Before The Rain - Frail lyrics


01. And The World Ends There

Horizon is dyed in red
And the world ends there
In the void ghosts swarm by
And we utter them goodbye
Thunders in the twilight, bring forth despair
In turbulent spirals, birds will fly astray
At the end of the day, life will cease to be
Grief turns hollow, over the blooded sea
I will pass unknown, in the white foamed shoals
I crave for the thunderous glow
For the mist and the falling snow
Bring forth the fiery streams
A spectrum of lightshed gleams
Find me in the depths of woe
Grief turns to hollow
Taken far on black wings
They will pass alone
Vagrantly migrating
A ghost-like wandering
On to sunken shores
Do you reckon this
As the end of all things?
When seamless fading weaves
And fractured pieces sway
Do you reckon this
As the closure of days?
The world is reshaping
Reshaping, and coming to an end
Bring forth the fiery streams
A spectrum of lightshed gleams
And find me... find me
In a fire of endless grow
And sear me with frostbite breeze
In the throes of Artemis
The world is re-shaping and coming to an end
The world is coming to an end

02. Shards

My light is pale... devoid of color
Shards trespass, my heart
Reason abandons all
And I'm anchored, beneath this sea of regret
Your never ending sea
No radiance, nor the blossom of nature
My dead desert, my heart
I have gathered winds
I have yearned for despair
But i am nothing
Nothing but flesh
Landscapes burn, where rain falls not
Frail, so frail
Let us linger
Where ashes fade away
Come on, in here, and see me turn to stone
I have gathered winds
I have yearned for despair
I am nothing... nothing but shards
Shards of stone
Let me lay alone, in my desert abode
My heart has turned to stone
Let us linger, where ashes fade
Com on in here, and see me turn to stone
I have gathered winds
I yearn for despair
I am nothing... nothing but shards
Shards of stone
Let me lay alone, in my desert abode
My heart turned to stone
My breath is stale, devoid of life
Shards trespass my heart
Reason forsakes us all, and i am anchored
Beneath this sea of regret
Your never-ending sea...

03. Breaking The Waves

Your smile, a postcard of flesh
Given to feed, in a turmoil of hunger
A crowd of giants, galloping the waves
Surfacing, to breathe the sky
A crowd, of giants... of giants
My bravest moment is gone. it's gone
Now, when the ravenous beckon
My voice, no longer solemn
A fading echo... just a fading echo
Breaking, timeless waves
And the constant weight of seclusion
And storms, of passing emotions
Lead to sullen despair
These somber tides lead nowhere
Nowhere, but to the black shores of doom
My voice no longer solemn
No longer, just a fading echo
Your smile, is strained from all the flesh
Driven and seared, in a turmoil of hunger
No longer giants, galloping the waves
Struggling, to reach the sky
But the summit is never near
Write me a short epitaph
Memoirs to my demise
Frail, with a roseate hue
Sail underneath my skin
Sail me across black waters
My severed pride, against the tide
And the song went dead when i ran out of breath
Where martyrs vainly dream
Where the gloom is weaving
Vigilant; an ever-lasting witness
And the summit it is never near...

04. A Glimpse Towards The Sun

At the edge of the sea
A glimpse towards the sun
I embrace the warmth
And all is revealed
But i forgot my name
A memory, that it's not there
A sun, i would not dare. to touch
Coming closer, onto you
Crossing storms and clouds for you
Towards the sun
All we be forgiven, all will be lost
This stream of bleak emotions
Pours weakness within my blood
I crave for the grandeur
For the shining beauty
Fury, consuming fury
Fire, cleansing fire
Take me astray
Away from the earth
Free from the chains of flesh
Made of stars and light
In the wings
Of prosper and shine...
Of nothing
I will prosper and shine...
I am the breath of life
I am the bringer of joy
I am the sun

05. Frail

Still is the time
Like i won't remember this day
Cleansed is my mind
All seems null inside
I want them to...
Forgive me, for not knowing
Bestow me safe shelter
Before me there was nothing
This skin underneath my nails
I've always wondered where it came from
But my memory... it's not what it used to be
I can only gather small pieces
Like clouds of black fumes
Cutting through me, piercing deep
Like obsidian blades, soft and dense
A drowning stasis, which i hold so dear
It's a waking dream, unlikely plausible
But at this moment it's all i can grasp
Still, something feels shattered
Consuming itself to a point of irreversible fragility
My skin, my bones, my nerves and my soul...
So frail
A mountain made of glass
And overlaying curtains
From this cathartic slumber
I will never wake
So frail
In a seismic rapture
Now motionless
In the rest of my dreams
I was betrayed
There is dust in my eyes
And it lingers still
While my body turns to sand
It's a moment of clarity
When all comes together
Making perfect sense
That couldn't be me... i was never there
I was never here

06. Peace Is Absent

And when the shelter burns
And the beacon light
Turns as black as night
Where is peace now?
Where is peace... no
When i want what i want
And you want what you want
Where is peace now?