Derelict Earth - And So Fell The Last Leaves... lyrics


01. We, Experiment Of God

Music & lyrics by Quentin Stainer
The gift of sentience offered to the primal apes
Guinea pigs of a misguided choice on the seven days.
God shaped men to his image, but it was distorted,
The words were embezzled to serve the needs of their unworthy bearers.
The power of self-decision shattered the shackles of decency.
Evolution after evolution, we refined our degeneration,
Sacrificing all forms of spirituality for self-indulgence,
Transcending mere decadence towards an art form.

Our time was wasted, our dignity faded away...
The meaning of these lives shaped for love forgotten forever more...

God is dead,
His future condemned by the mistakes from our past,
All hope in his progeny vanished
Each time mankind reached a new low.
The aimless swirling vortex of violence will know no end,
Until the final atrocities bring us to extinction.
The experiment is over, we are a failure.
Our sacred writings were befouled, the given sanctuary defiled.
All remembrances of goodness has forsaken our world,
Being replaced by insanity, greed and corruption.
Our dismayed demiurg abandoned his kindred with scorn,
And in the absence of his divine essence we are lost...

02. No More Sunset

Music & lyrics by Quentin Stainer
I woke up again to this recurring dream,
Where the sky was clear, and a soothing light shined on my skin,
Where a majestic flock of bird soared high in the winds,
And a bright sun sets over landscapes of blue and green.
Breath after breath, I felt pacified,
Comforted by the sight of a pristine scenery.
Could it be real? Could I be there?
But as my eyes opened, I was struck by this terrible reality...

Another day of toil as a parasitic lifeform,
My contribution, my daily pollution.
The noxious fumes rise up again over our world of grey,
Tainting the foul atmosphere we are cooped up in.
A caged population in an industrial nightmare,
Cloistered in superficial conveniences.
Bathed in artificial lights and medicated beyond reason,
To hide the cloaking of the sun from our dull-witted minds.
The self-righteous collective efforts of the hypocrites,
Dismissing their own responsiblities out of hand,
Could not impede the frantic madness of the crowd,
Before the sight of the sky was just a recollection from the past.

It finally came to the point where we have our back to the wall,
Where this hideous world we made will be our disgraceful inheritance.
Could we ever find the heart to look at our descendants in the eyes,
Knowing that by our fault their own children will never dream of the stars.

03. The Locust Culture

Music & lyrics by Quentin Stainer
Crawl amongst your fellow cockroaches,
Rush avidly on the scarcing ressources,
Subject yourself to the consumption diktat,
Force-fed the masses life code.
Reject the power of all knowledges,
Mock the elite, ignorance is bliss.
Join the perfect unity,
The congregation for a thriving mediocrity.
Abandon all form of identity,
Construct yourself with the lives of a chosen few.
Brainwash your offsprings,
So they will embrace your locust culture.

But I will seclude myself, sick of this decaying society,
Free of this gregarious burden.
I deny all belonging with this faceless, worthless race.
Woe is me for this shameful kinship!
From the distance I will witness the failure of your biased system,
Impervious to your suffering,
As your traces are swept clean into oblivion,
All memories of your passage will fade away...

No one can now stop this process of de-evolution,
Divide et impera, such is the powers that be dogma,
Herding us in fatuous, slothful, paranoid individualism.
I long ago gave up all faith for a better man, my hopes were squashed...

04. At The Nadir Of Men

Music & lyrics by Quentin Stainer
I behold the fall of your so-called civilisation,
The flouting of the precious principles that once governed your lives,
The victory of vileness, cowardice and prevarication.
Unleash the atrocities, rip appart all remnant of social fabric,
Turn tolerance and solidarity, once virtues, into moral weaknesses.
This is the day the masks are let down, exposing the real human nature.
The search for the next scapegoats begins to appease the mongrel plebs,
The crowning of the upcoming fiendish figure is impending,
The nadir of men will soon be reached once again.

The lessons of history are about to be forgotten,
This crystallisation of hatred will ere long shatter on us.
Endless blackish streams of innocent blood,
Flowing from a mass grave to another,
Will stain nameless faces frozen in a grin,
That are now our plague, and in the future will be our martyrs.

Masses ignorance is following its inexorable march,
Against all forms of culture and inner growth.
This army of soulless demeaned drone,
Is such a fertile soil for all expressions of extremism.
The illusion of free will kept alive by the manipulators,
To render inescapable the next great social disruption.
This cycle of life and death, cultural magnificence and lapse,
Prosperity and decline will remain unbroken under the regency of men.

