!T.O.O.H.! - Order And Punishment (Řád A Trest) lyrics


01. Al-Amin (Aneb Jak Vycakat Jelito)

AL-AMIN (or how to jerk off)

deep in the woods, dark forests...
lives creature, which name is better left unspoken.
Dozen demons guard its steps ...

like a pig on pig I gush
I Al-amin

monstrously huge and like stone hard genital
red angry hose
from bushes i smell a woman
fleshy ass in training suit
sturdy female

Cock in one hand , with pre-cum
club in another, au naturel
balls full of jizz, dense cum
She´s gonna try ...
I got the power!

stop gapping hag!
I´ll step on your mushroom!
nobody´s gonna help you!

everything that lives is escaping, the hag is captured by monster
she is dizzy...
she pray...
when she saw that tool...
It´s big as a leg!

first punch, first broken bone
It´s cockeyed and crooked , like bloody pudding
With glans like a horse heel

he already torn her training suit
in hole he jerk

ah ah

now Al-Amin will work off

02. Analyza Zahnedy


behind railway-station
drunken homless
But shit of mercy from cold heart
cannot ooze

This shortfall is´t sad
nevertheless I am forced to
masturbate before I kill

murder of man without home
infact is´t a murder
only a personal training,
analisys of rotteness ones conscience

Now I know :
I don´t manage to kill...
and what happend
nobody will ever know...

03. Konec Kontinentalniho Kontejneru


mare walking by
she is collosal roe-kid
wet nurse? coquet?
I take pleasure in that full-bodied weather-cock
but I would fret and fume

In total breakdown I babble on heaven-dust
face-off of wagtail at stables?
I co-ordinate gallantry into final collaboration
will i wet tom-cat in tankard apartment?


in dungeon I smash her dome vault with rail
I´m in condition
I gulp down brandy
and steer my daddy without condom
into the rectum of that sclerotic can
and I add some kicks too

shit flow on her cutlets
cognac has squirted from my shaft

the concert is over

04. Hanicka - Pribeh Nebozacky (Aneb Co Se Stalo U Slepeho Koryta)

Hanička - the story of a poor wretch (or what happend near Blind river-basin)

For a chip Hanička labour
Today she is very late from work
I´ll go along the river, she thinks ...
until sun goes down, I´ll feed my goat
and cook for children,... only goodies

So... , she goes
she hurry, whirl and sweat
near Blind river-basin is gettig dark
Today frogs quack so strange
and shadows all around

sounds from the bushes
and suddenly a man!
eyes wide open,he stare at her
lips red and slobbed
and all green
beard in dirt, and in beard ...
Jesus crist ...
Big dick

little girl, pretty girl ... be begs
let me in to your ass,I´ll sperm your egg
his eye twinkle possessed by her ass

Fuck off!
out of the way moron!
away with you , you toad!
She says

water spirits smile changes into a grin, don´t be surprised
before he wasted her, it takes a while
He drag her into the water,
get on her white body

He has torn her ass apart

And that night there were shits all over the river
That's all folks, goodnight

05. Abu-Hassan


you fucker, I´ve got your daughter!
And no gadgetry or police
you would fuck that up, seriously

pretty girl that Lída
she daily meets my son
so don´t fuck that up asshole!
shall I fuck her in the ass?
are you wanna make her cry?

want you?
you wealthy fucker , loaded jerk!
You got two days
and than game over

and be sure thats gonna hurt
just like my name is Abu-Hassan
I'll hang that little piggy on hooks ...

I already got a boner

06. Rad A Trest


Hypocrisy of many in society
Is´t by itself
It´s in concern of the flock, rightful oppression
It motivates the living
It motivates by the horror of scarcity ...
Fear motivates!

That fear is but for benefit
Where would they come without masks ...
If they let lead yard dung of their inferior souls

Chaos would take up
Violence would abloom
And yesterday dogs , would squeak like rats
Leaded by crime and filth

So I command...

Order and punishment! It´s urgent!
Let army crush thouse rats!
Lets hang that troublesome dog!

Only profound ,without awe and fear
Independant from system of society
Can lead the flocks to battles
And with their mighty - elated faces
Proudly Rule

So hail and bow down
Like a puppet you are
That master command and reigns himself
That he do and say what he want

And you only drool and serve!
Inferior dog!

07. Ja Samaritan


Like Nostradamus
Double suicides gerontal
I have a vision

To take my life?
Grandma, grandpa : it´s a sin!
I run over you by myself!

Poison sweets!
Then I'll fuck this dead shits!

I'll fuck this rotten asses!
I'll cum on your bald heats!
God himself, is my reward:
I am samaritan

08. Padaji, Piskaji


Falling, whistling
coconuts with wings
run people
run people

Falling, whistling
coffins with wings
tearing, blasting
runnig people

houses are devastated
flames flick
people pegging out
people pegging out

Falling, whistling
bombs from heaven
down on the ground
killing people

09. To Je Jizda Bozinku


10. Kali


Naked and fourhanded
black is hole of kali
she is a cunt of world
and burns more than a sun

past, present , future
tree eyes proclaim the
ulimited power over the time

that human shit
spreaded over the earth
by transcendental piss
will be burned

selfishness, doggery
doubtfulness and enviousness?
Kali pisses on ´em
Kali shits on ´em
From universe , shits are falling on earth
cocoa of death burns menkind into ashes

ain´t that bitch murderous?
ain´t she great?
ain´t she smart?