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Necros Christos - Doom Of The Occult lyrics


02. Baal Of Ekron

My name is Baal-Sebul
I am King of Ekron
A Baal of the Highest
My Kingdom is Tehom

I strike down all morals
I'm the ruler of man
As I'm Baal of Ekron
My reign is at hand

Come, gimme worship
And build me a shrine
'cause I'm Baal of Ekron
Your women be mine

And doom is my saviour
And darkness my friend
As I'm Baal of Ekron
Taking over Command

Baal of Ekron
Blessed in Tehom
Baal of Ekron

04. Hathor Of Dendera

Hathor of Dendera
Lurking ensnarer
Hathor of Dendera

A burning sun
Descends upon
Shadows roam, the day has gone
Dendera's stone

Seems to own
The place for all those souls to mourn
She greets the dead

After life and after death
She wears the crown
of Duat's throne
Her reign's beyond all flesh and bone

House of Horus
The Ankh of greater lust
Upon her horns glows the sun
And she reigns...

Her wings like a sphinx
She's the tormented soul's saviour
Beyond all time is her reign
She's the ancient gatewailer

At those gates she's to find
No god is able to enslave her
Bringer of doom
for those not willing to serve her

Hathor of Dendera
The desert's sun
Underworld emperor
Hathor of Dendera

07. Necromantique Nun

Lay bare
The stones
The witch
Gets welcomed
By the breath of doom
Of slumber
Endless rest
Her magic
By a mancy of death

The body's dead but though it speaks
Midnight's calling the deceased
An omen for the dead to come
The spells are cast the rite is done
Necromantique nun

Baalat ob
The body starts to rise
A candle
Enlights the grave
Her voice
Doth summon
The ghost
Has finally come
Dead eyes
Do glow
Is on the run

Secret lore
The evil
Had cursed
She brings
To life
Once has lived
No call
No body
Shan't resist

09. Invoked From Carrion Slumber

The witch has come
Mantic foreseer
Grants her summon
Falls upon

The ghost does hover close nearby the temple stones
A magic wand does serve the rite
Blessing all the rotten bones

The presence's called
But bystanders fail to see
The body's raising upright in front of thee
Paleful eyes do point to oblivion
The gates of doom had outcast its mortal one
Scrolls unfold, sigils break
Words invert its meaning dread
Singing her unholy spells
To summon up the ancient dead
All foul flesh has fallen down
Exhume the corpse while bones do crumble
Blaspheme the grave, exalt death's crown
As invoked from carrion slumber

All flesh has fallen down
Exhume the corpse
Bones do crumble
Preserving Sheol's crown
For those invoked
Out of their slumber

12. Doom Of Kali Maa - Pyramid Of Shakti Love - Flame Of Master Shiva

Doom of Kali Ma
Hey Kali Ma
Supreme mahavidya
Ki paavan mata

To thee we give praise
Slayer of the one
Bless us by your mudra
Anoint us with your tongue

Hey Kali Ma
Raging Durga
Deathless in kala
Escaping samsara

Show us your ways
For we give praise

Hey Kali Ma
Holy mother
Who slayed Raktavija
Concubine of Shiva

We're blessed by
The doom of Kali Ma

Kyonki hum hain
Tumhare bachein
Jo andhkaar ke bheetar
Prakash ki khoj karein

Pyramid of Shakti Love
Hey Shakti Woh Shakti
Jo karti
Kai jag nirmaan Aishwarya
Se sampanna
Hai tumhari
Pyramid of Shakti love

Flame of Maſter Shiva
Shiva mahadeva
Paavan vinashak

Tumne us vish ko pee liya
Enlight the flame of master Shiva

Shiva mahadeva
Tumhari jwala hamari atma ko prakash de
Aur usme basaye tumhara mandir

15. Succumbed To Sarkum Phagum

Processum pharaonum ossuario
Ta sat aat - the place to go
Chamber of a million years
The tomb is waiting to be filled

The Ka is bound
To the underworld
Where silence of the tongues
Is the only word
No sun bestows light
Nor the blood's even red
No mountain to hide
It's the land of the dead

The bark is guided by Mehen
The dark has reached the crossing land
The soul is roaming the ancient maze
The body's mouldering in the grave

Dried and embalmed
The king does lay
In his cave while 9 slaves
Do obey
Serving the master in tombish doom
While the mummy's succumbed
To Sarkum Phagum

To Sarkum Phagum

17. Visceras Of The Embalmed Deceased

Placed in his tomb

The soul does wander
The land of the dead
Pondereous slumber

The flesh has been drained
From the liquid of life
Dormant reign

Candles do fade
The light's nearly gone
Darkness invades
Through the amduat
Comes an apostle of doom
Mouldering sanctum

Visceras of the embalmed deceased

20. The Pharaonic Dead

Hor-em-akhet over Kemet
Death-trance embalming of the dead
The coffin pool beneath Waset
Dead lights do mourn sarcophaget

Pyramidion obscene
Nilotic tribe's crownfall foreseen
The soul does reach kadingir-ra
The tomb was left by ib-scheut-ba

Dead monarch's reign of time and space
His soul descends into the maze
His spirit dwells in the cold void
Necropolistic body cult

The flesh's sanctum
Leather tongues whisper in thy tomb
Stone like eyes of kingly masks
Mingled with their corpse's wax

Foul vessel of the wind
All snakes in Egypt's sand

The pharaonic dead
In shrines they dress in darkness

Sech-em-re sched-taui ankh-ra
Thieves break in the pyramidia
Candles lit, descend the steps
Into the grave of blessedness

Open the box, exhume his face
Eyes open wide, mocking the grave's haze
Sarcophagi burn, amulets do bless
The slender throat of Nubhka-es

22. Descending Into The Kinly Tomba

Beneath the mount does the entrance lay
To the black vale
Of the dead
Meretseger mourns in praise
For the fleshly pale

Descend the stairs
Into the maze
Yet no one dares
To vex the grave

The king's entombed
To free his ka
His soul's succumbed
To Amon-Ra

Foulish crypt
Mummified, dried, darkness sipped
Lies the vast god of Egypt
While the body's left liquidless
In Duat's darkness

Into the kingly tomba

In darkness' slumber
Into the kingly tomba