Procession - Destroyers Of The Faith lyrics


01. Hyperion

To come to life
From the dark voids

Drowning high
In the sun's flames

As a whole mankind... Fails
For all are born, only to die.

02. Destroyers Of The Faith

The reign of fear, dictators
Of absolute truth, deceiving
The ones that mourn, the blinded
In sacred trust...

They tie the fool, with serpents
Battalions of slaves are rising
Declaring a war against will
With sacred trust

They used to believe in a saviour
A prophet with tremendous grace
They worshipped his skull, full of maggots
They offered (opened) their bodies with faith

A temple of lust is their treasure
The ancient destroyers their name
Because everything falls as they follow
Messiahs of poison and shame.

03. The Road To The Gravegarden

I once saw them
Longing for the end
Dead men walking on these lands

Leave behind a life
Once lost by faith
On a hopeless world of worms

Crawling disciples of doom
On the road to the graves
Getting there
With chants and pagan dance

You'll be buried soon
Don't be afraid
The Eternal Sleep of men

"Rest In Peace my son..."
The priest will say
As the blood of goat he tastes

Crawling disciples of doom
In the garden of the graves
With chants and pagan dance

04. Chants Of The Nameless

Father, betrayer
Nameless, insidious
Mourner, destroyer
Patriarch of worms and rats

Mother, abortionist
Devoted, perverted
Sacred, hypocrite
Holy impious whore

When the time has come
I will summon you
Raise the precious crown

Every single chant
Every single prayer
Seven thousand tongues

On a grave-like throne
Ghosts and parasites
Point at me with cold dead eyes

My tongue a sword
My hands your tomb
I am damnation
I am ruin.

05. Tomb Of Doom

Inside the circle now
You gave my soul
To seven sins in black
Admiring your cross...

Inside this holy ground
Temptation is pure
A naked figure cries
Tormenting the son

In seven sleepless nights
Oppressed by your mourn
In seven dreams in black
I praised the obscure...

Now all my demons dance
Obsessed by the curse
Denying the son

In harmony we cross the fire
A ceremony of sorrow
Over death's womb
Now take this oath, perpetual pyre
And underneath these ashes,
A Tomb of Doom.

06. White Coffin

[Part I: The Loss]

"What has united us in joy,
Separates us in misery"

[Part II: Revenge]

Now I'm here all alone,
Staring at your sacred grave
My dreams and my hopes...
They're all gone with your last breath

Not your voice or your laugh,
I will ever hear again
To watch you grow, becoming strong...
Is an honor I won't get

Oh my son, my dear son,
Why your flesh and not mine?
Over your burial ground,
The promise of my mourning heart

I will ride against the cross
And their army of lies
Every drop of your blood
They will pay with their lives.

"Revenge shall be mine"