05. Carnal Transcendance

Music & lyrics by Quentin Stainer
I dream of a dream from a higher state of mind,
With a limpid perception unhindered by judgements,
Disconnected from any emotions or feelings.
I long for the day I will be freed from this prison of self.

My spirit craves for a freedom this vacuous cocoon cannot provide,
As this vehicle of pointless material incarcerates it inside.
An everflowing seething stream of thought confined
In ethics and morals, soiled by shame and opprobrium.
This inner temple of wasted potential,
Has kept me captive for so long that I feel blind.
The time has come for me, on the brink of rupture,
To lose all forms of I, to release my soul from this cage of flesh.

My eyes burnt as light shined through me after eternal night.
Awakened purified from an everlasting slumber,
I found myself deprived of any physical existence.

Carnal Transcendance...
Enlightening deliverance from embodiment.
Carnal Transcendance...
A sacrifice of tangibility for ethereality.

I dreamt of a dream from a higher state of mind...

06. Scars Of Truth

Music & lyrics by Quentin Stainer
Testify for the scars of truth I bear,
Like a puzzle of flesh inside of me.
My vital substance bleeding away
Through these lacerations of real.
The awareness of our own insignificance
Carved deep wounds in my sanity.

Scorched by the sharpened fragments of my shattered dreams,
I wander in anguish of a life devoid of any meanings.
Each new knowledge acquired will bestow another nonsense,
Science struggling helplessly to fill an empty sky...
The intrinsic excruciating pain of existence
Makes me curse my creator for this unwanted birth.

How can we boast any superiority when it is so ill-advised to feel happy?
I bereaved my own animality, losing all feelings of freedom and equanimity,
Any connection to the primitive instincts artificially broken up by a futile morality.
This hurried evolution of our ways of thinking will only magnify the extent of our fall,
Diving in the frenzied downward spiral of misunderstanding that the truth we seek lies not behind rationality.
We have unraveled many secrets of our world, yet the cabbalistic nature of human origin remains obscure.

07. Awaiting The Heat Death

Music & lyrics by Quentin Stainer
An eschatonic meeting of science and religions,
Prediction of an inescapable end of times,
In the form of a judgement day for all that be,
The voiding of the karmic principles, virtues and sins,
The evaporation of incarnated and errand souls,
The complete disintegration of all hells and heavens.

It will all begins with the rupture of the galactic structure, the drifting of the planets,
Earth isolated in an empty, uncaring vacuum, all living forms frozen to death,
Desolated landscapes of lifeless statues shrouded in an eternal obscurity,
A thousand eons after mankind caused its own obliteration.
Then the matter itself will crumble, dislocating all condensed material
Into a shapeless magma of particles straying forever alone.

There is no relevance in any of our actions,
The eternal life your messiah promise is an illusion,
Fear not the wrath of any God, there is worst than damnation,
As from this apocalypse there will be no salvation...

It will finally comes to an end, I await the heat death of all,
The great ripping, the final loss of all meanings,
A perfect equilibrium reached once and for all...
Once and for all...
Once and for all...

08. And So Fell The Last Leaves...

Music & lyrics by Quentin Stainer
I mourn the death of a drove of innocent species,
Accomplice of their slaughter by my inactivity,
Only the worthy one, products of customary eugenics,
Were saved for a dismal life of slavery...
In our century where the birds fell from the skies,
There is no hope for redemption,
We are guilty of our lust for lucre and power,
The blood of Gaia's sons stains our hands...
One among them, I share the blame, for the burning of the woods,
The plundering of a delicate ecosystem, no end justified these means...
Ashes of the departed forests scatter, coating the soil,
Suffocating the underground into a man-made desert.
Under the pounding of the acid rains the vegetation is dying by inches,
Is there still someone who cares for what the future will be?
Our green lung is desperately shrinking yet black gold is flowing free.
From now on oil and coal reign supreme, was it worth these sacrifices?

A bleak moon rose again over our wasteland,
At the gates of the eternal winter we created...
Colors are relentingly fading away,
Dying reminiscences of a soul
Once inhabiting our derelict Earth,
Ghost of a tormented miracle.
A light breeze whistle in the branches
Of the last surviving trees,
Flaying softly the remains of a canopy...
And so fell the last leaves...