Cynic - 1990 Demo lyrics


01. Lifeless Irony

Music by Cynic
Lyrics by Paul Masvidal
Those cries, those lies
That tell the truth
Life's intention to open
One's eyes and see it end
Those tries to attempt
To abuse and hinder minds
Accusation for a crime
That's left only justice to blame

World's weak shelter
There's no security
How can I trust
This world that's turned
My life into an irony

This worthless earth
It's infidelity and treachery
Unjustifiable way to
Prove itself a failure
Piece of mind, serenity
Turns to insanity
I've been created
Into a person I
Never thought could exist

No need for thought
It's just plain stupidity
It's so unjust
They've chosen me to die
I ask why me
False truth can't be

World's proven itself
To be nothing but misery
My conscience
Once clear and so free
Has been incarcerated
By our laws of inequality
Not care, not fair, not free

(lead: Paul)

I've been threatened by my own
Ability to live
To end it all inside my head
Is nothing much to give
Immortal lies deface
My sentence document
I plead for understanding
Of this life I resent


(lead: Paul)

Why... Me...

My liberty been taken away
Laws lack of respect
My trust a revolt or
Mishap meant to be
My mind corrupts for a lie
Left only to infect
My life's just a lifeless irony

To end it all
I've abandoned reality
How can I trust
This world that's turned
My life into an irony

02. Thinking Being

Music by Cynic
Lyrics by Paul Masvidal
(leads: Paul)

Coinage of my brain
A bodiless creation ecstacy
Madness counterpart visioning things
I want to believe

Idealistic cure
Uneccessary to disclosure
A wishing world making me
Mad because of what I want
To see in reality

Time after time I keep
Questioning myself but
I can't understand why
These truths, these lies
These answers I can't find in me

A constant fantasy
This world in which I live in ecstacy
An expression to neglection
My oppression cause of a dream
That's purely meant to be

Thinking being
Retraction of this thought
Is so much pain
I can't understand why
Mind and body lie to me
Why reality, I can't be sane
Just supervene and
Make this thought come true

(lead: Jason)

Naive understanding
Precaution pessimistic with fear
A weakness creating
A fault in your mind
That is so clear

Morality preserved
A creative confidence you
Believe your own words
Resulting in assumptions from
Your thoughts creating a madness in me

Time after time I keep
Questioning myself
But I cant understand these truths, these lies
These answers keep fuckin' with me

(lead: Jason)


(lead: Paul)

Using this part of my mind
Helps me bring into being
A thought that's meant to be
It's something I feel
Deep inside an inexorable
Fate of what's supposed to be
Meant to be

I let my mind take it's
Stroll through imagination
I think to myself how can I
Relate to this world
That can't begin to understand
Of how my mind is in demand
This world it creates is so
Truthfully innate
It's authentic actuality
Is something that's too good to be
This thought is purely meant to be

Thinking being
Thinking being

03. Cruel Gentility

Music by Cynic
Lyrics by Paul Masvidal
Feeling something, needing something
Acting something out to this naive
Character your far from fear
Enveloping your puppet to feel some fire
Cruel gentility adheres

Manipulation mastermind
Your needs kept persevere
Routine tendancy, you desire

(lead: Jason)

Initial treatment, open fire
Figure in display
A perfect picture mentally
Been smeared away
A gentile mind approached to be
A gentile mind would believe
In confidence, creedence hope
In what you say

A cruelty born sadistic
Created callous hearted
This blinded hidden sight
Never should have started
But you...
Entreating mortals that
Deserve honesty
With your cruel useless

(lead: Paul)

No one seems to care
To know to see
The lack of thirst
Eyes of acridity
Mind of skill used only to decline
A motive in which you find
COMMITMENTS - in which you deceive
FEELING SPENT - only you believe
DISTRUSTING - ways in which your kind
Contemplation left confined