Jesu - Ascension lyrics


01. Fools

See these fools, that surround us
Make their rules, that define us
Seeing reds, that confound us,
Make your rules

The gates we see, are never open
For you and I, they create purpose
A sense of worth, but lost in heaven
Our only hope

They're the architects of sight
Building walls to block our light
Only in dreams we'll make it right
Only in dreams will we take flight

You'll be there at my end
Like my only friend
You know that it's true
It will only be you

You'll be there at my end
Like my only friend
You know that it's true
It can only be you

02. Birth Day

You don't recognise it
It makes me proud
You don't care for it at all
My head in your clouds

You don't need no reason
It just don't demand one
The spaces i fill are worthless
I truly don't need them

You don't recognise it
How did I not realise it?

03. Sedatives

All the favours
The favours that you pull
Will be repaid
Repaid in more than full
Just close your mind
Because nothing's really worth it
Just close your mind
Does that not feel so good?

So we litter the land
What we don't need we want
You give life and then don't feed it
It's all smothered beauty

04. Broken Homes

I tried to save you
I used water to keep yo alive
And cotton wool to keep your warm
And tears to feed you inside

So spread the word
All feeling is empty
So just follow the heard
In dreams are all we'll be
So spread the word

Helpless I watched you cry
Its hopeless you won't survive
It's those scars that i will never hide
And little tears and more besides

05. Brave New World

So the world knows who's to blame
I'll submit I will be saved
All it takes is to be brave
After all you just forgave
And said "I'll forget, just come over"

06. Black Lies

If only i could let it go
Yet all you wish for
Is I'll come over and tell you
That nothing is wrong at all

You can't see behind their eyes
See their sweet little black lies
Just be careful now

All the times that we held back
Only to find knives in our backs
Just be careful now

07. Small Wonder

Is it any wonder, that something's
missing forever more?

It's like there's some other life,
that exists outside our door

I wish there was a system,
that's employed to help us all

Not just any system, one that
keeps the pain indoors

08. December

Age comes like the night in winter
Just after we leave December
Days as bitter as they are short
Wrapped up inside our paper fort

We are only what we see
If that's true then we'll never be
Come and go without a purpose
Will spring time bring the
usual rebirth?

09. King of Kings

Can't you keep it to
Keep it to yourself
Does it eat you up
Like the cancer in us all

Swallow your pride
And what that will bring
Now you're finally
The king of all your kings

You're the king of kings
We'll be the king of kings
We're the king of kings
We'll be your kings of kings