Junius - The Martyrdom Of A Catastrophist lyrics


01. Birth Rites By Torchlight

"And if I transgressed, and went into many fields of science and humanities, it was not because I was born a rebel. I was coerced to trespass..."

"The belief that we are living in an orderly Universe, that nothing happened to this Earth and other planets since the beginning, that nothing will happen 'till the end, is a wishful thinking that fills the textbooks... And your textbooks are still of Victorian vintage."

Why do we call for a sun's rise?
When the raining of fire will atone
Born on the floor, it's our birthright
Facing the spires of control

The belfry calls out to our fathers
To lead us all down to our knees
Silence is bred with conversation
The chimes ring out our defeat

(You know that we try hard...)

God dares...waits, oh!
My fate wakes, oh!

02. The Antediluvian Fire

Lightning proclaims! The Earth is in flames
Violence begins as our gods ascend
Thrown on a pyre, its mythos inspired
Fading away, the prophet, the sage

God damns us to fire, and my lye will wash over you...

We're born into this foul design
We take it with ease, you know it's not right
The needing to know, it's a common desire
They're feigning control, conspire
Why deny? You know you feel it
The old erratics, the ghosts in static
You know not, what you call out
More fire! Wade out to the gyre

As we roam, a shore is shown...
It ushers in the fearless and the meek

Don't you see? We're searching on shorelines...
We'll stoke the fire, but ignore the tide... It's failed to rise

Look up! The force! The calm! The storm!

03. (Turning To The Spirits Of The Hours...)

"Is there any physicist here that would stand up and defend the proposition that only the gravitation and inertia are in action in the solar system? but of all my heresies, this was the greatest..."

"And let me ask you another question: Is the theory of Uniformitarianism, which means that nothing that happens, what happened in the past, could have happened if it doesn't happen today? On this is built the modern Geology, on this is built the modern Astronomy, on this is built the modern biology and the theory of evolution..."

"And so, it is only wishful thinking that we are living in a safe, never perturbed solar system... on a safe, never perturbed Earth."

04. A Dramatist Plays Catastrophist

Prepare yourself to face the coming change!
Wake up defiant and warn the others

Wake up the fire inside your voices!
We are defined by what we inspire...

Remembering the end of the world... brings me restless nights
Calling me from above, a choir recites: "Change is coming!"

And I awaken the fire inside my voice
I tremble and shake as it fills the void
The day turns into night... I am catastrophe

We are fire in form, and I want to wake myself, make myself
Rise up, rise up to fall...
Why don't you lay it down, lay it down on the line
And then we will rise!

Living in the dirt, breathing in my worth
Make no mistake, this is my rebirth

Before the days of the cataclysm, we obeyed the law of one
We just wanted to breath, we wanted to be...

We are the sons of war, married to a past so violently ignores
(So I) Face my imperfect desires, waiting for the age to expire

We are fire in form, and I want to wake myself, make myself
Rise up, rise up to fall...
Why don't you lay it down, lay it down on the line
And then we will rise!

"The story of human memory of catastrophes that took place in historical times, strangely-despite the fact that they were described in so many sources- is as if non-existent for the scientific world..."

05. Ten Year Librarian

"So, it was a tragic time, when I could do nothing. I would only immerse myself into the book that spoke of ancient times. And two works came out of it, actually were born six months apart, in the Spring of 1940. And then I knew that I would have to stay long, here. I knew also that my work would find quite an opposition. But I did not know the extent... the extent of this opposition, and the violence."

Working thorough the night, waiting for a sign
As I sacrifice, under candle light
Books bury the room, the comforts of a tomb
I'll rewrite everything that we knew
Obsession takes my life, as the years they pass me by
I grow tired, as day breaks into night

The more I perfect, the more blood I shed
Because the better we are, the harder we starve
I am confined to scorn my life
Because the better we are, the father we'll go to scar

We are so curious...
We are the fault in all we know

I am consumed...
And it just kills me when I'm out of the room
I cannot give up, it's almost done!
I'm just wait for a sign from above...

