Gigan - Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes lyrics


01. Mountains Perched Like Beasts Awaiting The Attack

Gargantuan stone golems,
Poised and ready,
With an unearthly shriek,
They lumber forth,
Massive and encrusted with time.
For millennia they observed...
Absorbing and processing fantastic amounts of latent energy of all types.
Their broken landscapes a forgotten fixture
A flawless unintentional trap.
Between the super and the natural
Between those two is a gap.
A gap sometimes overflowing with infinite amounts of molecular energy.
Created by positive and negative thought...
'Twas this energy that pulsed and surged
Careening towards the "humble" teeth of the land.
Thus opening the gaping maw of death.
Once animated-
The shambling and plodding colossi
Unleash a brand of archaic carnage unmatched in its
Efficiency and savagery!
The once proud planes are now a desolate quarry...
No more flesh,
No more soul,
Just stark judgment
Made of stone.
The barren landscape proudly displays its strength-
A strength nurtured by the never ending scars of ignorance
Left behind by the throngs of organisms too encircled by their own lives
To focus on the positive energy need to spurn their own demise.

02. Suspended In Cubes Of Torment

Saline saturation,
Hapless suspension,
Total sensory deprivation,
Involuntary exanguination...

Skin swelling,
Mind bending...

Tracheal tubes penetrate,
Subtle strangulation...

Eyes are sealed,
The mind is free,
Soaring through space and time,
Visiting worlds not yet seen...

Complete separation
Of tangible reality,
Complete Replacement,
Of psyche and soul...

Creating new realities,
In service of detached mentalities,
Inter-planetary intellect,
Supported by transcendence through pain.

03. The Raven Аnd Тhe Crow

As wings cut through sky and air,
Currents are pushed and cleared away
So too are the lives of the loved,
Sometimes a necessary action.
Navigation was once pre-ordained,
Now the flights are independent,
Like natural thought patterns
Distinct and defined...
Sometimes to be understood,
One must push away,
Isolation is the catalyst,
Mental and chemical reactions
Obsidian plumage,
Flat black, as pitch
A mirror of image of itself,
A reversal of the soul state,
Talons once brittle now bronze!

So tear, Raven.
Rip and tear away,
Tear away the lies and fear
And split the sky with your song
And leave the flock of crows behind...

04. Within the Tentacled Grasp Оf А Buried Behemoth

Startled within sleep,
Body tingling,
Beads of sweat like raindrops rushing down a window,
Ceaselessly the drums pound...
Rhythmic patterns not of this world...
Every idle moment,
Their origins unbeknownst...
Unbeknownst to all,
Unseen energies overpowering my psyche,
Guiding my creativity,
Painfully pushing into my mind...

Standing in the center,
Thoughts like a body of water,
Its presence breaks her surface
Undulating ripples push through my currents,
...And the undertow pulls me away...
Away from what is mine,
Away from what was pure,
Towards its ultimate design.

05. Transmogrification Into Bio-Luminoid

Spitting light,
Shooting through flesh and bone,
Inversion of gravity,
Twirling on an unknown axis,
All things known now unknown,
Surrounded by sun, fire, heat,
But no smoke or flame...

Intense illumination,
Blinding points of light,
Each one a piece of your being,
Thrown to the winds...

Scattered broken lightning,
Replaces the once solid form,
Structure and substance washed away...
You are reborn.

Blistering upwards trajectory,
Velocity bordering on teleportation,
Near instantaneous relocation,
Followed by uninterrupted blazing luminescence.

06. Skeletons of Steal, Timber, Аnd Blackened Granit

Blue-white lightning,
Surging through in a blinding flash...

Smooth as glass,
Fierce as fire,
Unbent like marble,
Unbroken like steel.

Spider ships and shark fighters
From a rogue galaxy,
The armies of doom,
Robo-terydactyl attack,
Orchestrated but chaotic laser blitz,
Resulting in total submission.

Frail human command,
Eroded by miscommunications and greed,
Enables infiltration and destruction...

Earthly armaments,
A fool's paradise...
Prepare for insurrection!

Vibrant cones of blinding light,
Blistering winds and toxic plumes,
Twisted iron and melted steel,
Burning wood and poison fumes...

Unrelenting barrage,
Insectozoid carnage,
Multi-dimensional comic attack!

Scattered and fleeing in all directions,
Frozen in time,
The faces of war.
Total desperation,
The unilateral fate is clear,
Rubble and wreckage,
Cages of stone,
Obliterated landscape,
Paths strewn with bones,
Futile existence,
Aimless trail of death ahead,
Once bright futures now replaces with impending dread...

07. Vespelmadeen Terror

A race older than time,
Thousands of generations
Raised on torment.
Entire lives locked in training,
One purpose,
One goal,
Steamrolling societies,
Eradicating ecologies.

Nullify the nature,
Negate the nurture,
Utter replacement of the structure and order!

Fleets upon fleets,
Speed towards their destination,
Quadrant leaders ready,
Battalions in check,
Weaponry in order,
Time to unleash genocidal torture!

The battles engage,
Violence blood and rage,
Corpse piles climbed to partake in war,

It all continues until few are left:
The bleeding stock
Then the true terror begins...

08. The Fathomless Echoes Оf Eternities Imagination

Sailing along unaware,
Bumping and crashing through time and space,
Like flies trapped in a bottle,
Unable to seem
Although our walls are clear
Endless space abounds,
But then lungs contract
The air of our time runs out,
We drop down,
Over and over...
The lack of ceiling, spins
A vortex,
Pulling up yet pushing down
As though even cosmic omnipotence is...

The explicable try to control
What has become lightning in a bottle...
Energy passes through glass,
Extending towards eternity,
Though its power never ends,
It merely changes
Akin to sand into glass...
Many grains blend to create the new form...
And these new shards are the stars
The stars that will fall and shatter the stained glass of our imaginations...