh, how I enjoy to hear you cry
Now, I'm gonna thrash this fucking place down

04. Mental Sadist

I cannot see, my eyes are blind
I cannot hear, my ears are def
I cannot feel , my senses are gone
I cannot think, my throat is dry
I cannot recall the night before
I cannot move locked up in this pit
I can only see these broken memories
I must commit my violent dreams

He locked me in this sewer of mine
And threw away the key
I cannot stop this mental corruption
He's driving me insane

Mental Sadist!

In my dreams I see torture and pain
In my head cockroaches sucking my brain
In my thoughts I'm always running away
In my final hour no light of day
In my mind I keep burning inside
In my reflection old man laughing at me
In this torture device of mind
Mental Sadist has left me to die

05. Hell Is What You Deserve

I've seen your kind before, I know your lying breed
You're running politics, you preach in church, shit is what you feed
I don't know what you get from it, but I do know what to do
Head shot is what you deserve, every fucking one of you

Bastard! When I see you I might just beat you
Bastard! When they see you they might just kill you
Betrayer! You'll get what you deserve
Betrayer! Hell is what you deserve

Your game is manipulation, but I won't be the next you drive nuts
You will be crawling like a maggot when reality kicks you in the guts
Drown in your own shit, I could not really care less...
Think twice before you cross my path, you might end up in a plastic bag

Stupidity was born in your head the very moment you dropped to the floor
Your birth was unsuccessful. Even the nurse ran out of the door


You've had too many serious damages in your stubborn head
Nobody needs you around. You might as well been born dead


You'll choke on your own shit. End of lies, end of your days
The one thing that made me sick was the stupid smile on your face

06. Purification

Light up a candle of a human mind
Take a look, what will you find
Vault of absurd believes
Mystic stories of human beings

Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Or aspects of believers' lies
Worshipping the master of death
It is time to wake up, you braindead

Created by imagination
Mental damnation

No respect! For nonsense
No weeping flesh! My veins are dry
No need no pray! For salvation
No reason to! Chant the prince of darkness

Sick beliefs of a sick minded believer
Morbid obsession to believe in higher existence
Like a parasite among the mankind
Great misconseption of human mind

Surrounded by million eyes
or corrupted by preacher's lies
Unforgivable seven deadly sins
In the end individuality wins
Created by imagination
Mental damntion

Bible is read. Curses are said
Finally the truth shall set me free
And let me be...

07. Spiral Of Madness

Jumping in a wormhole
Never looking back to the life I never had
In the back of a tiger
I ride through the gates I never did know of

I walk a different path
The one between dream and reality
The reality which
You trust and never expect to change

When the days grow old
When the goblet dries out
And there's nothing left to say
Is there a reason to stay?

Enter the spiral of madness
A reality within a dream
Down the spiral of madness
Who am I? Are you me?

Through your eyes
I've never seen, so I cannot tell
what thoughts behind them dwell
when the nails do them penetrate
Nothing matters,
still everything keeps on haunting the mind
I cannot say
if I'm stable or cracking up today

08. Fire And Pain

Burnt in a fire, my entire skin was scorched
I've turned into a hideous creature, my face a burnt mass
No one can recognize me now, I'm as ugly as it gets
The only future is the suffering in this ever burning shell

The burning did not end, it continues inside
I'm still burning and I can't take this constant pain
They can never heal me, why can't they end this suffering
There's no turning back, no way to move on

Fire and pain
They drive me insane
Fire and pain
End my suffering
Fire and pain
I'll never be the same again
Fire and pain
Killing me

Failed skin replacements
They are trying to remake me piece by piece
Tired of this hospitalization
My life was taken by fire but they won't let me cease

Sadistic doctor, why can't you take my life right now?
You know damn well that I ain't gonna get well
I'm in constant pain and I would do it myself if could
By making euthanasia illegal, they made my life a living hell

Fire and pain
They drive me insane
Fire and pain
End my suffering
Fire and pain
I'll never be the same again
Fire and pain
Killing me
Fire and pain...

Failed skin replacements
They are trying to remake me piece by piece
Tired of this hospitalization
My life was taken by fire but they won't let me cease


I'm regurgitating blood and shreds of my lungs
My legs are burnt to the bone and smell like barbecued pork
I'm screaming and burning but no one will listen
I hope to escape this nightmare. Would someone please kill me?

Fire and pain...