Axel Rudi Pell - Mystica lyrics


01. The Mysterious Return (Intro)


02. Fly To The Moon

[1. Verse:]
We're leaving, the crown up in the air
Closing doors from yesterdays, on ashes of despair
We don't know...
Cold days in hell, dreamings of paradise
Cursed by the chains, too much unholy nights

Escaping the world of the evil
Going down on and on
Believing the world of tomorrow
The spell and the charm

We need to fly
All ships are burning
We need to fly
To the moon
Tide's turning high
No one is learning
We need to fly
To the moon
To the moon

[Chorus 2 + 3 additional:]
We said goodbye
The wings of turning
We need to fly
To the moon
To the moon

[2. Verse:]
Dragons and demons
Jokers and fools
Trying to tear out our souls
The wicked breed, the evil seed
Stealing the rainbows
From far you hear the bells toll

03. Rock The Nation

[1. Verse:]
The show is over
Still hear the ringing in your ears
Another day on the road and no to time for fears
The lights turned off
The stage is cleared and empty
The energy level you had turned down completely

Hot nights of thunder
All fists up in the air

We are a wild creation
And we will rock this town
We gonna rock the nation
So shout it out loud

[2. Verse:]
A thousand miles away from home
You're locked inside this circus
Stage fright, you try to stay cool and not getting nervous
The countdown starts, a few seconds to go, all hell breaks loose
And you're giving all that you can and sometimes even more

[Chorus 2 and 3:]
We are a wild creation
And we will rock this town
we gonna rock the nation
And there is no doubt

We are no strange sensation
But wanna teach you loud
We gonna rock the nation
And there is no doubt

This is your life and it means all to you
This is your time for braking the rules

04. Valley Of Sin

[1. Verse (mellow):]
Life is unreal, in the darkest dreams
We felt it all, a long time ago
Can't find our way through silent screams
Searching for the way to go
Too blind to realize
Our way will lead through fire 'n ice
Dreamings of paradise, prophecies of scary nights

[2. Verse (hard):]
Higher and higher, through the mist and snow
Through the fog, a long time to go
Out in the cold, but still feel the fire
Hearing echoes of darkest desires

On and on
We travel through the danger zone
On and on
You're out on your own

In the valley of sin (sin, sin, sin)
Bad night to remember
Sin (sin, sin, sin)
They don't let you go
Valley of sin (sin, sin, sin)
Bad nights to remember
Sin (sin, sin, sin)
Hear the siren's call

[3. Verse (mellow):]
Masked fools are screaming, death is dancing in the dark
Life without a soul is like a flame without a spark

[4. Verse (hard):]
The faces of doom told us all wrong
Whispering tales from the shadow zone
Up down the hill, in this full moon night
Warriors are waiting for the final fight

05. Mystica

[1. Verse:]
The world's falling down
On our way to the promised land
Have we ever been
To this twilight zone before
We touched the rainbow
And crossed the castles of the Kings and Queens
Believing what we see
In the night where even eagles aren't free

Mysterious journey
On our way through the gates
Black moon on the horizon
Sailing on through the oceans of time
Will we ever arrive ?

We travel through shadows
Try to hide in the night
Surrounded by darkness
We fell into the light

[2. Verse:]
As the edge of the world's passing by
We saw an angel
We crossed the hellfire
Magical truth from down below
Paralyzed knight
On the run still not sure which way to go

06. Living A Lie

[1. Verse:]
We met on the streets down somewhere
No place to survive
A look in your eyes signalized me
Our prospering love
We thought it was heaven, never turned into hell
But only time tells the truth, the wicked spell

Crying in the night
There's no future for you and I

Living a lie
Cold hearted, time to cry
Living a lie
Love will never survive
Living a lie
Endless time of sorrow
Living a lie
Hopeless life with no tomorrow
(Living a lie)

[2. Verse:]
We danced on the edge of anger
Even in the pouring rain
Never thought that it's time to surrender
All the tears had been drained
Falling down, in and out of love,
The thoughts had been paralyzed
You, the heartlessly demon,
Go and get a life

The scream of anger, the pouring rain
All the tears that you cried
Were gone with the wind...
Your heart made of ice, your soul just a stone
Love sucking bitch go and leave me alone

07. The Curse Of The Damned

[1. Verse:]
Still searching for our way, our way through the dark
Mountains we left behind, the fire and it's spark
Fighting the spell, drowning coins into the wishing well
Dreams turned into nightmares and heaven turned into hell

[2. Verse:]
We sailed across the seven seas, lighting candles in the wind
Moving on to the midnight sun, rising up again
The twisting and swirling, we're losing the ground, running out of time
The execution of your mind sent shivers down your spine

They're cursed by the spell
And turned into fallen angels
They're going through hell
A howl in the night
They're tolling the bell
Hiding their faces in the darkness
Unhallowed is the sinner, holy is the saint
It's the curse of the damned

[3. Verse:]
Something's in the air, told us to beware
The rain kept on falling and the evil's not too spare
Believing the charm, the sword and the gun, seeing cracks in the wall
Facing the mask of the devil, carved into stone

[Chorus ad-libs:]
They're cursed by the spell...
And turned into fallen angels...
The curse of the damned...
Destination nowhere...
Unholy nights.. will they ever survive...
The curse of the damned...
They turned into fallen angels...
And went trough hell...
The curse of the damned...
The curse of the damned...

08. Haunted Castle Serenade (Opus 4 grazioso e agresso)


09. Losing The Game

[1. Verse:]
Running and hiding, out on the run
Fast as an arrow or a firing gun
Lucifer's waiting with the evil mob of hell
Unholy soldiers, only time will tell

We're sailing on ships of tomorrow
Riding into the light

[1. Chorus:]
We touched the wind, hide to survive
We aren't losing the game
Damned bloody fights in eternal heights
No one can drive us insane

[2. Verse:]
Rapid fire, crossing shots, screams that filled the air
Victimized nightmare, a fight of despair
Biting and ripping, the nature of the beast
Red sky is burning, rising in the east

[2. Chorus:]
We touched the wind, hide to survive
We aren't losing the game
Damned bloody fights in eternal heights
No one can drive us insane

There's a hole in the sky shining through the black clouds
The creatures are losing the game
Coming from nowhere and breaking through shrouds
The chalice main share of the blame

10. No Chance To Live

[1. Verse:]
Living in cages, with fearful eyes of sorrow
So sad and lonely on their own
Dumb and pushed off, no hopes for tomorrow
Trembling bones all alone

Lost creatures running blind
But you hope with all the tears you cried

There's no chance to live
Another torture's passing by
No chance to live
Don't want to die
No chance to live
Hearing screams from above
Mistreated and crying out for love

[2. Verse:]
How can you do such bad things to me
I cannot talk, can't defend and I'm not free
Where is the person which really really loves me
And helps me to get out, to be free again

[Chorus ad-libs:]
No chance to live...

Much to young to die...
Raped souls on the way to the sky...

No chance to live...
Oh lord please hear me calling...
I'm crying out for freedom...