Integrity - Systems Overload lyrics


01. Incarnate 365

Imprisoned on this dying shell
Escape is inevitable
Light burns bright
Beneath these eyes
More than mere flesh lies salvageable

Imaginations indefinite neglect
Worst type of crime of all
Child's mind, all the time
Before you become your own evil

Thrown away tomorrow's
Scattered along the sides of the road
The nights I lied awake plotting
The demise of a love
You'll never know

02. No One

You talk and you fucking talk
Your bullshit never stops
Do you think anyone is afraid?
Of all the friends you've betrayed
Who's gonna back you up now?
Alone in your own little crowd
Thinking you're the one who's in control
Your stupid shit's getting so old
No one,
Your words mean nothing to me
And vengeance...
Cross me again and we'll see
You'll be the one to fucking pay!

03. Systems Overload

Looking around on these streets
There's nothing left to do
Penance through your charities
Not it's turned on you

Demons looking in on me
Slipping through the cracks
Watching, starving, waiting
Timing their attack

Beyond the flesh that imprisons
Beyond the death you've envisioned
Beyond the fear you'll embrace
Giving your life a foul taste

System's overloading
Fear envelops me
Cry out for redemption
Blind, forgotten - seen

All the while fighting
Trying to get on top
Once the focus changes
All your senses...

04. Armenian Persecution

All I can think about is revenge
The slaughter inside my head never ends
And to all who deny this sin
Bab eed Janed cach-nem

Ethnic genocide
One million died
Cries went unheard in 1915
No one remembers, no one believes
Some turks deny, but they fucking lie

America knew, but as usual
They just stood by and listened to the cries
"Why interfere? There's no money here.
Who are the Armenians... who fucking cares if they're alive.
Who cares if they fucking survive."

Forced in the desert and into sandy graves
Children were murdered while their mothers were raped
Babies were thrown in the air and impaled on swords
Nothing but death from the turkish hordes

Dispersal took place
Most met a cruel end
Now we are few but we'll always be true
To the Armenians that we will defend

First they were bound, then split with an axe
They juggled their heads, and the turks laughed
Set on fire like a human torch
Many were nailed alive to the floor

05. Grace Of The Unholy

cycle to repeat itself
No matter how you try to ignore
The first ages of innocence
Instilled since before you were born
Your worlds punishments fulfills all your wrongs
Pathetic flesh involved pawn
Arriving on a sea of red
The cycle continues on
Struggling to survive
It's coming down
Out of societies bother
You won't make a sound

A new horror for every horizon
Away from all the obstacles you've seen
An end to elusive unknowns
Behind the curtain of your dreams

Beneath this flesh that constricts
Exists more freedom than insanity
To sink past the core of your soul
Escaping the shackles of humanity

06. Forevers Horizon

Empowered by the duality
Memories abruptly fade
Slipped behind salvation's dress
Time expires at half speed

Aiding in the destruction
Blind to your dreams intensity
While your existence, ceases to exist
It's too late to believe

Into oblivion's arms
All desires dissipate
Forevers horizon pulling me in
This wasn't supposed to be the way
I was never good enough for your society
And you never let me forget your contempt for my kind
Everyday you tried to keep me down
But now you've changed and want to start coming around
Past won't be forgotten!

07. Mediator

Snared in it's path
Can't get away
I smolder
Each and every day
I won't forget the threats you made
It's closing in on me
Your rules don't apply to me I'm not gonna "talk it out"
I've heard it all before
Won't hear it again
Now I'm gonna make it end

Condemned me
Can't back up a word you've said
You can't run, you can't hide
I'm gonna get my revenge

Can't keep me down
You never wanted me around
Hated me from the start
Now your words are tearing you apart
Brought it all on yourself
You're never gonna be safe
Should have thought it over better
Before you chose to mediate

Never forget, never forgive
Vengeance consumes my mind
It'll keep building up inside
For as long as I live

08. Salvations Malevolence

Severed forever, I'm never getting up again
I've breathed in life - don't want this to ever end
Stolen glance and I can't to save the end of me
Temptation fills the house - sin of iniquities