War fares, blood shared...
Do you notice? We forget
We're born of the same design, but there is great divide
The force of the lore, the fate we ignore

Born with a blinded eye
We are designed to find
The source of the soul
The faith they withhold
My life is not mine
I gave it to the world
It's closing in... My battle begins!
And now it's my time to show all
The true wrath of god, the past we forgot
And I shine light for all...
bound to the signs above

06. Stargazers and Gravediggers

I've waited to face the world on a stage
My time is now... I answer to Sariel
The Order attacks at will, there's blood to spill

Wage war!
Lay down your life, to the night sky
They're waiting for just one world

They're digging my grave, while I stare away
As the starlit sky... I answer to Sariel
They hold me under the ground, as I'm screaming out

Please help me through this time...
Please give me one more sign
How can you deny?
When I gave my life!

All of my life, I've waited to rise
They hold my heart, for sacrifice
So I call out to...

07. (...He Fell Before Her)

"I knew Einstein since 1921 or 22... We discussed one subject, always the very same subject: whether electrical magnetic fields are participating in the celestial mechanism or only gravitation and inertia, as he would claim. Because this was the view of not only his, but of all of the scientific community. At one point the debate, I offered to stake our positions on the claim I made that Jupiter sends out radio noises. nine days before his death, he wished to see me... and I brought the news that this was discovered."

"My wife was always present during those meetings, and after he died, she made the picture you see on the wall. My wife is actually a sculptor; she exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum, the Whitney Museum, The University of Pennsylvania Art Museum, and many other places... But, she was endowed with two talents: one as violinist, chamber musician, and the other, as a sculptor."

08. Elisheva, I Love You

On the night that we met, the feelings of dread...
We knew it'd be hard, god I love the regret
My work is all I know, I swear when I am done
Out life can be as one, but we just have to...

Wait, for the time when we're right
I can feel it inside
My god we've waited so long
This time we took, we'll go far

We're born to follow with heart and soul
And so we're torn and it's so hard to hold
Now we're scared to find out the heights of love
Because it's so high and we're so far up

the patience we have shown
No others can fare
Our story is the one only few can compare
We will both exchange a smile
When we tell the kids our trials
this is what we have inspired

No matter what our fate
I will always be yours
On those days I turned away
You were always my world

Wait, for the time when we're right
I can feel it inside
My god we've waited so long
This time we will go far

09. Letters From Saint Angelica

Why don't you come home?
Why don't you come alone?
Why don't you try...

How'd you get lost? I want you to know
I will always decide, to be by your side
Wait now... We wanted to find out why you won't...

Wake up, wake up, dear sir! (You're ready to go...)
Wake up, wake up, it's done!
Go home tonight! (She's waiting there, all alone...)

I don't want to give up on life
So I'm spending my time in patient isolation

I've fallen so hard, left the one I care about in the dark
It's nothing more than a selfish pain
I've kept for too long, it's time to let go
I'm on my way home...
to get back what we've lost
Wait for me now... Waiting all night

10. The Mourning Eulogy

"In this short period of time that I have, I hope to leave here with some seeds, some ferment of thought, of skepticism, of a new look at the Universe, and what is in it..."

Standing around a grave, chanting lines from a page
It's the mourning denial, an age-old recital
The fear of uncertain fate

An ember falls from the sky, foreshadowing out demise
It's happened before, the fables ignored
A subject most vital, and why he has sacrificed

Why is death required, to turn a flame into fire?
A radiating force
A memory adorned
At last, he was admired
We lower him into the ground
Pour dirt on his furrowed brow
The procession recedes, some fall to their knees
blaming the gods for a loss that they have found

We will find... Sacrifice!
We will rise... blinding light!

You know I tried so hard to find the fire in all of us
And now I rise to heaven above
Ascension absolves none of us