Absu - Abzu lyrics


01. Earth Ripper

Invoking frequently, formless fires altered states
The Sun's flares drenched the land beyond the seas (stars abide not)
Celestial disturbance caused sweeping climate changes
The dryness, pestilence was firstly observed by Ea

The Earth ripped
Concords were lost
The Earth cleaved
Distress was fostered
The Earth wrenched
Closing rived skies
The Earth cracked
Life and death vacuumed

All time crushed back into unblest everlastingness
The Plenum's overwhelmed by the sphere's desolation
Periapts and symbols warn of an impending spate
All of Anunnaki fled in broad trepidation

There is no hope in preserving
The globe's swollen from the crumbling
It's distended and withdrawing

From the confines of space, the terrain collapsed…
Hath passed, golden twilight dropped before faces

02. Circles Of The Oath

I stand in the center of the summit sphere
I wait for the sound of the clouted bell - the warning sign

This vagueness has not been named,
Yet I see hands which testify the vow
Exposing the uncalled, unknown and unsettled

My destinies marked!

I confirm vigor of the Wise by stealth
With this spell, non-foul, creating combustion
I form the glow
Of the Oath, circles are blood and birth renewed
How keen the free star prevails - a strike of thrust
I forever reach

I seek doubled chains of Orgia's durableness!

I'm told by the garlanded that Atu and Tiphareth…
I'm told by the conquering they remain introducing:

The mentors of the Above
The forgers that speak Below
The savants of the Numbers
The solders of the Circuits

Aeons tenable
Mark my words
Of the oath
Treasures to the stone
Hear my lead
In the oath

03. Abraxas Connexus

By the sevenfold process, V.I.T.R.I.O.L reigns
No one can distress its southern point
By the evidence, nature delivered two
No one can disrupt their dual symmetry

Stare towards the heart - stare at the stone
Your eye unveiled - your nucleus
Writhe on the mace - skim on the throne
Your vessel sealed - your inmost light

They are mercurial, active, both close at hand
It is balance of the hidden stone
One must never know more than the other
It is of knowledge: Prima Materia

Saturn follows lead - Abraxas of draught
Eye of Asaru
Seventh is the root - Vitriolistic base
The triad and the position of Stone
Saturn follows lead - Abraxas of draught
Seed of Asaru
Seventh is the root - Vitriolistic base
The formulary of Tria Prima

Heart of bullion - the golden sun
The silver moon with distinct brow
Crown of the crown - thee - Mercury
Jupiter's tin knifed in navel
Ironed by the rouge, sacral Mars
Throat of Venus glazed with copper

04. Skrying In The Spirit Vision

Invoking: the breaking forth of the light
Instruments: forms of the coarse flames

Aeons of a bornless beyond:
Listen to the voice of Angle!
Ever-burning lamps

Traveling: the Radix of vibration
Projections: in gale of the Ninth

Stirs of the invisible
Feel four-hundred fifty six winds!
The wisdom of the breath

Emerging: advent of the visible
Conjectures: adventures into the chasm

Limpid with the brilliance below
Drenched and sodden: inundating
An excess: abundance

Servants of thunder, they all deliver
Pulling together, all subquadrants fail

South (Dominated)
The speech in silence sounds the Third Angle
Drawn into naught, the points are now quashed

Hath passed and pure gold, the Lion of the Light appears before the faces of Aethyrs

Folk of fear will drive
Astral planes toward the fade of age
Time is thronged by time
Skrying in the spirit vision

He of fire and justice
He who names the waters

05. Ontologically, It Became Time & Space

Yawning benthos came first, terra firma, next Desire
Erebus of old Night, Day of Aethyr
Neither of these were Being, reality, nor Non-being
Perdurability, neither of death

The Wanderers of the Waste infested plateaus:
Time and Space
Then, Sirius prearranged calendars of lone

Astral sketch was not self-incandescent
Its light was produced by rays of the Sun
Eyeless void felt generations of heat
The first seed of Mind - The Light of the South
Breath by itself
Without wind, pyramids…
Cyclic flux, triangles…
Air nor Earth nor were protected as of yet.
The water was not deep, yet unfathomable
Nonentity occurred

Darkness swathed in darkness: unmanifestation

Chaos never dies
Sothis hides beyond the aeon
Locked forever

The Sun behind the Sun spawns twin aspects of tide

Up, down was beginning to frame itself
Casters of the second seed gained control (of the Deep)
Energy was beneath - impulse above.

06. A Song For Ea

[a. E-A]

I sought after gold, but I found it not
My rules are found by the Conclave of Ur
I am the coxswain, as I shall valiantly face the dangers
With my chariot, I am declared!

I discover its foundations require cavernous mining in the primal basis
Enlil exhumes my unearthing and makes a sudden decision after Anu arrives

Shar shadi il enlil ana kakkab shu gi ikabbi

[b. A Myriad of Portals]
You are falling into the squalls
Spirit fills itself with the tint of the teaching
Messengers of Namtar drink from your toxic well
And sink in the flood of black miasma - drunkenness

You are neither male nor female
Don't break the pledge of the zephyr
The broad corrals, high enclosures…
A myriad of portals
Evil it is: Nanna is nigh
Tear the wives from embrace of man
Snatch the child from knees of mothers
Opening the flaps of time

Seven, you are in midst of the deep

Silence is the slaughter and the seal is the crown
On sacramental grounds, feign as creatures of the Light

And the body of the night turned out in daylight to be yours
Order and kindness don't exist like a wing without a bird
And the body of the night turned out in daylight to be yours
Order and kindness don't exist like a tongue without a mouth…
A myriad of portals

[c. Third Tablet]
At last, my slog is Home to the Tides
Tablet of Fate obtained
As once, my trek is deftly guided
Blue-hued Antu: our way

The Water Thruster
The Tester's Sunbeam
The Giant Kishar

Tablet of Fate attained

The Hammered Bracelet
Deleted Weapons
A Lucid Pathway

To all who assemble,
My words of command are in the hands of Bane
To all who assemble,
My words of command are in the hands of Bane

[d. Warren Of Imhullu]
Now that I have your face by heart,
I look more at your features being the First
You are the perturbing tempest and the worst of all

Gathering speed as it blows
- O' Imhullu
To the Abzu, you will follow
Scowl of Waters

Now that I have your voice by heart,
I glance more at your features being the Fourth
You are the distressing Shibbu and the worst of all

Now that I have your heart by heart…

[e. The Waters - The Denizens]

[f. E-A (Reprise)]