Cast shadows walk into my light
All my soul consumed by pride
I've feared the heavens for far too long
Await this moment with open arms

Denied ascent, forbidden salvation
This blind contemp can't go unanswered
On my knees, I can't breathe
In this infernal damnation

Seasons in the size of days I wait
Confined by salvation's malevolence
To decide my fate
All alone, I call you near
You've shown compassion... and how sincere

Look at this place that I'm in
Blanketed by your prejudice, your fears, your ignorance

Still, in the corner I see them stalking me
They taste the cowardice in the air

Enhancing their hunger, they move in closer
Terror blinds, salvation's gratitude confines
I can almost feel the demon

09. Fading Away

Slipped right through my fingers
Afraid to take control
Watched on from the sidelines
Every moment took it's toll
I can't forget, too much regret
It'll never escape my soul
Haunting me everyday
As I slowly fade away

Walking through your eyes one more time
I finally realize it has all gone away again.

10. Jimson Isolation

Distraction crossing my mind
Words twisting outside themselves again
Embedded and red
Breath is fading out
Consecration swallows all that I was
Your touch opens the wound
Agreement follows blistering pain
Fever-touched flesh
Wishing there was nothing left

Desperate for lies to unfold heaven
Intolerant smiles
Ever-watching seas of greed
You want to take it away
I can taste the blood on the back of my throat
Nothing like your hatred to give me new hope
I look out,
I see all your gaping mouths, eyes burning
Distractions hold somewhat true
Mine is only half.
Let me out.

11. The Screams

Chaos consumes all I see
Infecting everybody
Lost amidst confusion
Blocking out the screams

Asphyxiation, strangulation, delirium
Seasons have come and gone
We've been here all along

Absorbed from your realities
Identity slowly fade
Lured from any distinction
As she slowly melts away

When it's finally over you'll know what I mean
Your first mistake was replacing the screams
Wanted to make it weak just like yourself
Theres more to this than your pathetic control
You can't fight it no matter how hard you try

12. Search For Divinity

I can't get it out of my head
Just can't let it go
You were supposed to watch my back
But you helped me lose control

Kept my enemies way too close
And everything I hated so much
They brought me down too easily
But I still won't give it up

Fought my way back up from the bottom
My torment never ends
I'll do anything to keep myself straight
And one step ahead of my sins.
Redemption haunts me eternally
In my quest to be free
I've turned my back on everything that I was
In my search for divinity

13. Unveiled Tomorrows


20. Live It Down

Experimenting on the innocent
Destroying their lives
To cover up your worthless hide
I can feel the pain
My anger still remains I'll never let you...
Live it down
Rage of the souls
That you have devoured
Seers through my heart
To fuel my power...
Hate for humankind
How can you sleep at night
Knowing what you have done
In the passing of a day
How many innocent creatures must pay
For the luxury of your life?
I cannot see, refuse to believe, I won't stand for it anymore
In the name of humanity I beg you to open your eyes
And see the evil, the murder
You commit day after day
You may be able to live with yourself...
But can you deal with me?

21. Bringing It Back

To a time when this was all mine
We fought for this land,
No one can say otherwise
Approached in fear, fled when we came near
You knew the boundaries, and you stood clear
Fists of truth
Wrapping that chain around their throats
What once was pure
Now plagued by your disease
My hate for weakness burns through me
And to the survivors lost in the shadows of our tree
This scene shall once again fall to its knees
Your misery
One life...
Drug free
Watching day after day I see this world destroying itself with hate
As you sink to the hell you belong in
Nothing left for you
Nothing left but...

22. Dead Wrong

What appeared to be so innocent
Just a front to cover up your lies
You had it all planned from the start
Their loss is your gain
You didn't think it over too clearly
Because you were...
Dead wrong
No avoiding what must be done
Fight to win fight to overcome
You have no choice of what you can do
Enjoy the pain as it seers through you
There will be no second chances,
No escape this time
Go ahead and run
There's no place you can hide
We'll hunt you down
So you know exactly
How your prey felt
Thought it was just a simple sport
In my eyes you're just a murderer
You don't kill for survival
You kill for cruelty
You went from being the hunter to being hunted
You are dead...